Sandbox 2021: Get Ready for New Tests!

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Starting the second week of February, we’ll be launching a series of critical tests of the current game mechanics on the Sandbox server. As we work on the future of the game, we’ll show you draft concepts so that we can receive your feedback, have a discussion, and decide its future. Therefore, we invite you to take part in the upcoming tests and share your opinion on our ideas to improve your gameplay experience.

Some of the changes you’ll see in the tests (revisions to HE shells and artillery mechanics) have already been presented to the community before. Your feedback helped us develop the changes that we are now going to assess.

The very essence of the Sandbox is to enable developers and players to forge the game’s evolution together. It’s a way of collaborating that has already proven its effectiveness. The tests we are doing now are important and your help is valuable, so please join and share your opinion. Welcome to Sandbox 2021, Commanders!

Test Schedule

Here are some examples of what kind of changes you’ll have the opportunity to try out during the Sandbox tests. This list is far from complete—more detailed information will be available in dedicated articles before running each test:

  • Decreased damage from HE shells that hit the front of well-armored vehicles.
  • Reduced artillery stun time.
  • More discernible traces of artillery shells.
  • “Arty Lamp”—a new feature that informs a player when an enemy SPG has fired.
  • Revamped Crew 2.0—new and reworked skills and perks, a new system of crews and their progression, and a new Instructor entity. You’ll also learn how your current crews will be converted to the new system.

For detailed information about every Sandbox test and the new features undergoing evaluation, read the dedicated article that will be published shortly before the respective test. The first test will kick off on February 8, where you’ll have the opportunity to try out the changes to the mechanics of HE shells. Follow the news and stay tuned—it’s going to get interesting!

Rewards for Participating in the Tests

Sandbox tests are extremely important, and we’d like to thank all active participants for their contribution and engagement.

During the test period, you will have access to special missions on the Sandbox server. By completing them, you can earn special Tokens. You will be able to exchange Tokens for the missions you complete during each test for useful rewards of your choice on the live servers before the start of the next Sandbox. Look out for more details on this later.

In the game’s main client, you’ll be able to exchange them for useful items of your choice:

  • A new 2D style*
  • Four unique decals**
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Personal Reserves for credits, Combat XP, Free XP, and Crew XP
  • Credits

* You can also get the 2D style for free. To do this, you need to actively take part in at least two Sandbox launches. The 2D style will become available in the Store during tests, not after the first iteration, but we will consider the player’s progress in the first tests when crediting it. More details on when the 2D style will be credited to players’ accounts will be available later.

** After each launch of the Sandbox, a new decal will become available to exchange for Tokens in the Store. All 4 decals will become available after the completion of the fourth and final iteration of testing. After the first launch of the Sandbox, it will be possible to exchange your Tokens for one unique decal (for testing the reworked HE shells). You’ll be able to purchase it as many times as you want.

All participants who play at least 5 battles will be able to leave their feedback via a special survey. These answers will be the primary source of information we will use to understand how good the proposed changes are. This is the most efficient way for you to express your opinion and influence future changes in World of Tanks.
If the tests show unsatisfactory results, the changes won’t be added to the game!

How to Participate in Sandbox Tests

All players can join the test.
  1. Download the Sandbox launcher.
  2. Install the Sandbox client by launching the downloaded file. If you’re running the Game Center for the first time, you’ll have to authorize and restart the downloaded installation file.
  3. Wait until the Sandbox client is downloaded and installed.
  4. Head to the World of Tanks tab, select World of Tanks Sandbox, then click Play.

The first Sandbox server with the revised HE shell mechanics will be available on Monday, February 8.

We need your help to make World of Tanks even more enjoyable! This is your chance to determine how your favorite game will evolve and what it will look like in the future. Take part in the upcoming tests, try out the updated mechanics, and leave your feedback—we’ll try to make every voice heard! You’ll also be able to fill out the relevant surveys and say what you think about our proposals.

29 thoughts on “Sandbox 2021: Get Ready for New Tests!

  1. Good old WG spamming event after event again and then they wonder people are burning out of WoT.

  2. Why did they put the premium ammo rework in ice until after the HE rework that almost nobody asked for?

    1. Literally every good player asked for HE rework, since its currently way too brainead and anyone with a working brain know that HE and expecially artillery HE is broken, much more than “gold” ammo

      1. really the only main culprits of this are the 183’s and the type 4/5 heavies, which rely on HE to work properly

        1. E 100, 60TP and other big gun heavies and TD count as well.

          The “good players” Molotof talks about believe they should be the only ones to reliably do damage, and are salty there are ways to scratch their precious OP shit that does not cost nearly as much as gold ammo does. Hull down in a FV4201? Just spam the turret with 900/1100 HE and he’ll crumble, poor guy with his precious invincible but not that invincible pos.

