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Everything is confusing, we have to spend a lot of time to transfer the crew and everything takes a long time. Will there be any simplification for those who have many crews and tanks?

The tips system will help you choose the best skills. Then, once you are more familiar with the system, it will not take you that long to reset the crew. Crew transfers will be made manually for each specific vehicle separately and the players themselves will be involved in the process. It may not look very comfortable and simple, but we don’t want to make decisions for you regarding the transfer of your crew. Only the players themselves should decide. In manual crew conversion, the total experience of all crew members in the vehicle is divided by the number of all members. As a result, the new crew will receive their average value of all the experience gained by the old crew. Depending on the amount of experience, the new crew will immediately gain a certain level of crew and benefits that correspond to this level. This ensures that experienced crews retain their experience in the new system.

It was difficult for many players to have 6 or 7 abilities, let alone 13. Now five skills will be transferred to a new crew with 75 points. Does training this crew for 5 abilities takes as long as 75 points?

Yes, but not quite. We introduced new features as a bonus to the Instructor’s crew experience and the use of the free experience that now affects the entire crew, not just one crew member as before. Accelerated crew training now also affects the entire crew, not just one crew member.

What happens after reaching 75 points?

After investing level 75 in you will no longer gain skill points and the commander will unlock the elite procedure (professional qualification). With each new level of professional qualification, the crew gains a smaller increase in vehicle handling. In most cases, however, it is a symbolic increase for a well-trained crew.

The personal training manual with 850k XP has been converted to 250k XP. Why?

We take the average number of crew members, which is four members. The experience we provide to this crew is more than 850,000 XP per crew member. This means that in the new system, one manual with 250k XP is a better option for the entire crew.

Old and new skills. We do a lot of work to find out which skills are good and which are not. Now every skill concerns a certain situation and certain vehicles. For example, the “Sharp Sight” and “Spatial Imagination” abilities used to be very useful. Now the “Eyes Wide Open” ability is 4%. But the previous two skills gave 7%.

We tried to select useful capabilities for different types of vehicles so that each type of vehicle could get something useful. There is also the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the skills with the help of Instructors and Guidelines: you can upgrade them, say, to 20 lvl and increase the efficiency. At the end of the tests, we will look at the test results and see what skills are popular among players and which are not. If necessary, we will change the values for these abilities or even the whole set of skills.

Is it good to have such a large number of skill sets? It’s not an RPG, but an arcade game.

We already have experience with equipment that doesn’t have as much variability as the new crew system, but when we look at the ways players use and combine it, we see that there are many different sets and players use them differently according to their preferences.
Take, for example, the Bat.-Chat tank, which you can play in several ways. There are about three standard game styles: shelling from the bushes with an autoloader, playing a supporting role, where you help the team on different parts of the map, or you can attack more aggressively. Each of these game styles requires a certain set of abilities, and the new system can help and highlight each individual player’s style.

Question about instructors: when I create an instructor, he gains certain skills, but I can’t change them myself.

We are monitoring this situation and the reactions to it. Our main aspect of the change was to have random instructor traits that help diversify skill sets so that our players can create certain “preset” abilities based on the instructor’s abilities. But we see your reactions and we will think about how to change this and make instructors more valuable and useful to players. We are aware that the feedback to the instructors is what it is and we are thinking about what we can do about it and how to adjust it.

What happens to female crew members for a personal mission?

They will be 3 class instructors and their experience will be transferred to a new crew. “Universal Crew Books” and instructors for non-recruited crew members will be added.

Why such high prices?

Prices are slightly lower compared to the old system. For any operation, such as resetting skills using credits, not gold. All such operations, which are transferred from the old system to the new one, are cheaper when compared to the prices for one operation in the old crew system multiplied by the number of crew members and the price for the new crew.

What happens to the unique crew members (Santa, the crew behind Prime, etc.)?

According to our prepared concept, all members of the special crew (Holiday Operations, Chuck Norris, Battle Pass heroes, etc.) will become new valuable characters – instructors. They provide the crew with additional skill points (above the 10-point limit) and increase the experience gained after each battle.

How is the new number of crew XP calculated during the transfer?

When manually transferring a crew, the total experience of all crew members on a given tank is divided by the number of its members. As a result, the new crew will receive the average value of all the experience gained by the old crew.

How does the transfer work for a crew with a zero perk?

The zero perk does not contain any experience and therefore does not add any experience during the conversion. The only experience actually gained in battle counts. Instead of a zero perk, you get an instructor. Please note that this is only for current Sandbox tests and may change in future iterations based on test results and player feedback.


