Sandbox 2021: Progressive badges and Crew levels

Upon reaching Level 75, Skill Points can no longer be earned, and the Elite Progression (Professional Expertise) will be unlocked for the Commander.

With each new level of Professional Expertise, the crew will receive a small increase to their vehicle handling level. This is the sign of a well-trained crew.

The crew will also receive a special progressive badge that can be applied just like any other. The badge has no national affiliation, but it will change its appearance as the crew reaches each new stage of development.



All current special crew members (Snow Maidens, Chuck Norris, Battle Pass heroes, etc.) will be converted into valuable new characters: Instructors. They will provide additional Skill Points (on top of the 10-point limit) to the crew and increase the experience earned after each battle. Instructors will have a special icon next to their image in the Garage. You can assign up to four Instructors to each crew in your Garage. This functionality will be unlocked for free at Crew Levels 15, 30, 45 and 60. The more Instructors are assigned to a particular crew, the more experience it will receive after battles.

Special crew members will be assigned an Instructor Class, depending on the size of the bonus they provide:

  • Special crew members with one zero perk will be converted into a Class III Instructor.
  • Special crew members with two zero perks will become Class II Instructors.
  • Class I Instructors will be added to the game later.

You can select one of five certifications that correspond to the crew’s Training Courses (Tactics, Gunnery, Maintenance, Driver, Operations) for each Instructor, and one Instructor competence that will provide additional points on top of the standard 10 Points for one or two Crew Skills. The total number of these additional points will depend on the class of the Instructor.

Combined partner crews (Sabaton, characters from “The Boys” series, etc.) will receive four Instructors from the previous crew/band with pre-selected certifications.

20 thoughts on “Sandbox 2021: Progressive badges and Crew levels

  1. Wow, that progressive badge is going to really make up for the fact that further progression to increase gun stats, view range, or anything other than vehicle handling.
    I’ll proudly display it on my T95.

    1. To make up for the fact that future progression…what?

      The lack of syntax in these comments has skyrocketed lately. If you have something to transmit, type all the necessary information, you twit. We’re not mind readers.

      1. Lol. You got a point, though. After all, we even got the option to re-edit comments within a timeframe now, so no excuses for sloppy comments.

  2. Dude fact that crew 2.0 is even being considered its crazy. Buffing ebrs , chieftains and arty to stupid levels . Think turbo games are bad now wait till a chieftain has a 0 sec aim time and 4200 dpm bc it did 1000 damage and got a kill and has all the crew and trainer crew perks. Also it will cost 2x as much gold to train a new crew and also will cost 10 percent of crew xp when the old system was 2 percent. I could go on forever all the bad things the only good thing is 6th sense and even that is debatable .

  3. the more i see how much effort has already gone into this patch’s development the more despair i am filled with

    1. Yes, we should not fool ourselves. This crew 2.0 thing is already polished to a degree that fundamental changes (or a complete scrapping of the idea for that matter) seem unlikely. Better get used to it, lads

  4. They kinda suck to be honest
    They should implement a new type of battles like historicall ones or pve
    But instead they want to nerf crew
    Cmon man
    Ur realy want your game to drop dead?

  5. They kinda suck to be honest
    They should implement a new type pf battle likr historycall ones or pve
    But instead they want to nerf crew
    Cmon man
    Ur realy want yoir game to drop dead?

  6. Another stupid badge for 6 year olds. This crew rework is just awful. Rethink this please WG especially the instructors which just add complexity and mean we lose all the special crew members we played so long to get.

  7. Look at the bright side, it won’t be hard to spite report the power gamer muppets even if their real username and clantag are concealed. Just look for the shiny badge.

    Anyway, I’m amused at how WG insists the instructors are “valuable”. They are basically what the 10.0 Rubicon decals were, except this time it’s not just some cheap ass decal, it’s a crew member that USED to be great, and is detuned to trash.

    Really, this change will only benefit whales and that 0.1% unicom power players with 7-skill crews (I’m sure most of them are on RU). As if there were not enough reasons to hate them already.

      1. hate is strong word but spam of prem ammo, playing same op tanks all the time, pushing cuz u took ‘their’ position, shaming others of worse stats, and so on …

      2. Read the other reply you got and you’ll get some very valid reasons to hate on unicoms.

        We can say WG bred this kind of playerbase and this kind of mentality with their horseshit additions to the game – for example, marks of excellence farming promote gold ammo spam.

        And besides the gold spam (which most “good” players deny and brush aside with the usual “git gud nob”) we have tryharding in uber toxic tanks (which would not be this stupid if the “good” players did not demand them as the price for them playing clanwar and ranked), and something that could very well be your question in reverse – hate on everyone who’s not a “good” player for the most BS reasons (WN8, DPG, frags, etc.).

        So let me ask – hating unicoms is bad, but unicoms hating everyone is good?

        1. spamming gold kekw everyone has the option to shoot gold if they want to, or should a good player just spam he on a maus or do the ht-12 for him with normal ammo because gold ammo bad? playing same op tanks yeah sure thats why skill4ltu fucks around with a grille 15 dakillzor with obj 140 and stuff, oh and dont forget the fact everyone plays the tank he/she wants to, you know.
          the other points are straight up bullshit like honestly all.
          these are just the usual whining of ppl who are worse than the others

          1. nice to see u r confirming my point of nonchalant behaviour of uniclowns
            not everyone has option to shoot prem ammo, how do u want a f2p player to afford it? its not possible, many players hardly do profit with regular ammo.
            have u considered that maybe u should not auto pen maus from front? maus sacrifice everything for good armor and u just pay credits to remove that stat. what if someone payed credits to nerf ur penetration? would u be happy?

  8. ++++Special crew members with one zero perk will be converted into a Class III Instructor.
    Special crew members with two zero perks will become Class II Instructors.
    Class I Instructors will be added to the game later.++++

    Makes no sense. Class II instructors are all the special crew members earned from Battle Pass, Prime , Team Clash. Non of them is a two zero perks crew member.

    There are only 3 two zero perk crew members which you could have earned in the Holiday Ops Seasons 2018 and 2019. Not sure why those are Class II instructors as well as they are a lot more valuable.

  9. As if a few badges will make up for the stupid crew 2.0 that no players wanted. Make 3 and 4 perk crews useless, put the top perks at 60 million experience, make them overly powerful, and encourage whales to buy them, have a horrible orange interface with none of the multi-coloured present crew skill icons, make crews like Sabaton and Offspring with interesting crew banter redundant, introduce stupid Instructors, nerf 0% BIA crew into the ground, utterly shaft long term players who bought crews while also shafting new players by letting experienced crew play three tanks. crew 2.0 is complete and utter rubbish and as others have said is Rubicon 2.0. At the lower end it nerfs players hard, and at the upper end promotes players to spend huge sums to create OP super commanders. This is a series of really stupid ideas, and they come to polish this turd with a few badges.

  10. Sergio this proves that crew 2.0 still will be coming in November.
    I like the changes and cannot wait.

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