Black Market 2021: The Last Offer Speculation

Even though the Black Market is coming to an end, speculations and discussions about the latest offers continue. One such piece of information was released by a user on the Russian server on March 8. Well, he wrote that on March 9, i.e. today, a vehicle will appear on the market (it is not known which one), which will be available in a closed auction for 7,500 gold, and the number of units is to be 20,000 for the RU cluster (see Progetto).

At the same time, the same user mentioned that the last offer will be … a “mysterious black box” (lootbox? With unknown content), which is to be valued at 5,000 gold. Is it true? We’ll find out tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “Black Market 2021: The Last Offer Speculation

  1. Crucial to this is whether you get gold or credits if your box contains something you already have. Fkd if I’m turning 5k gold into credits.

  2. Im pretty sure if its a “mystery box” it will contain the emblems, decals and inscriptions leaked before the BM and probably some smaller tidbits to somewhat make up for the price.

    Dunno why people always get their hopes up high

    1. All players waiting for one more chance at a T8 credit auction are as good as Belgians… without a mountain of lootbox gold to buy more lootboxes with it. Genius idea by WG… really makes this into the gambling simulator that its become.

    1. so, you pay credits to unlock a tank (at random) and then pay (who knows how much) gold to get it…
      yup, big nope

  3. I sent this to support lol…………
    Hello, not being funny but I spent 80k Gold on type 59G with the minimum 25k gold, and it is back on sale to some for 5000 gold and a few of credits, how can this be fair? even if we go by the stock price set by you, 20k- less then what we had to pay! this is unfair?

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