2 thoughts on “WoT: June Top of the Tree Tanks

  1. I’ll definitely be going up the E 50 M tree and probably finish the STV 103 B which I’ve already made a lot of progress on. I don’t think I like the direction WG is going with these events though, it feels like they’re dumbing down the game. It’s like giving out the 3D styles too easily with Battle Pass, 3D styles are cooler when not everybody has all of them. Speaking of styles you used to get a nice style if you managed to grind out a tank in the marathons but now they’re putting the nice Kpz 07 RH style behind a pay wall and you get some crappy non-historical style for the grind. I like and use some non-historical styles but this one is just lame. The 274a didn’t come with anything at all. At the same time they’re turning bounty equipment into a P2W thing by removing them from F2P Battle Pass and creating desirable bounty equipment that has no bond equivalent. Then you’ve got the HE changes that buff OP vehicles and nerf everything else. We dodged Crew 2.0 but that was pretty awful too, I’m not a WOT hater but it’s like they’re trying every bad idea they can think of right now. At least War Ships is still doing pretty good.

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