Sandbox 2021: Artillery Release Date

If everything goes according to plan, on Tuesday, March 9, the third stage of the Sandbox server will be launched. During the Sandbox test, we will be able to test the Artillery changes.

-Artillery stun duration decreased.
-More traces of artillery shells visible.
-“Artillery Lamp” – a new function that informs the player that the enemy SPG launches a shell at him.

25 thoughts on “Sandbox 2021: Artillery Release Date

  1. Hey, I’m new to sandbox. Can someone tell me plox, If I join this test, will I see the Crew 2.0 on the sandbox server, or just these arty changes? Thx.

  2. this is pure shit=> -“Artillery Lamp” – a new function that informs the player that the enemy SPG launches a shell at him.

    an ilegal mod and they want to add it into the game? pure crap

    1. There is still barely enough time for anyone to get out of the way of the shell in the 2 secs the shell gets to you, unless you are on a light or very fast med…. But it should actually be a indicator as soon as arty puts you in their targeting circle, maybe then ppl will finally stop playing with arty… LOL… nah… arty players are going to still shit on our heads… That class does not care for stats, WR, or what have you. They will keep clicking no matter the nerf to arty.

    2. what’s up, you little shitlord, you can’t click without impunity anymore? too much effort to play the game , for you? ^u^

  3. How about a td lamp and a lamp for camping meds and heavies. Stupidest thing I’ve heard of in long time.

  4. There is an easy way to fix arty, remove it from the game.
    If WG had any common sense they would have done so years ago, the damage this class has caused to the game and its (declining) playerbase is immense and cant be underestimated.
    The people who zealous play this cancer literally only make up a very small part of the game population and make the game worse for everyone else.

    btw i have every single clicker in the game and would happily see them being removed from the game even without any kind of compensation

    1. They do a simple survey, and they would find this is the overwhelming case. I think the few that would leave will be small compared to those that may return.

  5. Maltratatoru seems like a little kid who got spanked by arty on his ass, all he does is cry
    pls tell me when u play so i can punish you more with my arta 😀

  6. Guys keep it cool and see how the changes are before fighting to the death. Fact is arty is atm not fitting well in to the game… just like ebr 279 and chieftain for that matter. But chill and wait to see how it turns out. Crew 2.0 is canceled already

  7. don’t cry for meeeeeeeeeeeee… wait for it …. ARGENTIIIIIINAAAAAAAAAAAAA…. oh, i meant to say don’t get triggered, you lil’ shitlord ^u^

    1. 2 per team and remove stun, would be perfectly balanced, stun is just a way to get spit on after a slap in the face..

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