Black Market: Rule Number 9

More explanations on the secret warehouse system. Source: EU Portal.

[NEW!] Rule Number 9: Buying contraband is risky, but worth it!

Didn’t expect to see me here, did you? Forget the Salesman. I stole his business and swiped several very cool vehicles from his Secret Warehouse. Now I’m the one making the rules in the Black Market, and it’s so much better for you, my dear customer! Why have a middleman when you can now buy straight from me?

I suggest you take a chance and participate in this underground sale of mine. This is how it will work:

  • Purchase a special access key from me to unlock the Secret Warehouse.
  • One of the vehicles from the previous Black Markets will be waiting for you in the Warehouse. Click on the button to see a list of all the vehicles available for purchase.
  • Spend credits on additional supplies, and I’ll bring out other cool tanks from previous Black Markets for you. The first unlocked tank and the vehicles from the additional supplies will be sent to free slots. They’ll be available for selection until the Warehouse closes.
  • You can only pick one vehicle from the available slots.
When you unlock the Secret Warehouse or pay for additional supplies, you won’t get vehicles that you already have in your Garage or that can be recovered in the Depot. Each supply contains a unique vehicle, and you will not receive the same tank twice. Funds for the purchase of the access key and your additional supplies are non-refundable.
  • You can order additional supplies up to 4 times. It all depends on how many tanks from the Secret Warehouse you already have. The cost of each subsequent supply is more expensive. Check it out.
Supply Cost in credits
1 900,000
2 1,150,000
3 1,400,000
4 1,650,000
  • After the sale of the access key starts, you have up to 24 hours to buy it, unlock the Secret Warehouse, order supplies, and choose a vehicle.

36 thoughts on “Black Market: Rule Number 9

  1. WARNING TO EVERYONE! DO NOT SPEND THE 5000 GOLD, IT’S A SCAM! You will never get any of the rare tanks on the list in the first couple of deliveries, only the shitty ones that you don’t want… like the IS6-black that I got (I already have the IS6, why would I want the black one).

    1. I got the Type 59G first try, really wanted the FV215 183, but the only thing topping that is the tank made of literal gold. Which I don’t even plan on touching.

  2. I got a couple of premiums I already had and the only really worth it one was the Star Destroyer.

  3. I purchased this lootbox, here’ my offers:
    -pz 5/4
    -mini maus
    -lansen c
    -chrysler gf
    -amx 57(gf)
    so i spent 5k gold and 5M ish credit on lansen.
    thsi was the worst deal of the BM for me

    1. You should have picked the 5/4. Sure, it’s only Tier V, but at its Tier it is a monster, and a joy to play. I mean, imagine – a German OP tank! How many of those are there in the game?

        1. I meant like, how many different kinds of German OP tanks … but nevermind. Yeah, 13k Pz V/IV seems about right.

  4. I’ve sworn not to give WG a dime after 2016’s OP vehicles, this is the first black market I try to get anything. I had a error msg saying “proccess paymet error” when trying to buy the turtoise and I kept my money for another tier 8 premium (for credits) which never came. The post they made saying “remember no rules” as an excuse for their servers is pathetic, I can’t belive the community hasn’t raged their guts by now. All of the events that they make in order to get a “free” premium tank require you to play 8 hours a day … or spend some extra cash, the greedy bastards know no end.
    Time to deinstall the game and maybe install it when I forget how big of scamming freaks WG are.

  5. No one here is talking about the biggest Scam that WG ever committed against their customers.
    Selling the Type 59G for 5k gold and up to 5m silver, after the min 45k gold last year.

    Players were overcharged 40k gold, that is 130 Euro’s.


