WoWS ST, Axis vs Allies

In the near future, we will conduct a closed test for a new battle type inspired by real-world naval battles. In the new “Axis vs Allies” battle, you will be able to fight only in ships that were completed in reality and in teams that are composed depending on each ship’s nationality.


Depending on the ship picked a player gets into one of two teams:

  • Axis: Italian, German, and Japanese ships
  • Allies: American, British, French, Soviet, European, and Pan-Asian ships.

The battles will be conducted in a “12 vs 12” format on Tier VIII ships. Only ships that were built in reality, as well as their in-game counterparts (such as Black, ARP, Azur Lane ships and etc.) are allowed to enter battle. If you dislike the appearance of camouflages of counterpart-ships, you can switch their display off using a special filter in the Port.

List of allowed ships:


Japan Germany Italy
VIII Akizuki VIII Z-23 VIII Roma
VIII Kagerō VIII Z-35 VIII Vittorio Veneto
VIII Asashio,VIII Asashio B VIII Admiral Hipper VIII AL Littorio
VIII Mogami VIII Prinz Eugen
VIII Atago,VIII Atago B VIII Bismarck
VIII Shōkaku VIII TirpitzVIII Tirpitz B
VIII AL Yukikaze


USA U.K. USSR France Pan-Asia Europe
VIII Benson VIII Lightning VIII Ognevoi VIII Le Fantasque VIII Loyang VIII Orkan
VIII Kidd VIII CossackVIII Cossack B VIII Chapayev VIII Le Terrible VIII Siliwangi VIII Öland
VIII Baltimore VIII Edinburgh VIII Mikhail Kutuzov VIII Richelieu VIII Hsienyang
VIII Cleveland VIII Belfast ’43 VIII Fenyang
VIII Wichita VIII Vanguard VIII Irian
VIII North Carolina VIII Implacable
VIII Massachusetts, VIII Massachusetts B VIII Indomitable
VIII Alabama,VIII Alabama ST
VIII Lexington
VIII Saipan
VIII Enterprise
VIII AL Montpelier


You can participate in “Axis vs Allies” battles in a division, but if ships corresponding to both historical teams are picked, you won’t be able to go into battle.

Teams won’t necessarily mirror each other in all ship types, with the exception of aircraft carriers: their number in each team will be equal and strictly fixed – no more than one per team. The difference in the number of other ship types will be no more than one.

If the waiting time spent by the first player in the queue exceeds 3 minutes, teams might be filled with bots with improved AI, mastered commander’s skills, and mounted camouflages and signals.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. Source: WoWS Devblog

4 thoughts on “WoWS ST, Axis vs Allies

  1. It would be great if they did on WOT as well something like this
    But they are lazy fat bas#^$ds

    1. IIRC WoT had historical battles too, the game mode was eventually removed as it was imbalanced and no one gave a damn.

      I can see the same happening to the WoWs version, the ship lineup heavily favors the Allies faction.

  2. The best WG event that I participated in was Allies vs Axis (forgot the correct name), in WOWP. It was really cool, you chose which side you wanted to fight on, and then you clicked “Battle”. You started the game on a burning base under intense bombardment, listening for the warning sirens. The difference is that if you chose to fight for the Axis (for example) you could use any aircraft from Japan or Germany, in any tier. The MM assembled the teams in a similar way to the Ranked mode, but respecting the sides, of course.

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