Spanish Tanks Coming to World of Tanks

Between the fourth quarter of 2022 and the fourth quarter of 2023, a new nation is expected to appear in World of Tanks – 🇪🇸 Spain. Apparently it will have fewer made-up tanks compared to the Polish tree.

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  1. Lets see if they will release a premium tank then a crap ton of time later they give us a ultra nerfed line …. you know like the italian hvs 🙁

    1. you can already see the Tier 8 premium on the screenshot, it is the M47E
      it’s latest modification, the M47E2 with a German made 105mm gun, was kept in service until 1993, as for the base vehicle it is a modified M47M which on itself is already a modernized M47 for NATO allies

      1. I have always wanted to see the production type of M47 on US branch, but It is shame. My M46 Patton crews can’t get in there.
        Hope they also give multi-national system on that too but it is such a low possibility as they said.

        1. it could still happen, if we ever are lucky to receive the fabled US TT rework we could see the M47 in the game, at least as a premium
          right now the M46 is in a really awkward spot since it’s play style neither follows the Pershing or leads to the M48, moving the M46 to Tier 8 – on a “mobility” focused branch with the M60A1 at Tier 10 – would be great, that way the M46 could become what it actually was IRL, a more mobile Pershing and not a over tiered MT with fake upgrades

          1. I see a M47, it could be the real modification of M47 with a 105mm gun (german gun).
            I hope WG will look after this to the old patton line.
            Tier 7 should be T23/T25
            Tier 8 T26/M47 (yep the tier 9 turret but without the fake 105 gun, just a 90mm but buffed (or in reality remove the nerfes from it), tier 9 M48A1/M48A3 (full version will have the tier x turret but with a 90mm with good DPM and pens)
            And the tier x as it is or maybe with a little buff

              1. I disagree, I also think the 105mm in the Type 61 is no point for stay there. Just buff the 90mm give it 280 damage, real penetration and good DPM.
                M48A5 is okey i dont want it to be removed with M60A1.

                M48A3 will have the same turret as M48A5 but with a 90mm that pens Great (around the same as the 105mm on tier X) and does 280 dmg with good DPM more diversity to the game.

                Remember the old wot when all the 3 lines of soviet mediums x have a 100mm and they all look the same that was boring to me.

                Make the game less boring is a good thing and have a M47 (basically the current tier 9 is a M46E1 with a fake gun) upganned by Spain with a 105mm with good penetration is a better way to play the M47 than the Current “M47” in tier 9.

                1. he M48 does not fit that line in play style, one of the key upgrades from the M26 to the M46 to the M47 was improving mobility, meanwhile the M48 “reversed” that trend and was quite sluggish when compared with the other Patton’s

                  1. Well but there is no point either in having a M46E1 in tier 9 with a made up upgunned 105mm in the wot of 2020 either.

                    I am focusing more in tier 7 to 9, in my opinion that line needs a buff.
                    On this tiers the better is to remove the M46 from tier 9 and make the M26/M46E1 in the same tank (stock and full version) Since chasis is mostly the same

                    Also that M46E1 was put in the game in the time WG said they dont want mediums with more modern guns, then they added more modern mediums so….

                    In my opinion that line needs a buff and the better way to do it is to change it from tier 7 to 10. I am okey if they remove the M48A5 from tier x and send it to collection or in a side research with the other option being the M60.

                    1. if they wanted they could EASILY replace the M46 at Tier 9, first of all there are quite a good number of concepts left but they could also take the easier path and add a M48 with the 105mm T140 gun (same gun as T54E1)
                      it is not a unhistorical option since there were quite a few proposals and projects that involved a T/M48 hull and the T140, it is just that, at least for my knowledge, there’s none that specifically involves mounting that gun on a M48 turret
                      one option would be the original T54, however that is a autoloader
                      another option would be making a “conventional” version of the T54 without autoloader, pretty much like the T54E2 but with the original T54 turret

  2. Spanish before Romanian and Hungarian active service tanks?hello?drunkenshitgaming?what drugs were you using today?incredible what a bunch of clowns run WoT.

    1. read it again, it won’t come any sooner than October 2022 and maybe not even until the Christmas update of 2023
      not long ago one of the independent researchers commented something along the lines of «the data is in WG hands and it is up to them to decide how to handle it», unfortunately I don’t specifically recall if it was for Romania, Hungary or Switzerland but I do believe it was for one of those 3 given those are the easiest to do, that means we will likely see that after the Czech HT’s before we see anything related to the Spanish TT, and don’t count out Italian TD’s and/or Japanese TD’s

      1. there is a 99% chance you’re bad at math.

