Supertest: ASTRON Rex 105mm (Initial Stats)

The ASTRON Rex 105 mm, an American Tier VIII medium tank is coming to the Supertest.

Its 105 mm gun is equipped with a 5-shell autoloader. Loading time between shells is 4.5 s, and the magazine reloads in 37 s. The gun has an accuracy of 0.43 m at 100m and aiming time of 2 s, as well as good stabilization and 9 degrees of gun depression. Standard shells penetrate 185 mm of armor, and the special APCR shell can penetrate 250 mm. Damage per shot is 320 HP.

Frontal turret armor is 220 mm, and the durability of the vehicle is 1,250 HP. Maximum forward speed is 45 km/h, and its specific power is 13.5 h.p/t. This vehicle features a high maximum backward speed of 30 km/h.

The ASTRON Rex 105 mm is a support vehicle that can deal huge amounts of damage to vehicles of its tier with one magazine. However, making the best of its firepower is not an easy task and it will require the player to apply their map knowledge and work together with other medium tanks on their team.

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      1. it is but it shouldn’t, it should not be a autoloader but a auto-reloader because there was no clip, it was a modern autoloaders and those are represented as auto-reloaders in the game

  1. What I get from this one:
    1st – You all need to PAY for it as will definitely be a premium tank (marathon or not);
    2nd – You all need to shoot/PAY “gold ammo” with 185mm standard pen at Tier VIII;
    3rd – You want to stay even at the end of the battle? PAY for premium account.

    So…. That’s how tanks are designed nowadays. Overpowered to everyone else shoot gold or are like this so you need to shoot gold! 🙂 Quite simple…

  2. I agree with everyone here that stats are garbage and this tank stinks of BS.

    But the real problem here is that a majority of the REX series of tanks use composite armor. Well technical its just a simple combination of RH steel with an aluminum sheet inserted in between.

    Normally I wouldn’t care. My only issue is if Weegee decides to add this “mechanic” to the game. Than this tank will be a T26E4 whose space armour only works on HEAT, HE, and HESH shells. and unlike the T26E4 the only weakspots will be the sides and rear, and the cupolas will be the only frontal weakspots.

    Also the fact that another tank is being made into a premium pisses me off. Especially since the US techncally has more medium tank projects than the Soviets do. But they get 3 tech lines with a total of 5 tier 10 tanks, while the US gets 1 and the rest are made into premiums.

    1. it was siliceous-cored armour – silica fused glass between Rha plates – and was only effective against HEAT

      I do agree, it is complete BS when they say they don’t have material to add new branches, since they first said that publicly (I believe 2017 or 2018) they have multiplied by 4 or 5 times the number of premiums in the US TT, from years waiting to get some alternative to the T34 to have 3 or 4 that are not that different from the tanks we have in the tech tree

      1. Yep your right about the armor part, had to go back and read my copy of Hunnicutts “Abrams a History of the American Main Battle tank” I was wrong about the Aluminum part.

        But while I was reading. there are way better proposals to use instead of the REX I as a premium.

        Like the SARAH tank. a double barrel MT which was going to use a 120mm gun alongside a smaller caliber gun. (76mm most likely.) that was similar to the squeeze bore gun found on the LTTB in-game. (for limitation purposes, they could’ve turned both of the guns into the 90mm T114 gun, same gun found on the T42.)

        Much more interesting than this tank, while not hurting tech line potential. As this is the only double barrel MT that I know of designed and intended for US development.

        1. with 185mm of pen for a 105mm gun it does not look like a premium to me because the standard for a American Tier 8 MT is at least 192mm, well except the T69 that EVERYONE KNOWS is by far the most underpowered Tier 8 in the game
          but you are right, if it is a premium there would be a few “better” options for it, by that I meant the more odd looking ones with a rather unique playstyle that don’t fit any possible branch/line

  3. Wargaming: «we don’t have anything to add to the US TT»

    also Wargaming: multiplies by 6 the number of Tier 6+ premiums/”freemiums” in the last 3 or 4 years

    before: T34, Super Pershing, Scorpion and M60 (4)

    now: 24 + whatever they will announce later on

    so what is my point?
    we don’t know if it will be a premium or “freemium” – those rewards most players end up spending gold to complete tasks – or regular TT tank, all I care is that they are honest and don’t give us BS about “not having candidates” for the US TT, premiums are needed but the US TT is the only one that has not received a new line, or at least a reworked one, for the longest in the game, even the Chinese TT had their MTs and HTs changed a bit

    1. you wouldn’t want to overcomplicate the TT by adding too many tanks, wouldya? that would be ridiculous! -WG logic

  4. Looks very interesting.
    Like a tank that you will take to a 1v1 specifically.
    Would be nice if they were to reduce depression by 1 and increase pen by 10 or smth.

    1. it might get buffed because the standard for a American Tier 8 MT is at least 192mm, sure it is a auto-loader but the T69 is as well and remains one of the most underpowered Tier 8 MTs in the game with 181mm of pen, 185mm isn’t that much better

  5. Looks like an American attempt to emulate the BC Bourrasque to me, camo and on the move gun handling will tell if the comparison holds or not.

    Still, speed and hp/t are bad.

    1. Difference is Bourrasque has higher damage and 2 sec between shots and not 4.5, it pops out for 2 sec deals 720 damage and runs away, this has to stay out forever to empty it’s clip.
      So no it’s pretty much nothing like a Bourrasque other than both are small.

  6. well another BUT(T) tank:
    Great burst DMG BUT horrible intraclip -> While u do 5×320 dmg u will take 4×240 smth
    Great camo, ok VR BUT horrible accuracy->u wont be able to snipe maybe spot but BORRA will eat u
    Good gundep BUT that cupola…

    I love the 320+ dmg tier VIII meds but this will be even harder to play than Borra or Char futur

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