10 thoughts on “Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman Available on EU

  1. Talking about him, good or bad, makes him a person of interest so… when you don’t care about someone, just ignore him, hurts more.

  2. Omg, you plebs are and will always be jealous of QB. They will never come even close to him in battle performance. That’s we see these pathetic attempts of insults.

  3. Wanted: a WG salesman of tanks on youtube and you too can enjoy slaying tier 6 tanks in your tier 8 over powered premium tanks, with no enemy spg in battles, and we can give you tier 10 reward campaign and special tanks, to absolutely slaughter tier 8s in, provided you show no mercy.

    We will also give you full time preferential rng and mm so that you look good and other players want to be as good as you, and they will buy more stuff from us.

    You will also benefit with your youtube business, as the better you are at our game, the more fools believe every word of your very important internet opinion, the more subscribers you get to your channel.

    This merge will be beneficial to both parties.
    Requirements: must be breathing.

  4. You do realize QB is making shots just because WG set his RNG and MM preferentially to make him look good?

    Same as all the other players deluding themselve they know how to play, that they got some skill when it is just WG cheating them into making shots and winning the matches.

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