122 TM Marathon Coming This Month

According to Russian sources, a marathon for the new Chinese Tier VIII tank is to arrive soon.

There will be 122 TM as reward, a tank already posted about several times.

This is to take place right after Team Clash 2021 ends – probably on February 12-22, and the purchase of the tank will be possible from February 12 to 25 (these dates may change).

9 thoughts on “122 TM Marathon Coming This Month

  1. “and the purchase of the tank will be possible from February 12 to 25”

    Given the way that they have handled the last few marathons, I’m betting that the last day to buy will be either the 22nd or the 23rd.

  2. Another long hard many long hours very Grindy then more Grindy playing for ever + with expensive ‘optional’ booster mission for €€€ for extra rewards ~ yawn Marathon

    is it just me but im getting Marathon-ed to death here
    i have a Life so 300+ hours in front of a PC playing a broken game … hmm let me think

    nice Premium Chinese Medium …. rather just wait to buy it later in 2022 than yet another 300+ hours

    1. It’s not just you, mate – exactly the same for me. It is really getting tedious. I am planning to do the same thing, just wait until it is released the regular way and that’s that. It’s not that I haven’t got enough premium tanks already anyway.

      1. I agree too….last marathon(don’t even know what tank was it for)i didn’t even bother…..all marathons before I did to 70-80% and bought “discounted” tank…but not anymore……it was long time overdue to say :ENOUGH…..NO MORE…..not buying anything until I see game improving in direction I like(99.9% it will never happen)if not-its their loss

      2. I will get it when as soon as it’s availavble for gold at -15% in the year 2028.
        WG definitely killed all FOMO and most of the fun, and if they only keep spamming fake tanks and an occasional SciFi special game mode at us, there is no reason to play more than 1-2 battles a day tops. And even those will be low tier, arty or premium tonk, so I don’t lose too many credits. Gj, WG. Now I’ll finally have the time to learn how that crew system in Warthunder works and farm premium tanks in Armored Warfare PvE.

        Am I the only one still not giving up on WoT after 5 years of disappointment, hoping that after investing all that time and € we might someday finally see a working and enjoyable game, run by a company that does NOT disgust people?

  3. got far too many premium tanks that never see a battle already.
    not gonna punish myself with a marathon.

    more for the newer players or the poor.

    Hell, I haven’t even played a battle for 2 weeks now, still suffering xmas burn out.

    1. Same. Only reinstalled the game for the upcoming black market, since I need to post the offers

      1. Why you need to do that? There is a russian website that scoops the offers from the server 5minutes before they go live and reddit would give you all the redundant side informations that comes with the black market (eg amount, price, how long they last and so on) no later than 3min of the buyouts and so on.
        You should know that better than any of us…

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