WoT Battle Pass Season 4: Event Guide

From EU Portal:

Season 4 of Battle Pass begins in World of Tanks on March 15. In the updated new Season, you will not only be earning Battle Pass Points in Random Battles, but also in Ranked Battles and Steel Hunter, as well as by completing daily missions. You will be able to earn 3 unique progressive styles and special Tokens that can be exchanged for rare Tier IX vehicles. During Battle Pass, you will meet familiar heroes, be introduced to a completely new character, and also be able to choose the useful in-game items you like the most.

And the new features don’t end there. Read on to find out more!

Battle Pass Season 4

March 15 at 04:00 CET (UTC+1) through June 15 at 21:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Event Summary

  • Battle Pass Season 4 will consist of three Chapters, each comprising 50 Stages.
  • Play in Random Battles (except for Grand Battles) in Tier VI–X vehicles, Ranked Battles in Tier X vehicles, and Steel Hunter.
  • Perform your best and earn Battle Pass Points to advance through Battle Pass Stages.
  • Battle Pass Core Vehicles have special rules for obtaining Battle Pass Points.
  • For every Stage completed, you’ll earn valuable in-game Base Rewards.
  • After completing each Chapter of the Season, you can get a unique crew member.
  • You’ll be able to choose one of the three progressive styles for three Core Vehicles at the beginning of each Chapter. These brand-new styles will change their appearance and receive new 2D and 3D elements when you complete certain Progression Stages.
  • You will also receive Tokens which you can exchange for rare vehicles in a special section of the in-game Store.
  • If you want to get even more rewards, you’ll need an Improved Pass to get the prizes in the Improved Rewards Track. It will be available for both gold and real money.

Gameplay and Earning Points

Battle Pass Season 4 will consist of three Chapters, each comprising 50 Stages. To complete each Stage, you’ll need to earn 50 Battle Pass Points. There will be no Elite Progression in the updated Battle Pass, but you will still be able to get a valuable in-game currency: bonds. They remain part of the reward list and we will talk more about them below.

The basic gameplay of the event has not changed—more info can be found in the detailed guide. In the new Season, you will be able to earn Battle Pass Points for completing daily missions with vehicles of any tier, but you’ll progress through the Stages faster by playing in Tier VI–X vehicles. For each completed Stage, you will receive valuable in-game items.


In Season 4, you will not be as limited by game mode. You can now receive Battle Pass Points not only in Random Battles (except Grand Battles), but in Ranked Battles and Steel Hunter as well. You will receive Points in the following way:

Random Battles (Tier VI–X vehicles) and Ranked Battles (Tier X vehicles)

Position in the Post-Battle Ranking Victory Defeat/Draw
Top 3 by XP earned 7 5
Top 10 by XP earned 5 3
Players on both teams who place 11 to 15 will not earn any Points, but won’t lose any either. You can only progress forward through the Stages. Regressing to a previous Stage is not possible.

In Steel Hunter, Points will be added depending on your position in the post-battle ranking:

Position in the Post-Battle Ranking Number of Points
Solo Player Hunter Platoon
1 1 20
2–5 2–3 10
6–10 4–5 5
11–20 6–10 0
In addition, there will be 2 missions available in Steel Hunter, available once per day. When completed, each mission will bring you 20 more Battle Pass Points.

You can earn additional Points by completing daily missions. Each of them will reward you Battle Pass Points in addition to the main reward, depending on the difficulty of the mission:

Mission Number of Points
Level I 7
Level II 10
Level III 15
Bonus Mission 0
Special (for completing 45 missions) 0

You can complete daily missions with vehicles of any tier. You will continue to earn Battle Pass Points for completing daily missions, even after reaching the Point Limit on the selected vehicle.

If you play Random Battles in Tier VI–X vehicles and get into the top 10 by experience earned, while simultaneously completing daily missions, you will receive Points from both sources.


You won a Random Battle in a Tier VI vehicle and got into the top 10 of your team by experience earned. At the same time, you completed the most difficult Level III daily mission. In this case, you will receive 20 Battle Pass Points: 5 Points for getting into the top 10 of your team in a victorious battle, and 15 Points for completing the daily mission.