1. On the tank you have Commander Chuck with zero perks and, for example, with 2 learned perks, and the rest of the crew is ordinary. What happens during the conversion:

– In this case, Chuck will become an instructor and his experience for 2 learned perks will be taken into account in this conversion when converting experience to skill points. Next in line (sitting in a tank) becomes commander. If the tank commander is not unique, but an ordinary tanker, this commander becomes the new commander in the new crew system.

2. In your tank, all crew members are unique with zero perks (for example, in the tank all snow ladies sit with 2 learned perks). What happens during the conversion:

– In this case, all ladies will become instructors and their experience for 2 learned perks will be taken into account when converting to a new crew for a given tank. In this case, the commander will generate a system for you randomly and you can change his name, gender, and appearance in his personal record.

Instructors are divided into three types based on certain values:

  • if the special crew member had one zero perks, he will be a third class instructor;
  • if the special crew member had two zero perks, he shall be a second-class instructor;
  • first-class instructors will be introduced later with more info.

Based on the current reception of the conversion rules for 0-skill crews, we are now considering other solutions that could take the 0-skill into consideration for the xp conversion.

We are also considering other options for the random Instructor skill allocation.

What impact will this have on the battles?

According to our calculations, the influence of the new crew on the game will increase 1.5 times compared to the old crew. Furthermore, a number of situational skills and talents will be added.

Is the release date already known?

There is currently no exact Release Date for Crew 2.0. Our most important and priority task now is to gather all the feedback from the players who participated in the Sandbox and tested the proposed crew system. Play, share your opinions, fill out questionnaires – based on your feedback, we will take further steps by the crew. Nothing is final and many things can change.

What will happen to the crew from Mirny-13?

All crew members, such as the Mirny-13 boys (i.e. a crew who had so much experience for x-perks but had no zero perk): If you have already converted this experience into perks and settled these members into tanks, they will be on the given tanks (except in cases where they are on premium tanks but are not trained for them) they will be transferred to the barracks.


The second option is:

All crew members in the barracks whose experience is not sufficient to acquire one level of ability will be automatically transferred to the crew books of the relevant nation, which can be used further.

Their experience, which you did not distribute, is transferred to the crew books in the corresponding XP equivalent. In addition, there will be their skins that you can use as well.

If I have a crew trained for 3 tanks, and one of those tanks is destroyed in a battle, can I start another battle with on one of the two remaining tanks, without waiting for the end of the previous battle?


I have a crew trained for a tank I do not own yet. Will I have to buy this tank when converting the crew or can it be done without it?

No, there is no need to buy a tank.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Click on the barracks and click on “recruitment”.
  • Choose the tank you sold from the list, but your crew is trained for it.
  • Convert crew.
  • Choose a tank.

Update Info fresh from our own French John Wick.

“In response to the feedback around Crew 2.0 so far, the situation has progressed regarding the two major issues concerns: 0-skill crews and instructors random skill distribution. Even though we don’t have a definitive solution, we are committed to addressing these concerns.”

22 thoughts on “Sandbox 2021 FAQ

  1. Looks to me that no matter what we say, they will implement this non-sense on the live servers.

    1. inb4 the “over 70% positive” of the HE rework becomes “over 80% positive” for the crew, because people in Minsk are really good at counting votes…

  2. i like it alot and you 2 loser can just stop playing but you dont go and cry to your mom

  3. “Yeah but” “No” “Yeah but” “Yeah but” “No” “No” “No” “Yeah but” “No” “Yeah but” “Yeah but” “No” “Yeah but” “Yeah but” “No”….

    Just look at these…. Sheety Slav cancers doing business….

  4. “It was difficult for many players to have 6 or 7 abilities, let alone 13. Now five skills will be transferred to a new crew with 75 points. […]” He is avoiding that problem! Nothing more than a minor tank handling bonus is planned for people with more than 5 skills. WTF
    And nothing planned either for crews with skills that I want converted into books. As of now i have a crew for every tank of the same line. With the update i would only need one for every 3 tank, but the experience of all the others would not even be converted !!!

  5. At first, I was completely against. After I saw a few videos about the changes, I must admit SOME are good. SOME does NOT mean every single of them. The new skills are good, but that thing with instructors should be changed. For example, I want skill4ltu as a commander, NOT as an instructor…

    Some things are very good like the reduction in alpha roll, which should be improved further improved! I hate extremely low rolling…

    Though, it is a SHAME they DO want to bring all of this on the live server. They say it is just Sandbox testing, but every human with a three digit IQ knows it is NOT only testing. The same with the HE changes. They wrote long articles about the Crew 2.0 and HE Rebalace! Just for testing?? I doubt!

