6 thoughts on “WoT – Update 1.12: Improvements to Premium Vehicles, Steel Hunter 2021 and more

  1. The BP frag exchange is a welcome addition because I’ve got around 2,500 universal fragments that I’m definately never going to use.

    1. T34 should have been in this group of 4 tanks that will be buffed, because it is the oldest premium tank in the game, alongside with super pershing and lowe . it really needs some serious buffs….

      1. They need to just buff its gun handling or put spaced armor on its hull like the Super Pershing. Hell just the spaced armor alone would be a welcome change to increase its survivability against what it faces.

        1. more armor in this days will be useless, with all this gold spam. i will not be happy if they will buff the armor because it will be useless. i want gun handling buffs, because it has the worst gun handling of any heavy in game and i want 200-250 extra dpm. and some mobility buffs wouldn’t hurt, because even though on paper it has 35kph, most of the times you will drive with 25kph…it moves like a pregnant cow with 2 missing legs

          1. To be honest the same goes for the amx M4 “liberte”, his armour is not the same as when they put it in the game, yea its still the same and is somehow good but the guns keep getting buffed.
            I prefer to buff their gun handling, it has only 300 of damage and a aiming time of a russian 122 that does 390 of damage. And his DPM is not amazing.
            It should at least have 2,5 of aiming time.

            Also i hope they buff the T25 pilot, it was never so great not even when they put it in the game, it needs more engine power

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