        Polish tree does not have more then 100 vehicles, yet some of the low tiers actually existed and one also took part in WWII – make it two if you count in the premium.

        sure, high tiers are very fakey but definitively not the whole tree

        1. There aren’t even 100 Polish tanks, silly. If there was a hundred, then only one could be real. But, no. There are less than a hundred, and there are many lower tier Polish tanks that are 100% real.

          Stop being silly.

          1. 99% cant be fake since

            4TP: is real (prototype yea but not fake)
            7TP: produced
            10TP: again prototype but not fake.
            14TP: not completed

            TKS z n.k.m. 20 mm, tankettes: produced

            T-34-85 Rudy: Actually they have T-34-85 so yes call it rudy or what ever its the same.

            Pudel: Captured panther

            at least 5 tanks that were produced or were prototypes.
            Poland has 21 tanks in the game.
            Using a good method that you could also use: MATH

            7/21*100= 33% of them are not fake.

            U want to remove rudy and pudel? as they are not fake but not big modifications
            ok 5/21*100 = still 23% of them are not fake.

            1. 25TP, 40TP (25TP Habicha), 53TP and BUGI are existent proyects. So, in total, at least 12 of 21 tanks are actually produced, or recorded as existent proyect tanks.

              12 x 21 = 252 / 100 = 57% of historical tanks/proyects

  3. so we have a premium M47E
    the low tiers are somewhat already well known
    top tiers are likely to be the AMX-30E and their hybrid AMX-30/Leopard 1 project
    I have no idea about what they have for the mid-tiers

    1. I think i have an idea. Trubia and Verdeja I-II for low tiers, Panzer IV H and Stug III for mids, and the modified AMX-30E and M48E-M60E for high tiers.

      Premium tanks will surely be the AMX-30 “El Niño” (An AMX-30 with a lenghtened hull and a Chrysler motor), the LEOX (Leopard 1 Hull and AMX-30 turret), the Prototipo 006 (AMX-30 hull and Leopard 1 turret) and surely the Lince (A tank prototype which was like a smaller Leopard 2 but less armored) as a CW reward.

      1. but there are a few problems
        1) M48E is a M48A3 with the 105mm gun, it is a Tier 10 vehicle and leaves no space for the AMX-30/Leopard 1 prototype

        2) the M60E was received in 1991 and is a M60A3 TTS, with TTS standing for Tan Thermal Sight it becomes unlikely it will be added

        3) there’s no way the Lince will be added for now, if the rumors about the Tier expansion become a reality it could happen, but with the Spanish TT to come from late 2022 to late 2023 it is unlikely it could happen soon, it was after all a mockup with the same gun as the Leo 2 and M1 Abrams

        and so the question remains, what will we get at Tiers 5, 6 and 7?
        I’ve seen a proposal with a Verdeja III concept, to me it does not seem much different from the Polish 14TP and so it would be a Tier 4 candidate

  4. Meme plus besoin de se poser la question “c’est des fakes tanks ou pas?” vu qu’il y a méme pas assez de chars historiquepour completer un arbre technologique espagnol
    et le seull tier VIII historique dans les chars premiums ne fait que le confirmer

  5. Me: Spanish tree? this is going to be full of paper tanks and other nations tanks, isnt it?

  6. That’s just what this game needs – more fantasy tanks with ever more absurd new game mechanics. As if WG didn’t do a lousy job at balancing the game as it is.

    I guess they aren’t getting what the community really wants. Sure, new tanks to research are nice and all, but as a rule, the novelty of new tanks is always gone within weeks … but the bullshit that is going on in this game, the stuff that pisses off people every day and makes them write bad reviews on Steam – Wargaming just doesn’t get it, or they really don’t give a fuck …

      1. I don’t care whether or not the tanks are real or not. My point is that I think they should improve existing game content before thinking about adding new one.

        There. I have kept it short to make sure it’s not too complicated for you.

    1. To be fair, if the game was historically accurate: Most of the mid tiers would be Sherman/T-34 and friends, meanwhile high tiers would be fully filled of Centurion, Patton, Leopard and T-54/55 with small variants, most of them in view devices and radios.

  7. Hopefully the Swiss, Romanians and others get added first. I mean, I haven’t seen anyone make a full clone-less Spanish tree. There are at least 4 other nations, however, that could get achieve this.

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the Spanish community is as big as some Eastern European communities in WoT.