  6. Crew 2.0 (as it stands) is a clear nerf to existing 2-4 skill crews, which suffer with far fewer skills under the new system than they have now. Individual single skills like Snap Shot and Smooth Ride are now 10 points each Skills while Quick Repair is also 10 points when it was a skill taken by multiple crew members. Overall, you are generally 15-20 skill points short of even replicating your 3-4 skill crews. And because Zero Skill crews are now useless, you get less points with such crews. All that matters are the extra BIA skills past 75 points, and only those with 6-8 skill crews will get those, or those who would have spend 100s of millions of credits buying crew books to get those extra 12% BIA after 75 skills. There is also so much more wrong with this Crew 2.0 BS. Only plus is that 1-2 skill crews start off better than they do now. WG could simply add the few good new skills, default 6th Sense, and rework some of the the existing useless ones and go with that. But sadly, they have to make money through this new system, while giving us worse crews.

    1. I’m just some dude who plays on the dying NA server…my opinion really doesn’t matter. The real question is what the Russian server players think. Even if it’s just sentimentality I’m pulling my non-commander female crew off their tanks for retraining as commanders. I know that they’re just character skins and stats but I’m sentimental; it took a lot of work to get them!

      1. the way I see it…..retraining them is pointless-they will all become “instructors”…..but i understand your feeling…I have been playing since 2011-so i have lots of those crew members too…but I’m at the stage that I couldn’t be bothered anymore—it all started when they added EBRs, now they rework crews and HE mechanics(which hardly anyone asked for) while they do nothing about “gold” ammo

      2. you can take a look at the RU servers for yourself, i used the translator from my browser and even when thats not the best translation 70-75% is negative comments and votes in polls

  7. The new skills are rubbish or situational.
    I only need camo, snap shot, view range, and traverse. The rest I dint care off.

  8. Looks like the guy answering the questions borrowed half of the answers from the Crew 2.0 article and then added something to show he was actually answering, lol…

    I said this could make or break the game for me, and if they go along with the instructor BS (anyone else noticing how similar they are to the Rubicon/10.0 decals?) and not properly compensating the zero-skill perks, break it will most likely be.

  9. Wargame – Stick Crew 2.0 where the Sun don’t shine that’s right up your Backside

    Stealing my ~ Xmas Box Girl Crews Santa Claws, Campaign Girl Crews, Twitch Prime Commanders
    all become SHIT! as Instructors 10% random fuk Bonus!!! fuk that crap

    ((and the Xmas Box Girls/ Santa etc. i paid REAL cash money for those! compensation €€€€ please WG

    how many bottles of Vodka and Coke are they going through at Minsk HQ i ask myself?

    So if this goes ahead expect a huge 50% reduction “or more” of active players on the EU servers, as many leave WOT for ever in disgust

    1. 50%? Neah, maybe 5% of frustrated bots and the rest will adapt and play. Per total I like the the new system. If they will give more points to compensate the current skills sure, if don’t, don’t care, I already contributed my share to this game. From now on I will be a free player with or without crew 2.0. 150mil silver and 10k gold will take me some years ahead without premium.

      1. That is the live question. Again, all that matters is how well this goes down with the RU players. The only reason that I’m still buying premium time is because I need it for WoWs and I buy universal premium out of the WoWP premium shop.

  10. The day they put the idiotic (s)crew 2.0 on the live server I WILL unisnstall the game. I mean it.
    Everithing is such a mess, the errors on WG side and players side alsi will be so tremendous, the losses so big that this will become the biggest shitstorm for this game.
    They say, changing manually 200 crew will not take so much time….FUCKkkkk You it’s not your life you’re wasting around.
    They conveniently forget that this tremendous time for changing manually 200 crew will take day, BUT there will be ariund 30 seconds or more, for each change to upload on the server.
    Then, the SPECIAL cre (zero perks, Prime, WG events), those idiots from WG fail to undurstand HOW ATTACHED peiple become of because…theyxsweated SO MUCH in heaving them (most of the time) just to have them now as useles instructors.
    Foook you WG.

  11. What you idiots don’t understand is that by crying here nothing will change. Be a man and go on official forum not here.

    1. The forum will not change anything either. WG uses the forum as a symbolic decoration and not as a tool. Post anything on the forum that is not mainstream and you’ll be swarmed by trolls writing provocative one-sentence posts and making fun of you.

  12. crew 2.0 is Rubicon 2.0 you stupid devs are about to destroy the golden goose that is WoT. Why do you think WoWP and WoWs are less popular than WoT? It’s because of stunts like crew 2.0 you imbeciles. Just give crews a few extra perks and leave the whole system alone.

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