Progression Point Limits

Every vehicle has a limit for earning Battle Pass Points. Upon reaching this limit, you will be able to go into battle like always, but you will not receive any more Points on that vehicle: you will have to pick another. After you earn the maximum number of Points in the selected vehicle, you will be rewarded with additional Battle Pass Points. The number depends on the vehicle’s tier.

Vehicle Tier Point Limit Point Limit Reward
VI 100 15
VII 250 20
VIII 400 25
IX 550 30
X 700 35
Core Vehicles 1,000 35

The Steel Hunter vehicles will have no Point Limit. Tier X vehicles suitable for Ranked Battles will have the same pool of Points for Random Battles and Ranked Battles—you can reach their Point Limit by fighting in either or both of these modes.


You earned 400 Battle Pass Points by playing Random Battles in a Tier X vehicle. Then, you decided to try Ranked Battles in the same vehicle. In this case, you will be able to earn 300 more Points in this vehicle and reach the total limit of 700 Points.
You will receive 35 Points as a reward for reaching the limit for a Tier X vehicle, but you will not be able to earn any more Points in this vehicle by playing Ranked Battles or getting into the top 10 by experience earned in Random Battles. However, you will be able to obtain Battle Pass Points for completing daily missions in this vehicle even after reaching the Point Limit.

Core Vehicles

In Battle Pass Season 4, the list of Core Vehicles will be expanded. Now, three vehicles have the Core Vehicle status instead of two:

All three vehicles have an increased Point Limit of 1,000. They will also earn Battle Pass Points in Random Battles and Ranked Battles according to special rules:

  • Object 705A
  • 121
  • T110E3

Object 705A

 Position in the Post-Battle Ranking  Victory  Defeat/Draw
 Top 3 by XP earned 8 6
 Top 10 by XP earned 6 4

To see the maximum number of Points that you can earn in Battle Pass Season 4, please use the interactive widget below.

Find out your maximum Battle Pass Stage for the vehicles that you have in your Garage. Just use Battle Pass reward and Battle Pass reward to specify the number of your vehicles belonging to a certain tier. Battle Pass Points can also be earned by completing Daily Missions.
The Object 705A, the 121, and the T110E3 have a higher Point Limit than other Tier X vehicles. The limit for each of these vehicles is increased by 300 Points.

The widget does not include the Points that you can earn by playing Steel Hunter. In 2021, there will be four launches of this game mode.

For example, for completing two battle missions available in the mode, you can earn up to 1,120 points per Season, and for getting into the top 10 after the battle—up to 2,000 points per Season (if you play a total of 100 battles in Steel Hunter in three months).

As a result, after playing 100 battles in Steel Hunter, you can complete up to 62 Battle Pass Stages.

Progressive Styles

One of the most important features of Season 4 is the three progressive styles* among Base Rewards for Core Vehicles:

  • Polar Bear for the Object 705A
  • Icebreaker for the 121
  • Welsh Blues for the T110E3

The styles are historical, and you can apply them only to the corresponding vehicle.

Unlike the standard ones, progressive styles have four levels. Level 1 is the base level, and Level 4 is the final, most upgraded level.

Progressive styles will change their appearance and receive new 2D and 3D elements when you complete certain Progression Stages. The more Stages completed, the higher the style’s level. You will reach Level 4 when you complete the entire Chapter (50 Stages). You can’t apply lower style levels (for example, Level 3 when you’ve reached Level 4).

You will be able to choose one of the three available progressive styles at Level 1 at the beginning of each Chapter. After the Battle Pass Season ends, you will be able to purchase the missing levels for the styles that you chose using gold. For example, if you have one Level 4 style and one Level 2 style, you will be able to purchase the missing two levels for the second style. The third style will not be available for purchase.

Unique Crew Members and New Bounty Equipment

After completing each Chapter of the Season, you will get a unique crew member that will be automatically given to you depending on the Chapter you complete. You will be able to select their nation and main specialization.

Two of these characters from last year’s first Season you may already be familiar with: Vasiliy Badaev (reward for completing Chapter I) and George Barton (reward for completing Chapter III). The third character is someone new, the Chinese ace tanker Shan Ling. You will get him when you complete Chapter II.

