Black Market 2021: Items from the secret warehouse

The “Secret Store Items” content has already been added to the game files. This is a list of 22 tanks. We’re going with the Black Car to Hugo’s warehouse to retrieve the stolen tanks.

There will be four deliveries in total. Each of them contains a vehicle that is not on the BM list. It looks like you will be able to select a maximum of 4 tanks from the stock. Credits will be required to order a delivery.

Information from the game client:

-You will not receive vehicles that are already in your Garage or those that can be retrieved from your Warehouse.
-You have almost all the vehicles from the secret warehouse. We can deliver the following number of vehicles to you :;
-Think carefully. You will only be able to get one vehicle;
-After some time. I’ll get you a vehicle from the last delivery;
-Each delivery brings a unique vehicle that you neither have in your garage nor can you retrieve from your warehouse. You won’t get the vehicles you already have;
-You can only get one item. If you do not select any, you will receive the vehicle from the last delivery;
-Only delivery vehicles are available for vacancies. You can choose one vehicle from anywhere;
-This is your chance to unlock one or more vehicles from the secret warehouse. Vehicles from previous deliveries will remain and the new vehicle will take a vacancy;
-Unlock the secret warehouse and get one of the vehicles from previous editions of the Black Market. You won’t get the vehicles you have in your garage or the ones you can retrieve.
-Use credits to order deliveries. Each delivery includes a vehicle from previous Black Market editions. You won’t get the vehicles you already own. Vehicles are put into places and can be selected.

List of available vehicles:

  • IS-6 B
  • SU-76I
  • BT-SV
  • Schwarzpanzer 58
  • leKpz M 41 90 mm GF
  • Pz.Kpfw. V / IV
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.
  • Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J
  • Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f)
  • T34 B
  • Chrysler K GF
  • AMX 50 Foch (155)
  • Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)
  • AMX 13 57 GF
  • 105 leFH18B2
  • FCM 36 Pak 40
  • FV215b (183)
  • Caernarvon Action X
  • Sexton I
  • WZ-111 Alpine Tiger
  • Typ 59 G
  • Lansen C

32 thoughts on “Black Market 2021: Items from the secret warehouse

  1. Erm … what? Somebody please translate this from English in English for me.

    Will this be like a lottery? You pay up and then you get one of the vehicles on the list you don’t have?

    1. sounds to me like you can buy a lootbox for credits, that will give you a chance to receive one (and only one) of the tanks on the list that you don’t have yet. You seem to then be able to kind of reroll the lootbox three times and pick another tank over the previously chosen in case you like that one more. So in the end you will have had 4 chances to receive one of the tanks on the list

      1. “sounds to me like you can buy a lootbox for credits” Somehow I doubt that WG will be this generous and let everyone buy a lootbox for credits instead of gold lol. But I do hope you are right monkaS.

          1. well it might be you gotta buy the BM key for gold first then you can choose to pay extra to order a delivery and choose the tanks from previous BMs. That way, WG can charge you for both gold and credits

            1. Ah I see, my bad for thinking WG might actually not suck up any penny that was left from the previous offers xD

  2. Why do they always have to make things like that unnecessary complicated?
    If i understand it correct it might be a cheap way to get a Type 59G .. but the informations at hand are very confusing.

  3. With my luck I’ll probably get one of the tanks I already own painted in some fancy colour (If I get back from work fast enough that is)

  4. You can roll the tanks with credits BUT you need to open the stollen warehouse with a KEY. Want to bet that you need gold for the key?

    1. That seems the most likely option. Let’s see how much they want for the key.

      Somehow I can’t help the feeling Wargaming puts more energy into their Marketing shenanigans than in improving the design of their game.

  5. Most of the vehicles are on the list, I either have them or I do not need them.
    I would be interested in EBR, and may be in Lansen C, FV215b (183), Type 59.
    The rest is just a big no.

  6. So u can get a Type 59 GOLD for some Credits and a key… Intersting..
    But whats with the “GF” or “B” Versions?
    Do i get the T34B if i have the T34 already?

    1. If its same as normal lootboxes yes, i got T26E5 when i had patriot for example

  7. is this one and the same sentence translated differently twenty times?
    I’ve got all vehicles except IS-6B, SU-76i and Type 59G. Wonder if that’s benefitial or not.

    edit: AMX 13 57 GF also, I have the non-GF version. so are these my 4 choices? we’ll see… crappy cryptic ruskis

    1. update: got the 59G for 5k gold and ca. 3,5m credits for rerolls. now I can live the decadent tank life I deserve (thank god they deactivated friendly fire XD )

      not a bad BM (gotta eat enough bran ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).
      would have been a perfect one if I’d gotten the TL1 as well, but I’m happy with the Turtle, A-32 and Aufklรคrungspanther.

  8. So basically I will get the SU76I… Hope it’s cheap.

    Edit: Oh Shit there is GF variants I exchanged back in the days for no WG sponsored ones… Bye bye SU76I :/
    Thanks Seb.

  9. sounds funny, with wt 100 and cw tanks I would gamble for a minimum of 5k gold ๐Ÿ˜€

    but I have already most of the tanks. type 59 gold is missing in my collecting. but I have the normal one ๐Ÿ˜€
    i am not sure but my chance to get them is by 1 of 5 or 6 ๐Ÿ˜€ but it is not worth to gamble for a gold color as long There is a chance to get the same tank twice dilveres. so i dont care ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. OK, I will admit, they have done it very well, it even shortlists the tanks I have a change to get (removing the ones I already have in my garage) and I can see each one of them and their stats.
    I would love to get the SU-i76 (missed the sale by 3 hrs back then) but with my luck, I will probably get a T34B or IS-6B ๐Ÿ™

    Overall (and with a T22 in my garage), this was a good Black Market by WG

  11. the idea of event was good, but obviously rigged as usual with supreme price fetching tanks like type 59g STILL locked behind paywall.
    I don’t have 6 of the tanks listed including type 59g.

    Options were:
    BTSV, T34B, IS6B, Carnarvon action x, 13 57 GF.
    Bearing in mind I already have T34, IS6 and 13 57 other tank models….

    Had to take the action x for 5k gold and 5m credits….shame I didn’t get the type 59g option…

    1. Maybe you could’ve redeemed IS-6 B for 8.000 bonds so that you ensure that you get Type 59 G option

  12. Pretty clever of WG to put the Black Friday and Grand Finals premiums in the list, this way those who have, say, the T34 can still roll the T34 B.

    Same for IS-6, Chrysler K, M41 90, AMX 13/57 and Panzer 58.

  13. Honestly, it is screwed up that people could get the type 59 G for 5k gold and some silver.
    People paid 45k gold for this tank last year at a minimum.

    I hope people start flodding WG with tickets for a refund of gold.

  14. I got the 59g but kinda wish it had been the normal version as this stupid thing just looks like a big egg yolk!

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