Update 1.12: Common Test 2 Is Ready! + Patchnotes

Get ready to continue your victorious tank journey in Battle Pass: Season 4, which you can already experience during the second Common Test of Update 1.12! You’ll also have the opportunity to try your hand at the ultimate Season of Ranked Battles 2020–2021.

In 2021, we’ll continue the Season-based approach, so new Battle Pass Seasons will await you in spring, summer, and autumn. However, the number of Stages in each Season, how Points are earned, and the reward system will all be revamped.

Battle Pass: Season 4 is available only for preliminary testing. Various characteristics and values that are relevant for Common Test 2 may not correspond to those in the final version. All rewards in Battle Pass during this Common Test are for testing purposes and may be replaced by other prizes.

One Season, Three Chapters

Each Battle Pass Season will consist of 3 Chapters, and there will be no longer an Elite Progression. Each Season Chapter will consist of a certain number of Stages. You will continue earning Points, completing Stages, and receiving rewards, but now, each Season will have three Core Vehicles and characters. Accordingly, there will also be three stunning progressive styles (more on those below).

Earning Points

You’ll be able to earn Battle Pass Points in Tier VI–X vehicles in the following game modes:

  • Random Battles (except for Grand Battles)
  • Ranked Battles
  • Steel Hunter
  • Frontline

Battle Pass Points can also be earned by completing Daily Missions. The more challenging the mission, the more Points you get.

Instead of deciding which modes to play to earn Battle Pass Points, you can simply pick the ones you prefer and obtain rewards via a single comprehensive Battle Pass activity.

As before, the number of Points* earned depends on your position in your team’s post-battle ranking by XP earned. Even if your team lost or drew, you can still receive Battle Pass Points.

The Points allocation below is for testing purposes only and may not correspond to the final version of the activity.

Random (Tier VI–X vehicles) and Ranked Battles (Tier X vehicles)

Position in Your Team’s Post-Battle Ranking by XP Earned Victory Defeat/Draw
TOP 3 7 5
TOP 10 5 3

Steel Hunter (solo players)

Position in Post-Battle Ranking Number of Battle Pass Points
1 5
2–5 3
6–15 2
16–20 0

Steel Hunter (Platoon players)

Position in Post-Battle Ranking Number of Battle Pass Points
1 5
2–3 3
4–8 2
9–10 0

Daily Missions

Missions Number of Battle Pass Points
Tier I 3
Tier II 5
Tier III 7

Battle Pass Core Vehicles

Each Season will now have three Core Vehicles. This Season’s Core Vehicles are:

All three tanks will feature special rules for obtaining Battle Pass Points in both Random and Ranked Battles.

  • Object 705A
  • 121
  • T110E3

Object 705A

Position in Your Team’s Post-Battle Ranking by XP Earned Victory Defeat/Draw
TOP 3 8 6
TOP 10 6 4
Once you have earned the maximum number of Battle Pass Points for a particular vehicle, you will receive additional Points as a reward. The Point limits in the table below apply only to Common Test 2.
Tier Point Limit Extra Points for Reaching the Limit
Battle Pass Core Vehicles 18 1
X 15 1
IX 15 1
VIII 12 1
VII 12 1
VI 10 1

Three commanders will accompany the Core Vehicles: familiar faces Vasiliy Badaev and George Barton have returned along with a new hero, Shan Ling. You can recruit all three characters as custom crew members with Brothers in Arms (as a zero perk) and enough XP to learn two more perks/skills. Each crew member’s nation and specialization can be changed.

Vasiliy Badaev George Barton Shan Ling

Progressive Styles

There will also be three brand-new progressive styles for the three Core Vehicles, which can be upgraded as you earn Battle Pass Points and reach certain Progression Stages.

  • Icebreaker 3D Style
  • Polar Bear 3D Style
  • Welsh Blues 3D Style

Each style starts at Level 1, its most basic form, and obtains more 2D and 3D elements as it evolves all the way to Level 4.

Before the start of each Season Chapter, you will be able to choose one of the three Level 1 styles and gradually upgrade it. Be sure to play all three Season Chapters if you want to collect them all!

At the end of the Season, you will be able to purchase style Levels (not the styles themselves!) for gold, but only for those styles that you have already earned. For example, if at the end of the Season you have earned one Level 4 style and one Level 2 style, you can purchase the missing 2 Levels you didn’t manage to unlock for the second style. The third style will not be available.

New Bounty Equipment and Other Rewards

In the new Season, you’ll be able to choose standard equipment from different categories as a reward, as well as one piece of any existing Bounty Equipment for every Season Chapter. We are also adding a brand-new piece of Bounty Equipment, Bounty Aiming, to the Improved Rewards pool.

Choose wisely and consider your personal playstyle!

You can also get your hands on a bunch of other valuable prizes such as:

  • Brand-new customizations: a fancy decal, three cool 2D styles (one in each Season Chapter), and a spectacular medal for completing Battle Pass: Season 4
  • National blueprint fragments (with the opportunity to choose a nation)
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Crew Books (with the opportunity to choose a nation)
  • And more!

Redeem Prizes for Tokens!

A new reward currency will also be added to Battle Pass—Tokens. Similar tokens were previously awarded during Expedition 2020, but they are now exclusive to certain Stages in the Battle Pass Progression. These will be redeemable for vehicles and other valuable items in the new Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store. Head there to check how many Tokens you’ve earned!

