22 thoughts on “Developer Diaries: Czechoslovakian Heavy Tanks

  1. I was really hoping they would add the equally-fake Tatra T3x-series of rear turetted heavies. But this looks interesting aswell, it will do.

    1. Would have rathered they added the tatras, a quad tracked, rear turreted heavy tank with a 140 that does 600 that had a high power to weight ratio while being locked to a top speed of 30 would have been fun than “it’s a 430u with autoloader da comrade”

  2. Strange… the Soviets in 40’s let the Czech’s do whatever they wanted. They just had to be supervised, and recieve approval from the state to build and/or export.

    This is of course before the 2nd invasion. So i’ve never heard of the Czechs and Soviets working on the same project tandem together. The closest being the t34/100 but that started of as seperate projects.

    As to where they found these designs i cannot say. They must have been been hiding in some archive in Russia or a former Warsaw state like Poland for example. But i can speak for the tier 7s, their real as the CIA has multiple reports about these tanks. One report including them being tested by the Czech Army in field exercises.

    I have the links for them. But im at work so it’ll have to wait for later. As JJ said. I really do hope they add the tatra line aswell. Instead of using the 105mm and higher cal. guns, the Tatra’s can use the 100mm R11 and AK1 instead. The tier 10, the Tatra T 34 can be a an AMX 50 100 at tier 10 with the AK1.

    I’ll update my proposal as soon as possible too. (I had the same idea as WG when it came to the Heavie’s gun gimick.)

  3. 50% of tanks in game are fake.
    One of reasons why I dont play this game anymore.

    1. Actually a decent chunk of the larger tech trees have real and fairly historical vehicles, it’s only when you get into stuff like some premiums, the smaller tech trees like the polish and italian tech trees, and some stuff like most of the jap heavy line do they go into “fake”

      Thou some stuff like the polish heavies are based off of design specifications that never had anything drawn up, and a bunch of the japanese heavies are based off of artist interpretations of the OI project, so they’re not even that made up, they hold historical relevance. Only when we get into shit like this where it’s obvious wg is pulling tanks out of their ass for a new line is when it’s really annoying.

      Also where’s my swiss tech tree and swedish light tanks wg, and jap tds, you got enough for entire tech trees starting from tier 5 for things like the lights and tds, and the swiss got a heavy tank line, 2 med tank lines iirc, a light tank line, and a wheeled vehicle line

      1. Ummm the twin barreled Russian tanks are FAKE…wtf are you talking about, get your facts correct or are you a Russian sympathizer?

          1. Actually they are fake as they were not built at all, the closest thing to the 703-II was that of the actual Object 703 (Is-3) which was developed in late 1944.

            1. Maybe and? I actually dont care if at least the game is balanced, i think this is the main issue of wot.

              To be honest 128 on a ferdinand is as fake as 703 II, and to make its armour more usefull they should put it on tier 7 with 88 L71 but WG will not do this because is effort that they dont want to do.

              Same goes for the Patton line. The old tier 9 patton with 105 is completely fake at least is not a M46 (M46E1) that carries a 105 and is was not a USA, but the M47 upgraded by the spanish army that mount a 105

              1. I do agree that some gun upgrades are complete and utter BS. But the only Tech tree to have twin barreled tanks is the Russian line? Why will WG not introduce the AC-4 with the twin 20 pounders witch was built and field tested is beyond me. Goes to show that WG think Russian tanks are the all and end all of WoT, and for the Russian Auto-loading IS-3 tells me that WG can not let the Russian tech tree go without something that another tech tree has.

                1. In real life, the Russians made more tanks and conceptualised more tanks than any nation. Of course there are gonna be a lot Russian tanks in this game? What is wrong with that? That is like being upset that an automobile game is full of American and Japanese cars.

                  1. Maybe you should read what is said before you comment, no one is saying that the Russians did not make more tanks.

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