Vasiliy Badaev George Barton Shan Ling
Each of the crew members has Brothers in Arms as a zero perk and enough XP to train two more skills or perks.

Once Stage 50 of the first Chapter is complete, you will be able to select a new equipment item (Bounty Aiming) from the list. Once upgraded, it will decrease the aiming circle by 8%. This equipment does not have an Improved counterpart.

Want another piece of Bounty Equipment? You will be able to select one item of Bounty Equipment from all equipment of this category in the game for every Chapter you complete.

Full List of Available Bounty Equipment

  • Bounty Aiming
  • Bounty Rammer
  • Bounty Gun Laying Drive
  • Bounty Ventilation
  • Bounty Optics
  • Bounty Stabilizer
  • Bounty Protection Technology
  • Bounty Rotation Mechanism

Also, in addition to the Bounty Equipment to select from (3 items per Season), you will be able to choose standard equipment (6 items per Season) from various categories. Another important change this Season is that you can select the national affiliation of blueprint fragments and Crew Books.

Upon reaching a certain Progression Stage, a special indicator will be displayed on the Battle Pass screen. Click on the button in the upper-right corner of the progression menu to go to a special screen where you can select the rewards you want.

Rewards for Completing Battle Pass

Completed Stages of Battle Pass are rewarded with Base Rewards and even more valuable Improved Rewards, including:

List of Rewards

  • Days of WoT Premium Account (up to 69 days)
  • Credits (up to 7,950,000)
  • Bounty Equipment (up to 3 items) and standard equipment (up to 6 items) of your choice
  • Bonds (up to 3,000)
  • Battle Pass Tokens (up to 18)
  • Garage slots (up to 9)
  • Unique customization elements: up to 3 progressive styles for the T110E3, the Object 705A, and the 121
  • Up to three universal 2D styles: White Desert, Glacier, and Ice Coat
  • Three Personal Training Manuals, each one granting 850,000 XP to the selected crew member
  • Personal Reserves (up to 144)
  • Blueprint fragments (up to 240)
  • Up to three crew members with selectable nations and major qualifications
  • Other valuable rewards

If you do not choose your rewards before the end of Battle Pass Season 4, they will be automatically credited according to the following rules:

Rules for Rewards

Chapter I

  • Progressive style for the Object 705A
  • Blueprint fragments (U.S.S.R.)
  • Training Booklet (U.S.S.R.)
  • Training Guide (U.S.S.R.)
  • Commander’s Vision System (for Stage 39)
  • Improved Hardening Class 1 (for Stage 49)
  • Bounty Aiming (for Stage 50)

Chapter II

  • Progressive style for the 121
  • Blueprint fragments (China)
  • Training Booklet (China)
  • Training Guide (China)
  • Turbocharger Class 1 (for Stage 89)
  • Improved Rotation Mechanism Class 1 (for Stage 99)
  • Bounty Rammer (for Stage 100)

Chapter III

  • Progressive style for the T110E3
  • Blueprint fragments (U.S.A.)
  • Training Booklet (U.S.A.)
  • Training Guide (U.S.A.)
  • Improved Radio Set (for Stage 139)
  • Vertical Stabilizer Class 1 (for Stage 149)
  • Bounty Ventilation (for Stage 150)

2D Customization

In addition to progressive styles, Battle Pass Season 4 also offers more eye-catching customization elements, including:

  • Up to three 2D styles, one for each Chapter
«White Desert»
«Ice Coat»
  • Up to three new decals, one for each Chapter
  • The unique Due South medal (after completing 150 Stages of the progression)
Due South

Rewards for Battle Pass Tokens

A new type of in-game currency (Battle Pass Tokens) will be added during the new Season of Battle Pass. It will replace the Expedition Tokens that players earned last year.

You will receive Tokens after completing certain Stages. They are equally distributed across both Reward Tracks and can be exchanged for valuables and rare vehicles in a special section of the Store. A total of five unique Tier IX vehicles will be available for exchange, including 2 new vehicles:

NEW! Kunze Panzer — a German medium tank with hydropneumatic suspension (Siege mode) and great dynamics. Perfect for performing the role of a fire support vehicle from the second line. The vehicle costs 18 Tokens.

