4 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Coming Soon! New Tanks, New Battle Pass and upcoming changes

  1. the WoT Blitz team keeps doing what we “WoT vanilla” players hoped the main team had done YEARS ago
    proper British LT line » check
    Japanese TDs » check
    H.L.Yoh tanks for US TT » check
    a fairly more balanced game for all » check

    obviously they also make mistakes:
    » Ho-Ri’s all mixed up, right tanks with wrong designations
    » added the wrong FV301 model, the one circulating online for years is a Vickers LT design and not the actual FV301 design

    and now it seems the H.L.Yoh tank will be heavy tanks when IRL they were conceptualized as MTs

    specs wise they are almost similar to a T/M48 (the newest tank in the US Army at the time) but take quite a dew risks at integrating new ideas and technologies such as:

    driver in turret
    track within track
    hollow gun shield (“spaced armour” mantlet)
    3 of the 7 had oscillating turrets

    1. Remember that we were supposed to get the Christie tanks, too?! Look at the old tech tree proposals from 2011-2013. And those were WG proposals. Sadly, the Christie tanks never made it to the game.

      1. now they would be hidden in the collectors, well, collection or be reward vehicles, but the “sadest” is that they keep claiming they have no way of extending the TT like they have done with all the others, in reality the US TT is the “oldest” (has been the same exact thing for longer) in the game, all the others had drastic changes to most lines
        » new German super heavies and Porsche HT line
        » new British top tiers for MT, TD and HT lines
        » plenty more USSR lines
        » new French HT line and changes to MT and TD top tiers

        » US TT? nothing, only the LT line extension and T54E1 reclassification as a HT, reality is they could easily double the number of lines if they wanted

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