Sandbox Test: HE Shells—Feedback and Reaction

Source: EU Portal

Thank you for your active participation in testing the revised HE shell mechanic!

The number of players who joined the Sandbox test surpassed all expectations. Your engagement in the game development process helped us to collect valuable statistics and information. The feedback that we received and the number of players who filled out the survey show that this topic is very important to you. And the ideas we introduced sparked discussions among all kinds of players on a variety of sites.

Preliminary Results

Based on the preliminary survey results, we can state that key aspects of the revised mechanics were well received—more than 70% of the reviews were positive. In particular, players liked the following aspects:

  • a significant decrease in the amount of damage caused by the reworked HE shells when they hit the frontal armor of heavily armored vehicles.
  • improved UI for notifications about hits and penetrations.
  • the ability to inflict minimal damage with HE shells when “hitting” armor.

Furthermore, from your feedback and the preliminary statistics, we can say that the redesigned mechanics accomplish the intended goals and don’t cause serious technical or design errors.

Current Discussion Topics

Reviews of your feedback allowed us to identify some of the main points of your discussions:

  • the ability of HE shells to penetrate side skirts and tracks
  • the impact of the new mechanics on standard and Premium vehicles, such as the KV-2, KV-2 (R), FV4005 Stage II, and others that use HE as primary shells
  • the impact of the reworked HE shells on lightly armored vehicles
  • the number of critical hits caused by HE shells
  • the performance of high-mobility vehicles that carry high-penetration HE shells (in particular, wheeled vehicles)

All of these points will be carefully analyzed and addressed based on the collected data.

What’s Next?

The next stage of testing the reworked HE shell mechanics in the Sandbox will begin in late March or early April. We are currently analyzing the collected data and evaluating your feedback further. We will also focus on examining the concerns mentioned based on statistical analysis. Keep an eye on the portal for additional information about the content and the exact dates of the next Sandbox iteration.

You have done a great job in testing the new mechanic and your feedback and questions have proven extremely useful. Thank you for your dedication and we eagerly await more of your feedback during the new Sandbox iteration!

24 thoughts on “Sandbox Test: HE Shells—Feedback and Reaction

  1. The one aspect I did love was how it did impact wheelies. It’s their 3rd ammo type, not their main. So that it tones them down more is fine by me. I did leave a mostly positive feedback too. But as pointed out it did feel like I was firing HEAT when I hit skirt and modules like wheels in my 5.11m splash T49. That was a bit daft. Did not complain one bit when I was playing the Maus and the 60TPs hit me for 40 damage vs 400 in the mantle.

    1. Actually it is a huge buff to the wheelies (which is what they meant I assume) because now they will always pen HE rounds against other light tanks. Once the EBR wins the light tank duel with HE it can dominate the battle and it doesn’t need HE to do so against all other tanks.

  2. Felt to me that they made HE even less usable than before. The current explosion radius made far more sense.

    1. Agreed, not having your explosive shells actually explode makes the game too arcade for me. For me, the only real problem tank is the 60TP, just rebalance it and problem solved.

      I’m still skeptical about the “70% statistic” WG is citing, I think they lumped everybody who was neutral into the positive category as well for PR.

  3. Its funny how they simply posted the translated RU article/data on EU portal word for word. Basically the EU statistics don’t exist, or matter. RU players were apparently happy so get ready for the change.

    1. If the Russian community likes it, then the issue is settled. RU is the only region that really matters for WG; feedback from other regions is generally ignored.

  4. FK them…… I purchased a kv2r and I like hitting others with HE. I have never been so Pi$$ed off before with this game like I am now. I smell a lawsuit

    1. don’t worry little ivan, your paid premium tank KV-2(R) probably won’t change a bit. I, Stalin myself, made sure of it…

    2. More than likely it wouldn’t affect premiums, last time the HE shell rework was supposed to happen they had the KV2s in the clear, even though they’re annoying.

      1. So do they not nerf KV-2 (R) and nerf the standard KV-2, identical tanks in every way except premium status? Or do they give the KV-2 a bonus by not touching it?

      2. Since they are changing the dmg calculation on the receiving end, it will be impossible to exempt the KV2(r) or the KV2. They would have to buff the tank differently in order to appease those that bought it (like they did with the Prog46 and ebr75FL when they nerfed those 2 lines).

  5. HE change is an awful idea just to appease people whining that their tank’s armor isn’t more OP. Sitting hull down is not a highly refined skill and it’s good that there is currently a decently competitive tech tree tank like the 60TP.

    1. So instead of trying to snipe cupolas u choose to just tap the 3 key and spam HE at everyone?
      That’s highly-skilled play?
      Clickers are annoying as fck already. There’s no need to have other types of brainless plays.
      60TP is only one of those tanks. Basically all tanks with guns bigger than 14cm caliber can do that kind of shit. There are plenty of them like E100, 705A, and pretty much every tier X TD.
      Those who really needs to stop whining here are you HE spammers.
      All players with more than 10k PR have spent a lot of time learning maps, positions, tank pros & cons, meta,… then they get clicked by highly-skilled players sitting at the base using only mouse, after that they get HE spammed in the face by highly-skilled players who just tap the 3 key and left click at everything they see.
      Yeah that is very funny.

      1. Oh no, instead of just camping the same position you have to move around or adjust your tactics, the horror! Everybody knows truly skilled players always do the same exact thing every time and can never switch it up. lol

      2. The only “problem” tank is the 60TP. Most E100 drivers nowadays use the small gun and even if they use the big gun and fire HE at you, you can easily out-trade them with premium rounds which are easy to pen anywhere on the turret or the LP. 705A is even more susceptible to HE as its side armor, while well angled, doesn’t have the raw thickness to take even medium caliber HE rounds well. TDs are even less of a problem as they are not currently meta and are at disadvantage to begin with.

        60TP is the oddball because it is a hull down monster that ALSO has a big gun. It will out-trade in HE wars and has armor that regularly bounces gold rounds. Instead of changing how the core of the game works, just re-balance the 60TP and the HE issue solved.

  6. Just wait till the first CW campaign with this fkd up feature. All city maps will be retard camped and u will have no tool to crack them.

  7. Based on the following “… a significant decrease in the amount of damage caused by the reworked HE shells when they hit the frontal armor of heavily armored vehicles.” I guess 70% of the players who completed the survey are Chieftain/2793’s/S.Conqueror Drivers!

  8. there is one thing missing, HE shells that do no damage, should count as blocked damage to missions; with all HE and gold spam these days in EU servers, those missions are quite impossible

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