Exchange Blueprints for In-Game Goods

Source: EU portal

From March 12 at 10:00 CET until March 22 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1), we are going to open a shop in-game that will allow you to exchange surplus blueprint fragments for valuable items.

It has been two years since we introduced Blueprints, a mechanic that grants a discount on the experience required to research standard vehicles to speed up the tech-tree progress. Since their introduction, players were able to collect national and universal blueprint fragments as rewards for merit, or as special rewards. Due to the nature of the mechanic, fragments can be for nations that a player has already researched. Those fragments are not lost, but will continue to accumulate in the depot, and can be put to good use, as soon as a new branch for the nation is introduced.

However, if you don’t want to wait for the next tech-tree expansion, you can now exchange fragments for other in-game items, but only for a limited time!

How does it work & where is the shop?

The Blueprint exchange for in-game items will open its gates in your Garage. Head to the “STORE” and click on the “BEST” tab. Transactions are similar to the exchange for a research discount. Once the special shop is available, use the interface to select the blueprint fragments that you would like to trade-in and choose your desired reward.

Keep in mind that you cannot mix National Blueprints and that the stock of certain items will be limited per account.

What can you get?

National blueprint fragments can be exchanged for crew books, well-trained new crew members, and two 3D styles.

Universal blueprint fragments can be exchanged for universal and personal crew books, various 2D styles, and World of Tanks Premium account time.

  • Crew Books
  • Crew Members
  • Customizations
  • World of Tanks Premium Account
Exchange Item Price in BLueprint Fragments Quantity
2D style: “Ad Astra” 50 Universal blueprint fragments Unlimited
2D style: “Ice Shelf” 30 Universal blueprint fragments Unlimited
2D style: “Turn It Up!” (The Offspring) 30 Universal blueprint fragments Unlimited
2D style: “Cold-weather Military Korean” 30 Universal blueprint fragments Unlimited
2D style: “Day of the Dead” 70 Universal blueprint fragments Unlimited
2D style: “Conquer the Stars” (Master of Orion) 50 Universal blueprint fragments Unlimited
3D style: “Safari Corazzato”

(for Progetto M35 mod. 46)

50 Italy blueprint fragments 1 per account
3D style: “Montu”

(for IS-3)

50 USSR blueprint fragments 1 per account

Don’t miss your chance! The shop will only be open for a limited time.

11 thoughts on “Exchange Blueprints for In-Game Goods

  1. So the only National blueprint fragments that can be exchanged are USSR and Italian?
    Italy has just introduced the HT line, has not appeared in Battle Pass, and the style can only applied to one tank….so WG go and put a restriction of one, when no one would have the blueprints for, or have a use for a second style?

  2. No, the others can be exchanged as well. You can get crew manuals and even a crew member with 0-skill (for 40 national bp’s). This time Italy and the USSR are the only nations you can get 3D-skins for.

  3. useless i wanted to trade national ones for universal ones.. not looking to spend them on cosmetic fluff

  4. unbelievable that we can not exchange National Blueprints for Universal ones, I ran out universal ones, but I have lots of national ones….

  5. this shows again that WG didnt understand the problem with the mass of unuseful national blueprints. who needs premium days ot styles? play one year wot and u have a big amount of skins and camouflages.

    1. About the styles you are right. But the Premium days are a good thing. You normally have to wait for events or missions to complete to get them for free.

  6. and the limited time when you can exchange them or the tanks is wonderful. made of shit company

  7. Wich national blueprints better to save for new Techtrees? Any notes from developer leaks/lnterviews for new ones?

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