NEW! K-91-PT — the first reward Soviet Tier IX tank destroyer with a rear turret. The gun stands out for its high rate of fire, and the vehicle’s excellent mobility allows it to catch up with medium tanks or hang around quick heavies as a formidable satellite. The vehicle costs 12 Tokens.

IX Object 777 Version II — A low-silhouette Soviet heavy tank. This vehicle boasts high damage per shot, good mobility, and decent frontal turret armor. The vehicle costs 9 Tokens.

IX Char Futur 4 — French medium tank that features a 4-shell autoloader gun. A fast and maneuverable vehicle that has excellent concealment and causes 390 damage per shot. Multiply it by 4 to understand why even the most formidable heavies fear this French musketeer! The vehicle costs 9 Tokens.

IX AE Phase I — A versatile American heavy tank that features a segmented four-track suspension (two tracks on each side). The vehicle’s strengths include good gun handling parameters, decent damage per minute, good frontal turret armor, and excellent gun depression/elevation angles. The vehicle costs 9 Tokens.

All these vehicles feature a built-in Large Repair Kit as a handy bonus.

A total of 18 Tokens can be earned in Season 4: 9 Tokens among the Base Rewards and 9 more Tokens among the Improved Rewards. You will be able to play your favorite game modes at your own pace, managing your time and collecting Tokens throughout the year to exchange for valuable rewards. The “Items for Tokens” section of the in-game Store will open on March 15 (after the start of Season 4) and will close on December 19, 2021. You can purchase in-game items for Tokens until the specified date.


After the end of Season 4, the Tokens that you have earned will not be lost. They will be accumulated throughout the year, and you can spend them in upcoming Seasons of Battle Pass. When the “Items for Tokens” section is closed, all unspent Tokens will be converted to bonds at the rate of 1:100.

Improved Rewards and Purchasing Progression Stages

Each Battle Pass Stage has 2 Reward Tracks: Base Rewards and Improved Rewards. The Base Rewards Track contains plenty of goodies that you can obtain for free, but if you want even more, you’ll need an Improved Pass to get the prizes in the Improved Rewards Track. You can purchase it for each Chapter for 2,500.

The value of each Chapter’s rewards in gold exceeds the cost of an Improved Pass.

After purchasing the Improved Pass, you will receive all Improved Rewards for the Stages you have already completed. You will also unlock the Improved Rewards for completing subsequent Stages.

You can purchase the Improved Pass on the Battle Pass screen or in the Store for gold, or as a part of a special bundle. However, the Improved Pass cannot be purchased for two Chapters of the Season at once. You can only purchase it for the next Chapter once you’ve completed the previous one.

You can also purchase the Improved Pass as a part of two special bundles for real money at a lower cost than purchasing it for gold.


If you purchase the Improved Pass for at least one Chapter using gold, bundles for real money will be no longer available.

One of the two bundles available also includes a gold allowance. For 30 days after purchasing this bundle, you will receive 250 gold daily, just by logging in to the game client and playing a battle. Please note that you will not receive your daily gold for days on which you do not log in and have a battle played.

If you have the Improved Pass, you will also be able to purchase any number of Progression Stages so that you won’t need to earn Points. Now you can purchase Stages at any time starting from the beginning of Battle Pass, but only within the Chapter for which the Improved Pass is purchased. If you purchase the Improved Pass for real money for the entire Season, you will be able to purchase Stages at any time for any Chapter.

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  1. Not really a fan of the progressive styles, 3d styles aren’t as cool if everybody has them because they’re so easy to get. In general I’m concerned WG is watering down the game. Other than that this season’s 2d and 3d styles aren’t the best I’ve seen. I’m more excited about the GI Joe stuff.

    1. I’m a little unclear on that. Some things they wrote makes it sound like everybody gets a chance at the bounty aiming but looking at the rewards list in the article they posted in the game center newsfeed it seems like base battlepass doesn’t get any equipment at all. I could care less about standard equipment but if you don’t get any bounty equipment with base pass that really sucks. At least there’s still a lot of bonds to be had.