  8. Interesting. I was expecting Brazilian or Israeli vehicles first.

    I know that we will most likely get a Swiss, Hungarian and/or Romanian tech trees first. My guess as to why they chose to do Spanish Tanks is because many of the tanks already exist in-game.

    The M41, M46, M48, Leopard 1 and AMX-30 already exist in-game. So it’ll be an easy tech tree to develop as only the low tiers are of original design to current knowledge.

    But as to why they chose Spain, over Brazil or Israel whose vehicles have seen combat in many conflicts and are based on existing vehicles we already have in-game is mystery.

    But im happy to see that a new nation is on the horizon. Im happy that all that work people put into researching into these cases has not been for the waste completly.

    So I look forward to our AMX-30/Leopard 1 hybird in the future. (If we can make it there, a part of me wishes not.)

  9. I disagree if WG make a full branch as they always do, This tanks should be added in the collection sector, and only the real useful and original ones.
    For example M47E2 (spanish),
    Argentinan Sherman Repotenciado and nahuel
    Chilenian M-60 sherman (yep 60mm fast firing gun to hunt down cancer wheels).
    NM-116 (norway modification of Chaffe with good 90mm)

  10. So we are getting fricking spanish tanks noone ever asked for or even tought of, but not hungarians. Fucking amazing

  11. Can’t wait to see Minsk cripple their armor/hidden stats like they did with the Polish tanks. Apparently, Soviet Russia was so strong that they need Minsk to wipe their ass and kiss their boo-boo’s.

    It’s the worst kind of nationalism. If your nation was so great or mighty, their achievements can stand on their own… and they would, if only Minsk would let them. Minsk shits on the great sacrifice so many Soviets made for their nation by belittling it.

  12. Bruh getting a fucking spanish tech tree before we even get a swiss tech tree, or swedish lights, or literally anything else that people have been asking to get for years now like japanese tds, would be the most retarded thing I’d have seen come from wg in the last 2-3 years besides removing rammers from autoreloaders without giving them a minor dpm buff to keep them competitive like how they did with the literal most broken tier 8 med in the game.

    I doubt this leak is even real cause it seems that absurdly bullshit

  13. I would be excited but tbh WG releases only 6-8 tech tree tanks per year (two mini branches) in the other hand they release more than 10 prem tanks per year. WG really need to speed up the new content for the game.

      1. correction: UNLIMITED GOLD ammo for credits ruined the game
        setting a limit to how much you could carry would solve 90% of the issue of the abuse of GOLD ammo

        1. No you idiot, limiting gold ammo just makes tanks that are exceptionally strong against standard rounds even more fucking broken, you want the game to be type 5s shit pushing open fields literally bouncing everything coming their way, or since pubbies legit only complain about russian tanks and reward tanks, 279es being even more broken in pubs.

          Most problems loop back to map design and map size, you fix the maps you suddenly give more opportunities to the player to do something other than sit in front of a tank and sling gold and HE. In addition to that, removing the premium price from the rounds and changing how they work, giving players access to all of the round types (apcr, ap, heat, he, hopefully some new rounds designed to help players based off of their gameplay styles) would significantly help as well since now the default option wouldn’t be “load a ton of apcr on my e100.”

          Force the player to think and reward them for their skill and knowledge, not make the game better for idiot proof tanks, we already have to deal with that enough on the shit corridor maps we have

          1. sure, sure, all I read was
            «no you idiot…»
            from then on, as is the case when anyone starts with an insult, you lost all reason, you could’ve written the most eloquent explanation that it does not change the fact that your first 3 words ruined everything

            if we talk about “idiots” then I have to ask, do tanks have as much armour on the sides and rear as they do in the front?
            instead of staying in the same spot hoping for a miracle to happen, just change position

            but wait there’s more
            so tell me, what happens when WG sees the win rates of some particular tanks skyrocket from the effect of limiting how much GOLD you can load?
            does that not tell them such tank is simply OP?
            right now we have the worst situation possible, because you can load 100% GOLD the win rates of those OP tanks stay at a “reasonable” value, from that WG can argue those are not OP and do not need balancing and thus the main issue is never fixed

            and who pays for it?
            everyone else, it is ridiculous to see a top Tier HT fire GOLD at a bottom Tier LT

  14. Why are they even talking about a yeah and a half away? That’s so far in the future it serves no all.

  15. What about Hungary? Or Switzerland? Countries with actual lineage with tanks.

    Absolutely stupid.

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