WoT RU – average user PC build

The World of Tanks developers revealed which PCs the RU/CIS “tankers” play with in 2021.

The average parameters of the tanker’s computer are as follows:

• 2 GB of video memory;
• 8 GB of RAM;
• screen resolution 1920×1080;
the average ping value is 45.

At the same time, the game has almost 5000 registered users playing on computers with 64 GB of RAM, and 10 players with 256 GB of RAM installed in their builds (!!!)

The most common monitor resolution is 1920 × 1080 – 41% of gamers play at this resolution.

To play World of Tanks, players use over 2,400 different processors. About 54% of gamers use quad-core processors, the most popular being the Core i5-9400F and Ryzen 5 2600. 62% are using NVIDIA graphics cards, the most popular operating system is Windows 10. There are as many as 5 people playing on Windows 2000.

“Newcomers” to World of Tanks who arrived to the game after 2019 are slightly inferior in terms of the average computer parameters to the “veterans” of the game registered before 2013. Newbies prefer standard graphics, and veterans prefer better graphics.

Every third “tanker” plays on a laptop. Newbies registered after 2019 have an average ping of 49. Veterans have an average ping of 41.

In World of Tanks, you can divide all users into “levels” using the WGR rating, which takes into account the success of players in all types of battles. Based on these statistics, three groups of “tankers” are distinguished: “experienced”, “amateurs” and “beginners”. Comparison of these groups in terms of computer parameters showed that there is a significant difference only in the amount of GPU memory – the average amount of video memory for “experienced” “tankers” is 4 GB, while for “amateurs” and “beginners” – 2 GB. Otherwise, the differences between players with different levels of experience are minor.

Other interesting facts:
• most players have the name Alexander.
• The most popular musical group among “tankers” is Metallica.
• 53% of World of Tanks players prefer tea.
• 49% of World of Tanks players have a cat.
• The most popular tank in 2020 was the Super Hellcat.

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    1. Games do a basic check to make sure they can run with your build. This is how developers get the information to better optimize the game and it doesn’t require consent since there is no personal information being obtained.

  1. Most players have the name Alexander??? This is sbsolute BS. Alexander may be the most popular name amongst players, but to say that most players have this name shows just how stupid Wargaming are.

  2. So why not divide players into 3 groups, beginners (learning mode with ai on easy mode with tips all over the place and links to streamers and shit), second league, and first league… IT WOULD MAKE THIS GAME 10 TIMES BETTER YOU DUMBASSES IN WARGAMING!!! and make events where all players can meet in combat frequently just to see how it is to play against and with experienced players…
    And that ‘but its only random mode’ excuse is STUPID, IT IS YOUR ONLY RELEVANT MODE, IT REPRESENTS THE GAME IN WHOLE!
    I know this isn’t wargaming, but I had to say this 🙂

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