35 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 7 Offer #2: Closed auction: Progetto M35 mod. 46

    1. Under every Post I only see you crying about WG this WG that. Did they ban you? Did they hurt your feelings?
      Progetto wont be sold anymore for obvious reasons (rebalancing of italian mediums->buffing of progetto46) so its a last chance for anybody to still grab one.
      Stop cry kid.
      (and no, i got mine for free)

      1. you smell like a wg rat, only defending them when they obviously are doing it wrong on almost every step they take

        1. Jeez. Crybabies like you are what annoys me the most in this game.
          Yes not everything WG does is good, but c‘mon, taken how many credit auctions there have been, its kinda obvious that they sell a tank like the progetto for gold.
          You sound like someone who converted all their gold, didnt get the tank they wanted, and now have nothing to bid for the Progetto. Sucks huh.

          1. never paid for gold and never will, this game doesnt deserve it in the current state
            its a shame since the game has potential, but the company behind it , is a disaster

            1. if u dont like the game, dont play
              if u dont like it that much, scram
              it’s not like anyone forced u to play world of tanks.
              there’s warthunder out there if u like that one more
              and every companies needs to pay the bills, salary, server, maintenance, and so on
              and in f2p model like this, some of us (whales, dolphins) must CARRY the weight of ur likes who never paid a single dime and expect the world out of wg
              IF someone who should complain, it’s the paying one, not u

              while i’m at it, wg if u see this, pls dont do the HE and arta rebalance. its nonsensical
              fv4005 deathstar kv2 japanese heavies 60tp pz4h and all those tanks that needs HE SHELLS as a mean to do damage becoming an obsolete piece of junk

        2. WG is just at this point a corporate,only thing that interests them is money.And short term profits at that,that’s why the players should deny them that or sit back and enjoy the game slowly withering away which is completely deserved and fine with me.

    1. what r u talking about
      r u high?
      its an instant sales
      first come first served
      and for 10k gold
      in asia the sales lasted for 3 seconds only (999 units)

    1. I went for 9.5k. NOT raising a gold piece more. I mean it’s an amazing tonk, but after 10 years I’ve only got about 27k gold gathered through free means. I’d rather buy a SuperPersh and feel like back in the old days again, tbh

    1. True. On the other hand, most of those who don’t will want it; it is head and shoulders above many other premium Tier VIII tanks. Any reasonable company would have reacted by nerfing something so dominant, but this is Wargaming we’re talking about, so what they did was to buff it instead lol …

      Seriously, when people sometimes ask me why I personally think that Wargaming developers are so utterly clueless, the Progetto story is one of my favourite episodes to illustrate the point.

    1. …………………………..

      Black Market
      March 3, 2021 at 17:00 CET through March 11, 2021 at 11:00 CET (UTC+1)

    2. “The last delivery is scheduled for March 10, and will be available until March 11 at 11:00 CET (UTC +1). Then I’ll have to make a quick exit.”

  1. Got it at a discount from the original marathon, so no worries here. Good luck to those who are going to bid though.

  2. I tried this one out as a rental recently, small sample size but my WR was very high and it probably is OP but no more so than a Lorr 40t. Strangely I didn’t find it especially fun to play, not because it made things too easy or anything like that just not to my taste. Prog 46 should not be as powerful as it is but I have dueled plenty of these in randoms with some of the better single shooters and won. I’d take one at a reasonable price but not going to chase it, I bet it goes for close to 20,000 gold given the hype surrounding it.

    1. I love eating Progettos in my Somua SM in FL. Easy clip for full HP Progetto. But its annoying to deal with if you are driving some Meh T8.

  3. Damn, now my chance of getting the Renegade is getting smaller and smaller 😀
    I only wanted the Renegade and the Somua this year, so no luck this year for now. Surely tomorrow it will be the Cromwell B 😉

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