          I’m honestly baffled WG bows to these blue blooded clowns.

          1. Spot on. Wargaming seems hell-bent on nerfing HE, but the main beneficiaries of this will be the top players … as if these people really need any more catering to (OP reward tanks anyone?).

            Not that I oppose arty HE, mind, but apparently that’s not even what WG have in mind; when they say that they want to decrease the damage from HE shells that hit the front of well-armored vehicles it is pretty obvious that their main aim is to reduce the effectiveness of HE used in direct combat. Honestly, I think there are far more important issues that need adressing, but hey, I guess we really need to raise the winrate of those poor Chieftards by a couple of points, right?

          2. Pretty much the entire RU server cries in unison about HE being broken. Because it’s mostly used by an alcoholic “bot” in his favourite 60TP who is absolutely useless and is just annoying, because HE is so random. I 100% agree with HE nerfs, finally some sensible action from WG.

            1. People who dismiss HE on 60TP and other high caliber tanks have either never tried, or have been on the receiving end of it.

              It wins games and I’ve seen a lot of low accuracy big damage tanks (even those with less than optimal HE damage like Object 705A) go for it as soon as their first shot fails. Why waste time and credits when even gold ammo is useless because zero weakspots and angling + armor thickness prevents penetrations?

              1. That’s kind of the point of armor, no? To prevent taking damage. HE meta completely ruins armor. That’s why HE needs a rework.

                1. The “HE meta” is a direct answer to WG overarmoring everything and removing weakspots.

                  Also, a bit hard to argue that “the point of armor is to not take damage” when, in most situations, gold ammo negates armor if you pay the fee for firing it. 🙂

                  1. Well yeah, you need to know how to use your armor properly and keep in mind that enemies still can pen you. HE completely removes this option and even if your play is perfect you can still get screwed. Very balanced skill based ammo, nothing wrong with it.

          3. I think you’re exactly right. The only people complaining are those who want their stuff to be OP.

      2. do you realize that every single “great” player is a p2w one??
        the only known exception was SirFoch…and guess what?? He complained A LOT about this p2w gold ammo misery

        1. TBH Foch “complained” about a lot of things, half his vocabulary was swear words.

          Also, he too used skill ammo, though less so than what the current CCs and streamers do.

          1. indeed, and he had all the reasons for doing this
            just tell one of his “salty complaints” which is not true.

            the only thing where he used misery ammo was FV’s, andType back in its disgusting days.
            Other that that…sure, he carried 3 to 5 junk pieces..but almost never used them, just for the looks. Excuse me, but this is a BIG difference compared to all others do

        2. Foch a good player? What are you smoking dude. He was a salty loser always whining.

          Mailand for instance plays a F2P account where he doesn’t use prem ammo or consumables and still 3 marks tanks. It is harder but it’s doable. I can safely say that I’m not good enough to do this so why should I?

          How can you still be complaining about premium ammo in 2021?
          Wake up your malding won’t change anything.

  3. HE nerf has been mentioned more than once, seems that WG wants that type of ammo gone no matter what.

    And when it happens, because like the crew 2.0 it WILL happen, the question will be – if I cannot damage an enemy tank with standard AND gold ammo, because he’s in a good position AND does not have weakspots to hit, will we play stare until the battle for the other flank is over? Not that WoT matches last long, but still…

    1. The only reasonable nerf to arty I can see is maybe limiting it to two per team and even then that’s just a concession to whiners as you say.

      1. The only reasonable nerf to arty is to remove it completely. But WG said it’s not happening. So nerf arty into the ground, I say. Long time overdue.

  4. HE spammer bots can cry in a river now
    0iq subhumans who are unable to aim with their shaky hands

  5. arty is a good thing, I hate a game without arty where everyone is just camping. but hey, I think that just some ppl get a bonner when they scream “clicker” but some low iq can’t understand that everyone is a clicker not just arty

    1. Wtf? Games without clicker is an absolute joy, because you can actually play the game and, you know, fight enemy tanks in a game called World of Tanks. The only reliable counterplay against arty is not going to battle at all. Like sitting in your garage looking at your tanks, very fun.

      1. Amen. Arty is lazy game design for a problem of WG’s own creation, corridor maps and hull down impenetrable vehicles.

        Every fun game of WoT has one thing in common… 0 clickers!

    2. yea man, how dare they hate arty that sits perfectly safe in the corner of the map without tanking any risk, and click on them? such arrogance to want to play the game, and use the whole map, not just the small parts of the map with arty cover, and have fun without a shitlord clicker ruining their game?

  6. after equipment 2.0,I modified my 400+ tanks equipment during christmas holidays. Will I need to modified my 2000+ crews in the future?

    1. yes. recommend quit your real life job, to take up wot full time, because you gonna need to spend 26 hours a day on wot to remain competitive.

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