Supertest: Japort Map Updates & Gameplay

Fresh updates from the Supetest as the Japort map rolls to the intermediate Supertest stage. Currently in the Artwork stage, we want to test the gameplay component of the locations.

Major combat directions on the map:

1) Major combat direction for heavy tanks that can be divided into several sub-directions:

· Farther bypass along the water. Medium-danger zone that requires much time. Heavy tanks are mostly protected from SPG fire. However, there are some areas that are exposed to long-range enemy fire.

Passage through the center of the zone. This is quite a dangerous direction with a large number of areas exposed to enemy fire, including SPG fire.

Passage through the bunker. The most protected direction on the map, perfect for vehicles with strong frontal armor.

2) Major combat direction for rapid light and medium tanks. Areas above the the bunker enable control over quite a large part of the map.

3) Major combat direction for medium tanks. In this area, medium tanks can fire at long range and push the enemy back, reducing the distance to the opponents.

4) Positions for sniper vehicles to repel enemy attacks or control important positions on the map.

Let us what you think of the map and how would you approach it!

8 thoughts on “Supertest: Japort Map Updates & Gameplay

  1. Lets see how much time will take for them to remove this map after release saying because is not “balanced” ……… #bringbackallmaps

  2. I see that the next step in the artillery nerfing campaign is to make maps with artillery safe zones. We already have arty roofs on Pilsen and now this map will allow heavy tanks to brawl under the ground. Retards at WG should grow a pair of balls and just remove the damn class is they appearently don’t want it to do anything.

  3. Well it’s good that a new map is being made. However, it takes years for WG to release one tiny map. I wished I worked in WG’s map department as it seems you do very little work and still be employed.

  4. Jesus another mirrored map because that’s just copy and paste easy to do than think about making a balanced map

  5. Looks the same as Berlin tbh – wide no mans land in the south and more cramped north with buildings and other indestructible cover.

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