WoT – G.I. JOE: Unique Commanders, 3D styles and customization elements

Various personalization elements related to G.I. Joe. We’ll probably get to know more details soon.

The 3D style “G.I. Joe ”for the 🇺🇸 TS-5

“We were convinced that the operation was going well and that everything was going according to plan, but then these… tanks… appeared out of nowhere. It was a total surprise. Maybe it’s our pride. Or overconfidence. Either way, we lost the battle that day. But not a war. Now that we know what we’re dealing with, our engineers are doing double overtime putting together a tank that goes head to head with this indoor beast. I bet if I look at the bar, it turns out they’ve had all their coffee. But it was worth it. This tank is a real miracle. In this tank, I am happy to go into battle every day, all week long. The engine purrs like a kitten, its firepower will certainly allow G.I. Joe save the day!

3D style “Cobra Combat Battle Tank” for the T-54 first prototype

  • Once again, this annoying bunch of toy soldiers got in my way. They are terribly annoying. They are clinging like Velcro to a dog’s tail and will not detach themselves. But this is the last time! Thanks to this dazzling creation, I will become invincible. Isn’t he fantastic? No, it’s much more than that. I like it… I like it very much. Cannon, armor, mobility. They sting as hard as it bites. This new combat platform will wipe those pesky smirks off the face of the G.I. Joe. They think they can thwart all my elaborate plans? They will find out yet! Once I have created an army of these tanks, no one can stop me. Even G.I. Joe! I will make them fall to their knees in front of me, begging for mercy!

17 thoughts on “WoT – G.I. JOE: Unique Commanders, 3D styles and customization elements

  1. Both skins look like shit. What’s next for WoT, a Steven Seagal collaboration?

    1. even WG dropped Steven Seagal like a hot potato….that should tell you all you need to know about the man

    2. I’ll only buy if it come with a copy of his Mojo Priest album. There should be plenty available after total sales probably never reached double figures.

  2. Nice, now the TS-5 has a nice open toilet where the Arty can take its dump in

    1. It’s aimed at the coming generation of players. The generation of those who were born 2015 or later.

    2. WG has said the average player age for WoT is 50 years old. So the majority of the player base has grown up playing with the toys and/or watching the shows. You may be too young to appreciate it, but this crossover makes a lot of sense for them to do.

  3. Love it! More reason I don’t want my unique commanders turned into instructors though.

    I get why some people don’t like the non-historical stuff but you can turn that off in your settings and never see it so that’s a matter of personal preference and not a real problem. Personally I like historical and non-historical, if there was Hello Kitty I’d want to get it. 🙂

    1. I turned off non historical stuff in my settings but I still see tanks made of solid gold, gigantic machine guns, and other ridiculous things all the time :/

      1. Gigantic machine guns are a real thing that shows up on tanks but I agree you probably won’t see a gold plated tank outside of Dubai or something, at least not very often. Nevertheless a recent post says that these GI Joe styles can be turned off so you’re good. I like the more serious looking historical styles too but let’s face it this game is kind of repetitive so some of us like to switch up the mood sometimes with non-historical cosmetics. It’s good to cater to both markets.

  4. I am waiting for the first babyblue hot wheels ts5 in Wot, like on console. After that, a HE MAN is-7 and an Marvel-Pershing is following.

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