How to play WoT on Steam with your old WG account – full workaround

Discovered by our reader KSA.

You have to copy an exact folder from the World of Tanks game files, this one, into Steam’s WoT folder:

Steam WoT folder:

Just in case, also make a backup. Rename the Steam win64 and keep it:

Another way of doing it:

You need to download the Steam version of WoT. Then, copy file “wgc_api.exe” from the non-Steam game folder to the steam folder and rename it to “wgcs_api.exe”.

There’s no achievements, trading cards or any other reason to have it on Steam. If you want it for the Steam overlay and friend chats, just add it as a non-Steam game and it will bypass the WG launcher.

6 thoughts on “How to play WoT on Steam with your old WG account – full workaround

    1. How can you use steam wallet? Because I cant by doing this method to log in through steam.

  1. Why bother?

    Eye dont want steam players in my battles an I play on eu2.

    1. To bad Steam hater, get over it. or Get the fuck out.

      I play a different game, World of Warships on steam and I citadel every Non-Steam player one shotting them to make Non-Steam player haters rage on why they keep getting destroyed by my Al Sovetskaya Rossiya. Then to put salt in the wound that they got destroyed by a steam player.

      Learn to deal with steam players scrub.

    2. And you also don’t dictate who can or cannot play, You are not an admin you don’t own this game, Wargaming owns it, If you think you are then you have a problem.

      Because I can report people like you who abuse report players who use steam.

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