Update 1.12: Common Test 3 Is Here! (+ Patchnotes)

Source: EU Portal

The third round of testing ahead of Update 1.12 has begun. Make sure to check out the upcoming changes listed in the patch notes below and in the previous announcements: CT 1 and CT 2.

Please continue to provide your feedback and suggestions in the forum.

Patchnotes CT 3

Main Changes

Steel Hunter 2021

Support for Battle Pass in the Steel Hunter mode has been added. From February 25 through February 28, 2021, Battle Pass Points will be earned for:

  • being among the top 10 players on your team by base experience earned.
  • completing missions.

Changes to technical characteristics of the following vehicles


  • T-22 medium
    • Changed the reload time from 8.1 to 7.5 s
    • Changed the aiming time from 2.4 to 2.1 s
    • Changed the turret traverse speed from 30 to 40 deg/s

Fixes and Improvements

Battle Pass 2021:

  • Fixed the issue when the image above the selection button of the reward style (for Chapter completion) was displayed in low quality at the 1024×768 resolution.
  • Fixed the issue when the area around the selected Stage was not grayed out when scrolling through the Progression Stages.
  • Fixed the issue when the reward panel shifted to the side when pressing the “Left” or “Right” keys on the keyboard for a long time.
  • Fixed the issue when the icon of the Commander was displayed in low quality on the reward screen of the final Stage after purchasing all Battle Pass Stages.
  • Fixed the issue when the congratulatory screen of style improvement was displayed as the reward after selecting a Training Booklet.

7 thoughts on “Update 1.12: Common Test 3 Is Here! (+ Patchnotes)

  1. LOL…buffed the T22???? Guess it is headed for shop after the discount phase. Piss people off getteng clobbered by them in game, so buy at full price.

    1. Considering how many rigged to get it. As also why they nerfed it into the ground. I won’t be surprised if it does appear in the Bond shop tbh.

  2. well, thos were more or less my thought, too. maybe WG is bored by having the 907s in soooo many games. time for some diversity on OP russian meds (again).

  3. I think it would be a better tank for the bond shop, considering all of those tanks are underpowered. WG has never put a tier X in the BM that wasn’t at one point available in the Tech Tree.
    Most of the Bond Shop tier Xs are only available in CW so it makes sense that a tank only available for doing missions in a tier X game mode (Rampage) would be available in the Bond Shop. Still has yet to be an update to the Bond Shop at the beginning of this year, like they said would happen. But every time a special tier X is buffed or rumored coming out everyone yells, “Black Market!”

    1. Pretty sure WG said multiple times that the next bond shop update will happen when the 2021-2022 ranked season starts which should be either late spring or summer.

      I do agree though that t-22 med would make more sense in the bond shop but you never know. Remember that the number one rule of the Black Market is that there are no rules! 😛

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