Update 1.13: Common Test 3 Patchnotes

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Patchnotes CT 2

Main Changes

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • Penetration loss coefficient was removed for HE shells passing through destructible objects (for example: fences). For screens and modules (including tracks and wheels), the additional armor penetration loss remained.
  • The armor penetration indicator was improved.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of pop-up windows at 4K resolution.
  • Fixed the issue of equipment icons being displayed instead of the directive icons in the reward lists in the main menu of the Recon Mission mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the warning about entering a battle without full ammo in the Recon Missions mode not being displayed.
  • Fixed the issue of some pop-up hints in the Ranked Battles mode using texts for Random Battles.
  • Fixed the issue due to which some screens could not be opened.
  • Fixed the issue of the size of the Select button changing on the style selection screen displayed upon completion of a Battle Pass Chapter.
  • Fixed some localization issues.

18 thoughts on “Update 1.13: Common Test 3 Patchnotes

  1. The only update thats interesting for everybody is they reduce RNG to an acceptable maximum of 10% (Which actually is higher than any common game) and STOP using MatchMaker TO RIG the teams and the results after.
    No one can take anymore of missing fully aimed shots while soviets hit without aiming ( Wont even talk about walking/traverse/or moving turret)
    Everybody is tired of MM rigging matches where you got owned bye 15x(any number under 5) in 3 minutes.
    And after the battle you go look at the General Register from the players THEY ARE ALL UNDER 10k battles on the account at maximum.
    And if your brain its working fine, you know it is rigging…
    And if youre going to pretend it is a lie, you should go keep on clicking on the unskilled clickers class…

    1. 10% RNG the highest? Are you joking? Some LoL tactics have 50% RNG, some Final Fantasy Spells, Techniques and attacks have absurdely low RNG percentages of success…

      Also realize, if you lower the RNG, you are lowering the shells RNG too. So maybe in a 200mm penetration gun you can’t get 250mm shots anymore to pen a Defender, and you will get 180mm shots to make that enemy Defender laugh and blast you off.

      1. Kinda weird the way you explain balancement , but thats the way, keep going! Way to say USSR heavies are OP and need some work…
        everybody is freakin tired of fkn gambling shots and lottery matches.
        Aint rocket science to learn we dont want people under 5k or 10k battles on their account hanging around on tier 10 battles or tier 8 RENTAL vehicles ruining everyone elses match… Jesus…

        1. If “everybody” would be tired of it the playercount would be way lower than it is now

        2. And what about tankers that have 20K plus battles and dont know how to play the game yet?

            1. … Playing too much arty lately huh?
              Try candy crush, its more suitable for brain damaged people just like you who enjoys being stolen… Go argue with your inner circle…

    2. I think that RNG should be something like 10% out to say 250m (maybe 300) and then it goes to 15%.

      As for MM, I see way too many stacked teams for it to be “random” MM. The problem isn’t just players under 10k battles playing at upper tiers, there are a ton of players over 30k battles that are playing upper tiers that have NO clue what they are doing and have no business being there.

      Tier progression should have been set up to prove you are ready for the next tier, not just grinding XP. Unfortunately it looks like WG have actually decided that they want people to progress without caring about the impact on the game. In the FAQ for the Field Modification system they are working on they state

      “climbing the Tech Tree is intended to remain a priority because it gives access to new vehicles, i.e. new gameplay experiences, a new level of impact in battle, and new mechanics. Once you’ve found the vehicles that you enjoy playing and have mastered them, that would be the time to look into their Field Modification.”

      which I find interesting/funny since you can’t master a tank if you are prioritizing climbing the tree and yes it does impact the battles as proven by the new players, and even the clueless “experienced” players, that struggle playing tiers that are 6 tiers too high for them.

  2. And for last but not least, put those ex soviet incompetent developers to work or at least EARN their payment , Produce decent maps or FKN FIX the broken ones, THERES A LOT OF EM! Just like theres a lot of utterly useless shits like Ghost Town.

  3. info on if new bond tanks and what will be in the Token shop for BP season 5 on new reward tanks would be nice to know. Why keep it a secret WG?? u get $$$$ from us for them!

    PS: what “MOM” said !!

  4. Ah yes of course, TAP – Seb’s life blog (and attached copy/pasted WoT portal articles, plus the occasional actual news)

    Don’t be a thinker! Be Seb’s simp and support the blog! Donations are very welcome – after all, our soyboy needs his gold-plated cereals every morning

      1. You really think I will magically stop posting without a major announcement first? I just need 15 more days and everything will return back to normal. The goal is to have articles every day as long as possible.

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