Update 1.12: T-22 Medium – Changed Stats

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/germany.png T-22 medium.

Gun rotation speed: 31,29 °/s   41,79 °/s

Gun: 100 mm D-54TS

Rate of fire: 7,73   8,34 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 472   2 670
Damage per minute (HE): 3 245   3 504
Reload time: 7,77 s   7,19 s
Aiming time: 2,3 s   2,01 s

Aim spread:

during turret rotation at maximum speed: 3,75   5,01.

39 thoughts on “Update 1.12: T-22 Medium – Changed Stats

    1. Not everyone that got it cheated, I was one mission away from it, think it was the 8 kills in the every man for himself mode. So some must have got it legit.

      1. Some I’m positive didn’t cheat, but the way WG reacted, cheating had to be massive. The tank was nerfed like I’ve never seen before or since. Now they buff it.

        Just as another stick it to the cheaters, they should add the T-22 to Black Market.

  1. ^ lame azz comment that says basically nothing lmao

    on top of that probably also jelly, which is just the worst

      1. Dont have the T-22, the gamemode was stupid, and make for DPM and brawlers tanks.
        I was happy that they nerfed it, but maybe they overnerf it, and now you dont see anyone using it.
        And to be honest in the current wot, where a lot of tanks get buffed, i does not see how this would broken the game.

    1. You sir can go fuck your self for rigging to get it in the firstplace~ Wg removed the tanks from cheaters account.. LETs get yours removed next 🙂

      Assuming if your an Alt of someone who owns one by cheating and is gloating about it~

      but thats just me Assuming!

      World of Tanks || Mission Rigging Punished?

      So please troll Try to counter me.. Cause your going to be a very sad troll NightDonovan

      1. This means that everyone who still has it did it without cheating: “Wg removed the tanks from cheaters account”. So all t-22’s that are still there are acquired legitimately according to you, yet you are complaining about t-22 owners being cheaters.

        1. Well the top clans kept the tanks because they know them lol so yes im calling them cheaters too as i still have the logs of support making deals with top clans.. Yolo is 1 of them.. and Mahou, But support gives no shits lol

          1. Thats mainly because WG didn’t want to go around handing out a lot of perma bans given NA’s already low server population.

            Secondly removing the tank serves no purpose because at the time they had already decided to just remove the Rampage mode outright and to nerf the T22 into the ground.

        2. “Wg removed the tanks from cheaters account” Hahaha XD

          That, my friend, was a pure exercise in face-saving. There was no way in hell for WG to really work out who cheated and who didn’t, so they punished a handful of the most blatant cases for show purposes, then nerfed the crap out of the thing because they know how many there were still in the game that were won through cheating.

          The whole thing was one of Wargaming’s more blatant fails. They decided to nerf it into the ground, then let the whole thing rest until it was unknown or a mere distant memory to most players and it was reasonably safe to make it available again to the masses in a somewhat buffed version. Not the worst strategy tbh, I would probably have done the same after the rampage fiasco. But seriously, to think that all those who have it at the moment won it the honest way is downright naive. At the end of the day most of them cheated and got away with it.

      2. “You sir can go fuck your self for rigging to get it in the firstplace~ Wg removed the tanks from cheaters account.. LETs get yours removed next”

        WG only removed it gave out bans to those in other regions while NA merely just gave people a short warning ban.

  2. Most of the T-22 aquired via cheating.
    (It is a long story. Tldr:The conditions to get T-22 were so hard, it is near impossible to get T-22 without cheating. And cheating was possible, because only a few people were playing that game mode. So friends end up in the same game, but in the opposing teams, which lead to cheating)
    I suggest you to search youtube for “rampage rigging”.
    Some source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwvX3fwQK-g

    1. I was 2 Missions away from it to get it legit and it was only 1 week left but at the last week you seen the Rigger all the time on EU Server. They Teamkilled you and joined the rigging Party at the middle of the map -.-


      It was so sad that WG only banned them for 7 Days and didnt removed the Tank. This was a slap in my Face because i didnt get this tank of this Rigger/Cheater.

      1. WGNA gave a 7 day ban then a perma for second offense. Removing the tank would have served no purpose anyway since they planned to remove the rampage mode and nerf the T22 into the ground.

        I wasn’t even bothered that they removed the mode because before the rigging it was honestly a shit game mode. The mode was technically brought back in the form of Steel Hunter with more game mechanics and people are still rigging it.

  3. This is egregious.

    There are so many tanks that need a look at, be it for buffs or nerfs, and WG buffs a tank that time itself forgot and that will forever live in infamy due to the Rampage match fixing instead?

  4. Needs a name change to distance itself from Rampage mode, since it looks like Black Market exclusive or even Bond Shop.

    1. this. duplicate the tank, leave the original one useless to punish cheaters, re-release a buffed version for everyone else.

      1. Don’t cry for something you haven’t be able to get…

        Despite being a reward tank it is not so good so why crying ?

        1. The problem of this tank is pretty much every single owner obtained it through cheating. The missions to get it were way too hard and it stayed available for too little time. It’s already nice of WG to leave the tank in the game even in a destroyed state, buffing it now just gives extra rewards to cheaters.

          They’re probably going to sell the tank for bonds so I guess it’s more fair to everyone else, but it’s still obtained for free by people who didn’t deserve it. Even if it’s been many years, it’s still famous for this, and here WG is just sending the message that you can get away with anything if you’re patient enough. It’s not about the tank being too good, it’s just about rewarding cheaters.

          1. Okay i agree with your point of view 🙂

            It’s better if anyone can take it because it’s not too OP now. Like the 121B or M60 and the third one i didn’t remember his name.

    2. IMHO they should’ve just removed the tank when the Rampage rigging happened, and that should’ve been the end. Yes, players who earned it the hard way would’ve been unjustly hit, but they only have the cheaters to blame.

  5. wow a tank you could only obtain by cheating gets buffed, meanwhile i got a stack of premium PAID FOR tanks that are so underpowered they actually HANDICAP a team they get cursed with.

    Just another reason to stop playing after xmas event.

    NONE of the WG titles excite me anymore, or elicit money from me.

    1. why the fuck are you crying you little bitch?
      it took 6years to buff this tank, so sit down and shut the fuck up

  6. These buffs make me think they’re seriously considering adding it to the bond shop or for fame from the global, maybe even black market, especially considering the fact wg employees teased the idea that they might put it in the bond shop

  7. Crew 2.0, Weekend Crew special and now this.
    What fucking planet are WG on?!
    This is the last straw – i quitting.

    1. If you were REALLY proud of this fact, you would reveal your IGN.
      Until you do, you’re obviously lying.

      Ergo, fuck off and stop wasting our time.

  8. i don’t get it. Why buff it when no one plays it anyway. EVERYONE cheated to get it and not one individual has provided evidence to the contrary. WG DID NOT remove the tanks from the cheaters garage, as there was no point when they just nerfed the tank into oblivion. Most, like Keyhand, just got 14 days bans and carryon regardless. Why give it a puny buff now as it’s still out of meta??? it makes no sense…but then WG – who the frick knows what they are thinking


      1. I don’t think they will sell it for gold. It’s not a premium tank, after all, but a reward tank.

    1. I agree people spit in the soup currently. WG is giving the opportunity to have a T10 reward tank for “everyone” so yeah some people have it and they have cheated but now it’s better. The drama is over since 6 years.

  10. WG is a business. They know the tank is still out there and want to make money from all the people trolling against it by selling it in the black market at first than I assume for bonds. Those that got where punished accordingly trust me. Let sleeping dogs sleep.

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