Update 1.12: “Fire Element” and “Into Space!” Style Sets Pictures

Fire Element

A style set that will most likely be available in one of the next seasons of the Global Map. Style treated as non-historical, valued at 750 gold. Available for vehicles of all nations, only tier VIII-X vehicles.

— How do Europeanss ssay it? ‘Dra-gon’? Well, that’ss nice. Heapss better than Asia where they usse ssingle-ssyllable namess. They’re sstrange oness. How curiouss… ssome believe I am a ssymbol of wissdom, and otherss think I am pure desstruction. Ssomeone even thinkss I’m the manifesstation of beauty. I rather enjoy all thesse beliefss. Haha, my image iss on every other coat of armss! The Sswedess named a fighter plane in my honor. I can’t deny I feel sso overjoyed. But the thing that botherss me iss that every one… EVERY SSINGLE ONE of them believess I’m a mythical, myssteriouss creature, a dissembodied sspirit who exisstss only on the pagess of old bookss. Oh, how ssweet the moment will be when they learn, when they reap what they themsselvess ssowed. Ssome will receive the wissdom of the agess, the ssecret knowledge. As for the otherss… Abssolute annihilation!

Into Space!

An all-season style dedicated to the human aspiration to explore the endless expanse of space.

This style is based on the thermal-protective coating used on reusable spacecraft. Such a coating consists of more than 31,000 separate lightweight silica tiles that expand under heat and protect the integrity of the internal hull. This coating is relatively easy to maintain: if a tile is damaged or torn off, only that tile needs replacing instead of needing to repair the craft’s entire body.

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