WoT Update 1.11.1: Bull Cavalry Camouflage Pictures

Camouflage treated as unhistorical, valued at 50 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.

A year-round camouflage pattern to commemorate the Chinese New Year celebrations, representing the Buffalo symbol.

13 thoughts on “WoT Update 1.11.1: Bull Cavalry Camouflage Pictures

  1. Funny how, as soon as WG takes a few days break from publishing new articles on the WoT website, most of the content left here are in-game screenshots of stuff.

    Way to go, TAP. Guess zero effort ad revenue pays off these days

    1. I got something I work on, but exams got in the way. Expect it today. And ad revenue decreased significantly since December anyway.

      1. Thanks mate, gonna look forward to it. My other comment might sound a bit harsh in this regard, but ofc uni is more important than anything here :> Make sure you’re prepping well for your career ;3

        Still, I thought TAP had other content creators. Leaving everything in the hands of a single person, who’s also a full time student, will inevitably result in poor article submission rates :/

        About the ad revenue, I don’t buy it ๐Ÿ˜… I’ve only ever heard comaints about it so far, so it means y’all should’ve gotten a kingly compensation about a year ago. I find that very hard to believe

        1. The kingly compensation happened in december 2017, when I made over 1000 dollars. Thanks to GDPR only made like half that amount this December, and in 2018-2020 150$/month. Now, back to 250$ a month… And about the authors, it’s just that many are too lazy to post; (I even pay them when they do). On the other hand I am freaked out if I don’t have a least an article per day.

          1. To be realistic, for the amount of effort everyone’s putting into the website, $250 a month is still WAY up. I miss the days Veroxx was here tbh, we were getting some really nice content back then

            I can imagine how nasty it can be working with those guys :\ Not intended as a personal comment towards them, but I know what it’s like to be the only one in the group to actually work on your project. Trouble is…after so long, it really looks like you ran out of motivation as well ๐Ÿ™

            Little piece of advice – that last thing, about freaking out if you don’t post at least an article a day, explains the recent lack of quality; I’d say quality always wins over quantity when you wanna have a proper armoured vehicle-oriented blog, but well, income matters too…the host isn’t gonna be paying itself, not to mention the other costs

            1. He also speculated the Golden WT E100. Not nice. And yes, 120 euro a year just for hosting, since I switched to a better one…

      1. Imagine being a spineless sheep. Every single time someone criticises anything on TAP, it’s the same reaction: ‘uni is hard and nobody else has any commitments’ by Seb, and lots of unwarranted salt (with extra rudeness) from his fanbois.

        If you’re not a part of TAP, I suggest diacussing my opinion rather than attacking me personally

          1. Ah yes, the Romanian Tree Proposal
            Sponsored by Seb
            On the website of Seb
            Edited by Seb
            (put together by some other guy)
            By the grace of Seb

            (just saying that a very short mention in the title doesn’t seem enough credit for the author; the proofreader’s job is also important, but the author has obviously the highest contribution)

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