12 thoughts on “WoT – Sandbox 2021 in World of Tanks: HE Shells, Crews, and Artillery

  1. Crew 2.0 is an awful idea. Instructors don’t make any sense at all, it’s just a ridiculous name for additional crew members which defeats the stated purpose of having only 1 crew member and I’d rather my unique commanders stay commanders. Why would a tank be crewed by only one person and why would that one person need a whole bunch of instructors?

    HE shells are fine the way they are. The only change artillery needs is a max 2 per battle.

    1. Can you stop with this stupid piece of excuse already?

      It is not 1 person, it’s just that 1 avatar will represent the whole crew of your tank. Or up to your 3 tanks.

      So why is it a problem that you can have the same crew for the 3man Rinoceronte and the 4man t9 and t8 under it?
      Or the 5man vk45b and the 6man maus? Or…

      We do not know yet if the assigned crew roles in the actual battle will change but tbh I highly doubt it. WG changed consumables to a cd sytem for a reason and it’s not like they can do better. (For them)

      Also the new system holds a nice possibility for monetization for them. Instructors can be solf, voice kines can be separated and sold, etc., also crew boosters…

      The retraining costing 750 gold is 50 less than the average 800 gold it costs rn at the live servers too…

      You wont get much less different type of skills anyways, just count how many different skills your average 4man 5skill crew has, with repair and bia taking 2 rows its more like a 3 skill crew… what a nice variety.
      In the new system you get like 7 different skills maxed and a half skill, plus a few ultimates… and it may be incresased by the very instructors you just cursed. Plus the free 6th sense for every crew.

      What im the most curious about is the conversion rate, will only the commander matter or will the whole crew? Will it be worth to retrain a few crewmembers so you will get eg a lvl 60 and a lvl 30 crew instead of a single lvl 75?

      1. Things like sharing crews between multiple non-premium tanks and free sixth sense just waters down the game. If they wanted to rework the skill system I’d be open to that but leave unique commanders as commanders, keep the female crews/commanders, etc. Instructors are just nonsensical and awful for what flavor this game has, at least just call them crew members or something. Instructors is utterly ridiculous. Crew 2.0 sucks.

        1. I absolutely agree. The whole instructor concept is ridiculous.
          There will always be some fanbois who will defend WG’s decisions at all cost. Just ignore them. Crew 2.0 is complete BS.

    2. I agree with the commanders being a nonsensical feature! IMO it adds nothing substantial.
      But I reckon “they” have invented this as a new means to monetization a feature in the Crew 2.0.

      As for the crew members, tanks will still have their full crew layouts and in battle individual crew members can still be taken out and revived.
      The management garage USER INTERFACE of crew members only changes from ‘individual management UI’ to a ‘team management UI’.

      IMO this has both pro’s and cons though yet I agree I am not sure it is fully needed or should be a high development priority.
      The 6th sense perk could have been given to all 100% commanders under the current system, which would solve most of the issues players have had with the current system and a few of the more useless skills could have been changed to make them actually useful.

      The HE rework, I sorta get why they are looking into changing it, currently it is sometimes a bit non logical how it works.
      But on the other I am not convinced it need substantial mechanics changing. If high Alpha damage HE in some tiers are a problem, then adjust/nerf the HE damage values of the derp/high alpha HE guns in question.

      Sometimes it is best to any the solution to keep it simple and stupid (KISS), even it it means one need a whole ass load of small ‘KISS solutions’ to fix a much broader issue.

  2. I worked hard to get the female crew members on personal missions and I resent losing them as individual characters.

  3. Any changes Wargaming makes to Tanks nowdays is just a worry for someone who still eeks a bit of enjoyment out of this game. Changes ar usually made for the accountants and not the players. Over powered tier 8’s? More money in the bank from whales. No weakspots? Oh look! Gold spam by whales. Addition of EBR’s? Well, who the fudge knows what they were smoking then? Let’s just make light tanks redundant!

    Proof positive of their incompetence imo.

    New maps and game modes cost actual money to develop; I’m more shocked (pleasantly surprised) that there are some on the way but then again it’s been a very LONG time coming.

    Arty can be fixed by just removing it from the game. Who likes it, really? Why not acknowledge it for what it is? A fix for lazy map making (too many hull down corridor maps), lazy tank design (what are weakspots?) and just a culture of lazyness that resides within WG’s balance and game development studio. (Matchmaking? That sounds like hard work comrade!)

    Whilst the crew system is far from perfect (this is a WG product after all) I really do fear that Crew 2.0 is just going to be ANOTHER fiasco where players will yet again lose far more than they will actually win from the changes.

    1. I for example I like arty. I’m tired of camping so arty will beat the shit out of you if you camp, easy as that. And I can’t wait for the tracer location for counter arty, let’s play some hide and seek. But a true change for this game would be to remove the gold ammo and mods.

      1. Hah no way, arty is a crap burden on the game. Fun for between one and six players per match at the expense of all others. Proper map design and tank balance would fix camping and hull down behemoths but WG are too scared to improve the game by binning clickers.

        Even the choice of an arty free server would work, where we could play the game properly without the nonsense that is clickers.

        1. How would an arty free server work unless they have 30 spg per game on arty server?
          Everyone not playing arty would play on the arty free server leaving the arty server with nothing but arty in the queue

  4. If WG really feels like they need to change the crew system, I really wish they would just make a tier system for crews, In my mind this makes the most sense as it just seems kind of logical and it already uses the system of reward/premium vehicles being able to take any crew from that nation and class of tank. WG should just keep the crew skills as they are now but just make a vehicle tier system for the crews. For example, you start with a crew at tier 1, grind through the line until you unlock the tier 6, then you retrain that crew and go to the tier 6-8 group, you grind the tier 6-8 tanks and when you unlock the tier 9, you retrain the crew to the tier 9-10 class of tanks and any crew can be used in any tank like a premium vehicle as long as its the same nation, class, and tier grouping. Obviously the tiers at which you have to retrain crews could be played around with some what but this would also be a noob friendly solution because they wouldnt have to keep starting over at 50-80% every time they purchase a new vehicle

    Because just from the screenshots I have seen from how crew 2.0 works, it reminds me too much of War Thunders crew system where you get x amount of crew points after every battle that you have to distribute across that tanks crew which is super confusing to a lot of people unless they have played War Thunder for a good amount of time.

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