Supertest: New Maps & New Map Iterations

New maps and integrations are coming to our Supertest server this week.

Graf Zeppelin:

The second iteration of Graf Zeppelin map testing.I. General description

· Map size: 1000х1000 m

· Mode: Standard Battle

· Setting: winter

(First test iteration)

II. Gameplay

Changes based on supertester feedback and developer expertise were added.

Only those changes which won’t potentially harm other gameplay-forming map components were added.

Main change description:

  1. The following positions for holding back the enemy were added.

  2. Rolling onto the railway embankment was limited to increase the predictability of enemy actions.

  3. Added cover in the base capture area.

  4. Cover added to protect vehicles at the beginning of battle.

  5. Balance changes and minor improvements.

  6. Balance improvements.

Adjusted spawn points


The third iteration of the Island map changed following the results of the second Supertest.

I. General description:

· Size: 1000х1000 m

· Mode: Standard Battle

· Setting: tropical island

Changes compared to the second iteration

Change description:

1) The position with the castle was moved forward a bit. Both this position and the TD position above the arc (zone 5) are now within drawing distance from each other.

2) The route to the hill was reworked. Now it’s accessible to both teams and much more dangerous. The lines of fire from the hill itself remained the same.

3) Improved the heavy tank attack area for the lower team. Now it will be easier for them to attack.

4) Added an additional area of defense for the lower team.

5) Improved the tank destroyer balcony for the lower team. It’s now more convenient to defend the lines of approach to the base from there.


I. General description:

· Map size: 1000х1000 m

· Mode: Standard Battle

· Setting: Summer

II. Gameplay

  1. A town with narrow streets, suitable for slow well-armored vehicles.

  2. Hills with scarce vegetation and lack of cover for maneuverable vehicles and for playing from the distance. The team that controls this area gets access to hill 3.

  3. A hill with vegetation and cover with good lines of fire at area 1.

  4. A bog with dense, high grass. An additional line that allows for sneaking to the enemy’s rear.


I. General description:

A map for Standard Battle

Size: 1050×1050 m

Setting: Tropics

II. Gameplay:

1) The main area for an encounter of well-armored tanks is located at the shoreline under the central mountain ridge. Several control points, as well as the option to go above the area of the main encounter, make the gameplay there very intense.

2) The inner area of the map. An open, hilly zone with vegetation that allows for both active and passive light tank gameplay.

3) The main area for a medium tank encounter. Diverse terrain, plenty of cover, and opportunities to fight at close or long range allow different types of medium tanks to unlock their potential in this line of attack.

4) Upper path for taking a dangerous detour around the main encounter area.

5) Main positions for poorly armored tank destroyers and medium tanks.


I. General description

Size: 1000х1000 m

Mode: Standard Battle

Setting: Eastern Front

II. Gameplay:

1) The hollow along the icy shoreline suits heavy tank gameplay.

2) The area of vegetation will provide space for passive scouting and tank destroyer positions.

3) Terrain folds for active scouting in light tanks.

4) A hill with good positions for medium tanks.

We’re kicking of this year with some new and exciting projects.

Keep in mind that those maps are still subject to change.

We hope you like them!

Let us know if you like the settings, the maps and how you think we can improve them. Source: EU Forums

10 thoughts on “Supertest: New Maps & New Map Iterations

  1. I like sommar map already. I mean, i don’t know about sommar map’s balance yet, but i like these kind of Idyllic concepts.

  2. I rag on Wargaming a lot for their continued bullshit way of running (ruining!) the game but I can never complain about new maps; this is the sort of content I enjoy.

    As long as they are of good quality, then bravo WG!

    1. Well you (we) know WG…besides “good quality” maps, managing to deliver actual releases of new maps after they leak ’em from supertest, seems to be dauntingly more difficult task than the the Manhattan project’s development and deployment of Little Boy and Fatman /sarcasm 😛

  3. All maps today look like Rorschach spots.
    Just make half of it and copy it to the mirror.
    i miss old maps like swamp, windstorm, sacred valley.
    Today the maps are so the same that I sometimes confuse the two sides of spawn zones.

    I think there is another way to balance the two sides of the map than to make it the same on both sides.

    Mah……WG mistery……….

    1. i’d rather play on mirror maps than fucking mines or retarded stuff like that with absolutely 0 balance

    2. WG makes mirrored maps
      Players cry because its ugly and mirrored
      WG makes non mirrored maps
      Players cry because map is unbalanced.

  4. Is it possible that after ten years, a staff of professionals cannot create a balanced map that is not mirrored?

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