Team Clash 2021 Feature

In update 1.11.1 (released recently), WG gave absolutely ALL players 2 TOP weapons for tech tree tanks for free. WG, of course, doesn’t do anything for free, which is why it’s a feature.

T110E5 BB and Kranvagn BB – Their presence in the event opened access to the following guns:
• 120 mm Gun M58 – 60,000 experience – M103, T110E5.
• 12 cm akan L / 40 – 62,600 experience – Emil II, Kranvagn.

Thus, if you do not have these tanks or guns yet, you have already saved 122,600 experience and will be able to play M103 and Emil II faster and more comfortably.

7 thoughts on “Team Clash 2021 Feature

  1. I dont undertstand the WG hate from you Seb, the company offers you a chance to work your own website.
    Try to do that for an Nintendo game for example. Good luck with that.
    Also: WG gave out over three weeks of premium for (literally) free in 2020.

    “wG dOeS nOtHiNg FoR fReE”

  2. For me thats nice news. Didn’t realise it up until now.
    Will definetly grind the Kranvagn since it’s such a joy and having the top gun on Emil 2 is definetly a huge benefit.

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