8 thoughts on “1.12: 🇨🇿 Škoda T 45 – Changed Stats

  1. WG is either aware of what its competition at tier 7 is and wants this thing to suck, or is actually that out of touch with their game.

    I’m aware it’s “normal” for people to call out tanks in development as being awful. This pinata vehicle only has 14 hp:ton and a “160mm” turret face. It actually went from 1500 to 1400 HP over the course of supertesting.

    I am not saying it has to be, or should, be the 2nd best in all categories. I am saying it needs a singular standout feature or something to inspire confidence or sales.

    It’s still using a 194 pen 8,8 of 220 alpha, with a 2.4s base aimtime.

    Tiger I is slinging some 500 more DPM and 10 more penetration, with better gun handling to boot.

    The Italian tier 7, the P.88, actually has a fairly reasonable turret (200 pen will struggle), moves about as fast, is noticeably more agile, has 10 more pen, and about the same DPM. Oh, right, it has better gun depression, too.

    In this current form, it’s basically a slightly faster captured King Tiger without the benefit of armor. Obviously, this isn’t an armored tank, so that can’t be a strike against it.

    The speed and agility fairly set in stone as awful, so that’s fine.

    It just needs the armament to come up to support the whole package.

    One way they could do it is to give it the AP round off of the 8,8 Jagdtiger: 212 pen, 240 alpha damage. At its current rate of fire, that’d give it 1950 DPM, which places it comfortably between the better gunned Tiger and the better protected P.88.

    1. I dont think you have watched at the actual armor of the Skoda, because you compare it with Tiger1: the tiger has a 105mm upper plate while angled on a ridge line
      the skoda has over 215 when angled and also has the (way) better turret and no huge forehead that can be overmatched with a 76+mm gun. the tiger is a pure glasscanon, while the skoda has some armor. you shouldnt have both.
      like most of the time people just look at the obvious stats and rate the vehicle. the skoda will not be a new t29 but it will definitly not be as bad as the tier7-8 french HTs. and thats fine.

      1. I compare it with Tiger I because it has the best gun on a HT in tier. It can literally suicide rush any other heavy tank and end up the victor.

        The T 45 turret on it is not way better. Tiger I’s entire mantlet is 210mm thick. It is not a “pure glass cannon”. Besides of which, 215mm penetration is not a whole lot, and tier 7 TD’s can punch it easily. If you are on a ridge line, it is a mistake to show your hull at all.

        Similarly, the same-tier French M4 45 is only missing 100 DPM on the Tiger I, with better gun handling, -10 depression, and much better agility.

        If the M4 45 is the bar for ‘bad’, then the T 45 in this form has not cleared it.

  2. WG obviously hate cheq.
    Skoda T27 is also a dumpster fire and it’s an embarrassment to play.

    When I do play it I feel like the special olympiad competing in regular drug fueled olympics, but I’m also lacking any drug performance enhancement.

    1. And let’s not forget WG promoted the T 27 with the whole Jan Zizka event, with a style specific to the tank to boot.

      I’m not sure Czech players were too amused when they noticed how bad the tank is.

  3. This thing has been made obsolete by Carro P.88 which is both considerably better and costs zero $$$ because it’s a techtree tank, just saying.

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