Update 1.13: Frontline 2021

Season 5 of the Battle Pass has already been released on the test server. As before, all rewards can be obtained by earning Battle Pass points in any match type except Grand Battle. However, attention is drawn to the Frontline mode interface, where battles played on tier VIII-IX tanks are mentioned. Until now, only Tier VIII vehicles were allowed in this mode. Perhaps a departure from this rule will occur in this year’s installment of the Frontline mode. Time will tell.

31 thoughts on “Update 1.13: Frontline 2021

  1. Knew they would do something to gimp credit grinding, tier 8 perms will get farmed by 9s.

  2. I don’t care if Tier IX tanks can be on Frontline. Some friends and me have developed a Matchmaking Rigging tool that can’t be detected by Wargaming as it simulates being an OS vital process. So if they add Tier IX to FL we will simply use the tool to force Tier VIII tanks on our matches.

    1. Nice try, but that is not how it works. First off, WoT does not have any client-side anti cheat in place, so avoiding detection that is not there just proves you have no idea what you are talking about. Secondly the MM process happens on server and the client itself has no control in which match is beeing sent by the server.

      If you do not understand basic concept of client-server architecture you really should not be making such comments, because to me (an actual programmer) you look like some “action movie hacker” that uses his laptop to hack into “nucler storage facility” by typing 1 command in cool-looking terminal window.

      1. Actually the guy can modify the matchmaker in the queue timespan. The MM process happens on the server, true, but the MM is actually a combined server-client procedure, as both the server has to make a MM tank list and all the players of the match has to receive the list on the client side. So actually sending some “intercept and confuse” packets to the server you can modify the MM lists and actually rig it.

        If you are a programmer as you state you should know how programs like Telnet, SSH Command and tools like InRePa, Package Hatcher and SideSwitcher works. Also, if you are an actual programmer, can you tell us your academic levels?

        Hope you are a brave man and answer to us. If not, we will understand your “actual programmer” statement was just a Dunning-Kruger effect.

        1. Why on earth would the client be able to send MM information back to the server? The server already has all the information it could possibly need about the MM. This is a one direction communication. The server tell the clients about the match making, which players, which tanks, which map etc. If you mix with the packets the only thing you will achieve is to seriusly mess up a client. For example, the client will be told to load map A while the server will use map B. The only information that the server actually needs from the client is player input such as mouse and keyboard.

        2. Again, you try to name list of tools, to look cool and all that, but I guess you have no idea how any of those things you listed works.

          Telnet is not used anymore as this protocol was replaced with SSH, because telnet used plaintext transfers and was not secured. Also why you are talking about SSH here ? Do you even know what is this protocol used for ? Completely irrelevant thing to this topic, if you think you can “hack in SSH server” (that is probably not even running on WG’s MM server) you are just a kid who watched way too many action movies.

          And yeah I have a bachelor degree in Computer Sience and Programming, now working on my masters.

          If you want to see some of my work, you can visit my website https:/wotcharts.eu

        3. Reguardless of weather you can effect the MM in random battles or not, it won’t work on FL! All FL matches start out teir 8 only and after the attacking team reaches at least one of the gun placements tier 9’s become available to spawn. MM is not involved in that process at all. So like the other guy said, you dont know what you are talking about and you are full of sh!t

      2. again saying you are a programmer, dakkie? XD

        like that time when you said in CS:GO that you were a programmer and you could get tons of skins for free? XDDDDD

        please dakkie, stop ridiculizing yourself again, remember what happened in fortnite when you said you were a dev and an actual dev was in the match and he banned ur ass from the game 1 month for impersonating the staff XD

      3. You know what, it is a waste of time arguing with people that have no clue, especially in such a community that objectivity doesn’t exist.

        1. I know, but at least I have some fun 😀 I like how every “gamer” is trying to pretend like he is a programmer and understand everything by googling a bunch of tools he does not even know what they are and trying to argue with an actual programmer and it makes them look even more stupid 😀

  3. battles might be seperate for tier VIII and XI tanks what would be actually really good.. I don’t mind tho.. there are tier XI tanks that I will be able to play stock or finish it completely so wouldn’t need to cry in randoms and not use any free exp. wish tier VII had some mode..

    1. I wanted tier 9 premiums from Frontline rewards, but WG fucked it up too much. Too much grinding for tokens, steel hunter mode is shit, Frontline is getting there, battle pass for money to get all tokens…

      This game is simply not enjoyable anymore, I wasted 2 months of premium time, only 2 battles played. Just can’t find the motivation.

  4. Another change…different rewards for victory and defeat. So, the farming experience of Frontline is gone.

  5. We should all slowly prepare for the future that WG will sell the t9 premium tank. I think it’s cost will be close to $100 for the basic package.

      1. Your violent language breaks my heart. As a low-class person who works 10 hours a day, I feel nothing other than spending money on the World of Tank. My parents are dead, no family, no health insurance. If I get sick in this life, I’ll die like a bum, as you say. So are you comfortable now?

        1. “no health insurance”. All the readers here will therefore assume that you are American. Because all across Europe it is taken for granted that the state will provide an exceptionally good cradle to grave health care system to look after every citizen.

  6. I can see a MAUS “rushing” to enemy base saying “come on fucers!!!!” “Spam gold at me losrs!!”….

  7. If you can play Frontline in tier VIII (only) OR a tier IX (only) it would be a good idea. Testing out the maps with new tanks might be interesting…. BUT… it is Wargaming. They will put those two tiers together and find an excuse for it. For example the long wating-time or it might be too complicated for the players 😀

    1. If it is 8 and 9 I quit. I have all tank lines I have all tanks.
      Frontline was the only fun mode.
      Random battles the only mode in whole game – no thanks!

  8. It was pretty obvious that WG wanted to nerf credit income from FL, this is probably why this mode was vacated for so long. The whole change only makes sense for WG if they make a mixed matchmaking for both tiers, what else would they gain from players being able to play tier 9 in FL? there are no tier 9 premium tanks (yet) that they could sell. They love to use the excuse of “queue times” for the shitty ass matchmaking in randoms so two separate queues for FL wouldn’t make sense in their eyes since there are still random battles that are going to need players at that time.

    Just look how agressively they are marketing bundles with credits for purchase lately, my theory is that WG is trying to make credits not only a grindable ressource but also some kind of secondary premium currency. This would also makes sense why the nerfs for gold ammo were cancelled so quickly. you are supposed to buy premium tanks, shoot gold and have a premium account. Why would they continue to support a gamemode that makes credit gringing easy?

  9. The best feature of frontlines was that it was ONLY tier 8. If tier 8’s and 9’s are thrown in together, I’m out.

  10. Any frontline is better than any other mode on this game. Everything else is B-O-R-I-N-G and meaningless.

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