    1. Well, such is life. I paid 25k myself back in the day during the first batch. I was proud to be one of the 1000, now everybody and their mother have it. Should teach us a lesson, shouldn’t it 😉

    2. Your own fault if youre that naive thinking they’d sell you an exclusive tank, especially if they havent stated it anywhere it wont be sold again.
      Same with the Tanks in this BM, theyll probably return in one way or another sometime in the future

      1. Even if they did say they would never sell a specific tank again, it wouldn’t mean anything…*cough ^ mutant.

  6. Non of those tanks are my taste.. I’m actually thankful for it since in randoms will be a lot of sht tanks to shoot :D.. if they make this key next year black market with WZ Qilin in it, then I would do it.. didn’t have credits for that beast but 30 mil pfffffff.. will be 200 mil rdy for next year

  7. My offers:
    leKpz M 41 90 mm GF (own the non gf version so FU)
    Chrysler K GF (same as above) sigh
    Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J (beginning to feel insulted)
    Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 f (mini maus ok but really? not that op anymore) besides seal clubbing isnt that fun got a Su-76I for that.
    Schwarzpanzer 58 (well black dog i guess you got a new home needed a german trainer anyhow)

    On a side note my old type 59g just got marked with out me playing it 🙂

  8. out of those tanks i dont have:
    IS-6B(have regular one)
    Lansen C
    Alpine Tiger
    AMX 1357 GF(have regular one)
    Pz 4 hydro
    Pz 2j
    Pz 38H
    TYPE 59G
    should i roll the dice?

      1. I rolled the dice….but first I stacked odds a bit (bought IS-6B and Pz 4 hydro for bonds)
        1st offer AMX 1357 GF
        2nd offer Pz 2 J
        3rd offer TYPE 59G

  9. Got myself a Foch 155 after all. Ended up paying 5k gold + 2050000.
    Was hoping for the Deathstar, but not complaining.

    1. For those who don’t have is6 or Chrysler in their garage and ended up getting them in today’s BM, you can get aroud 5k gold by paying one for bonds, then choosing it in the BM. You will end up with the full gold price of the tank being refunded to you.
      Disclaimer : I have seen this on wotclue and haven’t tested it myself. Do it at your own risk!

  10. I got Amx57, pzIV/V(tank i got when i bought that medium tank starter pack when game was launched,but i sold it years ago..IT was tier 6 ATM) Is-6 Black(i have is-6) Chrysler K and FCM36..I picked Panzer Back to My garage..

  11. Hello,

    I just woke up, logged on spent 6 mill credits to be given a choice of

    T34B , ISB , Crytsler KB , PZ hydro , Pz II J

    Are you serious wg where is my type 59G

  12. rich folk get what they want every time i want for years just to get type 59 even just the normal one i would rather yet they dont give me

    THEY NOW TELL ME my graduation is canclled m 50% of uni in lockdown DUE TO COVID and CAnt EVEn get type 59 tp cheer me UP WHY!

    did you have your uni stolen from you NO , did you have to live in lockdown at uni , NO yet i am loosing out on WHAT everyone ELSE HAD!

    1. well how many tanks from the list were you missing?i myself was missing 8 of them(type 59 included)so i liked those odds: 5 attempts out of 8 possibles….got the Type on 3rd go

    2. Duuude uni during lockdown is the best thing ever. Like from almost failing I went up to 3rd place in my group, and scholarship. Fun is to be had, your life has just begun!!

      1. they dont even open the libary i can barely work because i cant get a slot i am so sad always i use wot to make me happy but now today it just make me feel worse

        1. Make money in the stock market, that will make you even happier than wot. I will go all in starlink IPO when it arrives. Would rather do anything else except uni here, practice>>>>>endless useless theory

  13. 5k gold (which I have never payed for) and Type 56G the 2nd try, AHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA, sad for you ASSHOLES that payed 25k for it originally, dont even mention the RETARDS that payed 50k for it last year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. WG suddenly discovered that in the last hours of Black Market they have a problem with coupons – because players needed to top-up their gold. So bought some premium and gold bundle.

    Got offered
    FCM 36 Pak 40 – low tier and TD without turret are not fun
    Pz.Kpfw. V/IV – actually claimed it, it was the 1st offer too
    WZ-111 Alpine Tiger – got the regular version already
    SU-76I – I know it is way OP, but is low tier and TD without turret are not fun
    Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) – low tier and I preferred the Pz.Kpfw. V/IV

  15. I SPENT SO MUCH ON THIS game to be greated with such an appalling list like wtf are they serious!
    I converted £180 gold to credits to get the Foch tank!!!

      1. We are ALL idiots spending time and money on this crap instead of getting a girlfriend. I’m too old for this shit…

        1. ^This. Cardio, bodyweight training and getting money are 3 things way more important than WoT, for the rest of our lives.

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