16 thoughts on “WoT Sandbox: Artillery Warning Sneak Peek

  1. Arty players will just pre-aim and fire a few metres behind the target vehicle with the warning light promting the victim to reverse into the path of the shell, no?

    Might mean arty players will have to take a break from fapping and engage a few more braincells. Not the worst thing in the world.

    1. Yeah I see you as another idiot who’s calling arty a clicker I bet. Estimating where a shell will go for a moving vehicle is enough for you to engage some brain cell? Or wait, is harder to hit W and click to shoot? Jeez…

      1. Definitely harder to click W and shoot. You see, when you “click W and shoot” you have to know how to position yourself properly, read the map and correctly anticipate what’s going to happen in the battle. There’s no shooting over mountains or hitting enemies taking cover behind indestructible cover for people that just “click W and shoot”.

    2. The real problem with the artillery in this game it’s the fact that it can hit targets not close targets after the shell travel in the air and its not affected by nothing.That its completely absurd and fake.

  2. Old idea yep,armored warfare had this idea from the beginning.I liked armored warfare it was superior to wot.In this rigid game new ideas are no getting first chance and takes years to make minor changes.Rigid game and static minds.

  3. Will this make the FV304 completely irrelevant? That arty has no splash already and imo a long travel time.

  4. Why arty nerf when you have ebr? Fast sweep for enemy base, see arty position, problem solved. Morale: nerf ebr

    1. Ebrs needs nerfs besides if arty needs them also or not.
      Ebrs make other lights tanks mostly imposible to play in a semi agressive play u now can only play them in a full passive set up. Like manticore with CVS binos and Low Noise Exhaust

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