Finally, two Battle Pass packages containing Base and Improved Rewards for all three Season Chapters will be distributed during Common Test 2. The second package will also feature a special mission for earning gold.

These packages are for testing purposes and will not be free in the release version of the activity.

Ranked Battles 2020-2021: Get Ready for the Final Showdown!

Starting with the second Common Test, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the epic final Season of Ranked Battles 2020–2021.

From the final Season onwards, you have a chance to earn the unique “Performance” Engraving for your Dog Tag. It will feature 10 levels displaying your tank mastery and battle prowess. The Engraving’s level depends on your battle performance during your best Season in the current year of the Ranked Battles. To unlock this status Engraving, you need to qualify for a League at least once in any Season of 2021.

Join the test, push yourself to the limit to earn the exclusive “Performance” Engraving, and share your impressions of this ultimate showdown with your worthy Tier X opponents!

Join Common Test 2, try out the reworked Battle Pass, and share your impressions!


Main Changes

Ranked Battles 2020–2021: Final Season

The Performance engraving for the Dog Tag has been added. The engraving level depends on the performance during the best Season within the current year of Ranked Battles, in which the player qualified for a League.

Support for Battle Pass in Ranked Battles has been added.

Battle Pass 2021 

List of changes compared to the previous year:

  • Battle Pass progression now includes three Chapters, each with the same number of Stages.
  • An Improved Pass can be purchased separately for each Chapter, or for all Chapters at once. It can be purchased in the Store for gold or for real money.
  • Players can now earn Progression Points in Random Battles and Ranked Battles, in the Steel Hunter and Frontline modes, and by completing daily missions.
  • The main reward of each Chapter will be a progressive style that has several progression levels. The levels differ by the number of applied elements. The player can choose which of the three styles to improve within the Chapter.
  • Players will now be able to choose certain Battle Pass rewards: a nation for Training Manuals and blueprints, as well as standard and Improved Equipment from the list.
  • Battle Pass Tokens (a currency for completing certain Stages) have been introduced. During the year, accumulated Tokens can be exchanged for special rewards in the “Items for Tokens” section of the Store. The list of items will include unique vehicles, consumables, and other valuable items.


In Stronghold mode, added support for battles with “fog of war” enabled.

Known Issues

Battle Pass 2021:

  • After selecting the Training Booklet reward, the congratulation screen for progressive style improvement is displayed.
  • The Claim Reward buttons remain displayed above the Progression Stages.
  • Some congratulation screens may display images of lower resolution than necessary.
  • Some congratulation screens may display incorrect images for the rewards received.
  • Incorrect arrangements of text on the various Battle Pass screens can be seen.
  • Vehicles with the progressive styles applied do not leave wider track traces on the terrain.
  • The More Payment Methods button does not work when purchasing the Improved Pass for real money.
  • The introductory video and the video for receiving a style are yet to be finalized. The final versions will be presented when Battle Pass is released.
  • The info page in the client is from the last season of Battle Pass.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed most of the issues related to the excessively loud sound when HE shells hit the player’s vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue due to which the intro music was played twice when loading a map and starting a battle.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

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  1. “A new reward currency will also be added to Battle Pass—Tokens… These will be redeemable for vehicles and other valuable items in the new Items for Tokens section” What a surprise, all the crybabys who complained about no reward tanks (even if we dont really need more of that in the game….) were wrong… well, its the same kind of negative guys who start a match complainig in the chat “GG its a loss”. No i’m not defending WG, i’m blaming the crybabys who didnt put attention at the nice 1.12 but called retarded WG and the playerbase for free….

    1. Can’t agree more. Signed up to like you. People splash negativity everywhere blaming everyone else.

    2. That’s WG’s fault for poor news release. Instead of first telling us that they are removing reward vehicles, they should’ve told us that they are REPLACING expedition tokens with BP tokens. It remains to be seen if they’ll put in new reward tanks or how much you need to play to get enough tokens to get said new tanks. We’ll see.

  2. Wait, so what if you already have one or both of the past commanders? Do you not get a commander if you pick the corresponding tank then? If that’s true then that’s low, WG, real low.

    1. They probably count as different commanders because the old ones had a generic portrait, but the new ones are winter-themed. That’s just my hunch though, could be wrong.

    1. That is because no one gives a fuck about universal blueprints. The game shits those out like candy while nation fragments are few and far between.

      I myself have over 2500 of them and can’t wait for when WG releases the function to convert them into other stuff.

      1. well….I disagree….I am out of universal fragments, since I used them all to discover so many tanks, I have lots of national fragments, especially for some countries, and I would love to be able to trade them for other nations or for universal fragments

      2. I’d rather we are allowed to convert national into universal (like, 1 national into 2 to 5 universal), that way we can make use of the national ones we have no need for (because we already researched the whole techtree of that nation).

        Also, I myself and others need universal blueprints way more than we need national ones.

  3. On one hand, I’m glad it’s still possible to farm progression points the usual way, via random battles.

    However, Battle Pass becoming so long and each chapter requiring a fee to unlock the better prizes is a real letdown. I’m sure I’m not the only one with other games to play, and fully committing to WoT just for one 3D style stinks more than my shit.

    Also, the idea of making “buildable” 3D styles is both bad and dangerous. Imagine if the next set of holiday lootcrates has the same concept implemented, where you do not roll full styles but fragments of them…

  4. And no one notices the fact that without the elite progression, there are no bonds present in those nice rewards. So, basically you are pushed to play in clan wars or tier X, if you want bonds.

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