40 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 3 Offer #2: WZ-111 Qilin Auction

      1. It is exactly the WZ-111-5A.
        Its specialty is the unique 3d skin.

  1. For a tier 8 I would pay for it but for a tier X (money sink in this stupid game) is not worth loosing the money + is the same as the tech tree so the hunt for tier 8 continues….

  2. if they had left it with the 560 alpha, i’d buy it, but now it’s just a 5A with a skin…… so yeah not buying it.

  3. Not a premium tank. No bonuses. This is basically a reskinned WZ 111 5A. Same stats with the tech tree WZ111 5A. You get: the tank, a 100% trained crew (no skills or perks), a garage slot and a camo that you can’t remove.

      1. And yet some people are willing to pay 60 millions credits or more…

          1. Anyone that is still putting money into this game is an idiot… Simple as that!

            1. So true. Even I have stopped putting money into the game and I’m what people would call a whale. They completely f’ed up the game in many different ways over a very short period of time. Black market shows very clearly how desperate WG is.

            2. I believe people who count money of complete strangers are idiots. Don’t you agree?

    1. It will crew train like all reward tanks and it has the fancy gun firing animation with the fire breath and glowing eyes. So the question is how much is customization worth to you? We all want the game to fund itself with cosmetics so here you go. I’d rather have this than more P2W.

      I won’t go for this one though because I’m not really an avid heavy tank player but more importantly I’m saving my credits for Foch 155 and may be the t-22 med if it comes up.

    2. Wrong.
      1) Its a crew trainer, meaning it can take any crew from the other chinese heavies without penalty
      2) It gives +50% crew XP

      Just commenting about your “no bonuses”

  4. i offered 18mio :))) that’s all ive got. but i took it back :))) i kinda like it, but not worth it.

  5. Maybe it’s just me but this skin looks worse than the one we got in the 2020 loot boxes…

    1. it will be far more expensive than 15M, I think around 35M will be needed for that stupid skin ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Its a Reward/Crew trainer. You can check the special status of each tank when you preview it. Sadly, being a Reward tank, its worth less than its Tech Tree counterpart as its no longer usable in Ranked, 7v7 and other upcoming special modes. If this was treated as a standard T10, which would make it usable in special modes, then I would bid 20M on it to skip the entire Chinese tree.

    @ Seb – Could you please pin the BM leak list on top or just pin the link to all BM posts. I know you have been updating the list, but it gets buried lower and lower. Thanks.

  7. 26.2 Million minimum bid on EU. But some paid 50M or more. A lot paid over 40M. Very successful for WG. Loads of credits removed from the game economy, while giving away copies of existing Chinese T10 heavy with a cool skin.

      1. Yes, but Reward tanks can’t be used for all modes anymore, diminishing their value/use somewhat. T10s are expensive crew trainers compared to T8 premiums (though quite effective). AND for 26 Million (min bid) you can buy 13 crew books, equaling 3,250,000 crew XP. That’s 4 full skills and 29% 5th. Would take ages to really grind just playing the game. Main advantage of T10 crew trainers is the flexibility of using any applicable crew in the tank, without needing a dedicated crew.

  8. i bet 26.3 million (EU)m woke up this morning and i have it ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. 20 ศ™i am pierdut. Mai mult nu merita. Pana la urma nu produce bani doar pierde ศ™i e puศ›in cam cocalaresc cu globuri ศ™i coarne de ren pe spate. Tunul este cel mai interesant

  9. Wheres the Hans guy now?
    Not even commenting here because he was wrong… pathetic

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