7 thoughts on “WoT Console – Modern Armor – Taking the Fight Forward!

  1. Finally, hope that this happens on PC is getting bigger !!! I was waiting for this kind of announcement since 2010 !

    1. would have been the kind of thing to announce for the 10th anniversary. instead, pc version gets more finger paint 2D skins, a handfull of credits and two garage slots, in addition to the permanent threat of impending crew 2.0 doom…

      would love the game to grow by 10 more tiers, but WG has decimates the playerbase so hard, it will never be possible to stretch them out over 20 tiers if they keep the 15v15 format.
      even worse if they make it a separate game to split the community in two. but as we know, whenever WG fails, WG fails hard.

      1. 600k weekend online on RU server alone, I think they have enough players to introduce new tiers.

  2. It will definetly come to PC as well, I know that since they introduced multi core function – in the video was visible their testing account with t62-m1 with additional composite armor. They prepare for this very long time…

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