    2. No, the Bounty is purely for the ‘Improved Pass’. That is the only thing I think is a bad and unhealthy decision.
      The rest of the Battle Pass is OK in my opinion, if someone is willing to pay, he gets an extra tank or two, the f2p-players still get one (or two older ones).

      1. Since bounty equipment isn’t as good as bond equipment anymore I basically agree but we’re seeing new equipment that is available only in bounty form, so far improved rotation mechanism and now improved aiming. I was hoping to slap bounty improved aiming on my recently acquired IS-2 Berlin which would make it a lot more fun to play but it’s not worth buying improved battlepass for. IRM works on a lot of different tanks, glad I got mine while I could.

  2. If these Tier IX tanks are actually available through this mode I might be willing to pony up the money. The Char Futur and the Kunze Panzer interest me.

  3. WG bull/shit/crap PR translation for all of you that don’t speak recent Ruskie WG Bullcrap

    its a money money money World (c’mon now a big chorus
    …… all together
    ………………………… now Money, money, money, yes its a Wargame €€€€€ World

    big smile everyone!
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    money, money money its a lovely Wargame €€€€ cash rich World

  4. Slowly but surely the disparity gets greater and greater between full P2W playerbase and F2P/semi-F2P playerbase. All bounty equipment is going to be locked behind a paywall from now on.

  5. so…18 tokens per total….9 for basic battle pass, 9 for improved…. 3 tanks costs 9 token, one is 12 tokens and one is 18tokens….I already have Char Futur and AE Phase, so basically I need to finish standard battle pass to get those 9 tokens and get the 3rd tank for 9 tokens.

  6. The concept of a “battle pass” is stupid when you monetize every aspect of a game already their whole point is to give cosmetic items because they don’t want to give competitive advantage items.

    When you sell items that give a competitive advantage in game for real currency, you’re entirely defeating the point of this kind of monetization. This company just can’t stop fucking the players with their cash grabs.

    They shouldn’t be praise for shit like this when they still sell the other shit too.

  7. AHAHAHAHAHAHA ……. RIDICULOUS! Monetization around this game is more ridiculous by the day! No bounty equipment for Free To Play players… and Free to Play players are able to get 9 tokens in total which will give the same tanks as last years…. AHAHAHA
    New tanks? PAY FOR IT! … WG reminds me every day why I stopped playing this….

    1. I state that I agree with your opinion.
      But I wonder, if you’ve stopped playing what are you doing here?

      1. Honestly? Since Last December (when I saw Loot boxes once again) I stopped playing this…. After 7 years. I’m not a cry boy but in 7 years the game changed a lot… Visually and some mechanics are obviously better now but aside that…. The game is more Pay to Win than as ever been! Free To Play players can’t be as competitive as those who put money on it! That’s simply not fair in the battle field. Back to your question: I’m here because I always love when there’s maps comming out (even if many are pure sh*t!) and I pop in to see if there’s any development on maps! Map geek I know! I’m only back to test a new map… that’s all! Not paying to try out a map right?

        1. Nonsense, you can be completely competitive as a FTP player if you’re good to begin with. There’s ample opportunity to earn T8 premium tanks, bonds for the best equipment and even OP reward vehicles like the 279e. The EBR is arguably the most OP vehicle in the game class for class and it’s available to anybody who wants to go up the tech tree which doesn’t even take that long if you know what you’re doing. WG isn’t perfect and there’s things in the game I’m not fond of but it’s definitely not P2W, pay for convenience sure but not to win. Heck, the other day in a random I was dueling a full health Prog 46 that was probably purchased during the recent Black Market in my Patton KR that I got from the Bond Shop and I beat him. Yeah, you need the right situation to be able to do that but the right situation is just medium distance and a rock.

  8. I don’t see how people choose to play enough to complete the pass, but can’t pay under 10 bucks a month for something that they clearly love to do. It cost about the same price as one beer at the pub.

    To each own, but I would do some serious rethinking about my priorities if that was a concern.
    Not trying to bash anyone, just don’t get it.

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