WoT: Large Lootboxes 2021 Statistics

Statistics are based solely on large boxes opened in the RU server. The following statistics have been found:

• Approximate drop rate of any tier 8 premium tank: 1.94%

GSOR 1008 = 0.59%
ISU-152K = 0.59%
Bisonte C45 = 0.42%
Bourrasque = 0.34%

• Approximate drop rate for any tank of tier 6 and below: 10.30%
• Approximate drop rate of any tank in general: 12.25%
• Approximate drop rate of any 3D style: 5.76%
• The possibility of getting a 3D style out of the box is calculated separately from everything else. Conventionally, it is possible to get a premium and 3D style out of one box. Styles cannot be repeated. No unambiguous priority was found for the new styles over the old ones.
• “For every 50 large boxes you open, you are guaranteed to receive one epic item (premium tier 8 tank or 3D style)” – this rule was valid ONLY for China.

It should be noted that the probability of getting tier 6 premiums and below is not that big.

– When did the most gold drop: New Year (804.22 gold per box, taking into account absolutely all compensations)
– When did the most tier 8 tanks drop: New Year
(small sample, the actual chances should be equal, in theory, of course).

• Average amount of game currency from 1 box:

– excluding compensations for duplicates: 331.93 gold.
– assuming that compensation for premiums starts at 2 (?): 602.20 gold.
– assuming that all the premiums are duplicates (even three): 640.33 gold.

Credits: 59543.92
Premium WoT days: 0.76

Full data (Russian): https://vk.cc/bWWho2

12 thoughts on “WoT: Large Lootboxes 2021 Statistics

  1. Glad I didn’t buy lootboxes this year.
    Last year I was very lucky to have E-75TS & Obj 703 in 25 boxes, but this year I just don’t feel like I will get anything.

  2. It’s good for Wg to put a pity timer in the root box. It’s not the most vicious loot box… 😔 But there is no reason for us to be happy. If you want to get Gsor and bison both, you’ll have to buy two $100 packages.

    In fact, I have enough money and I have no qualms about using it for my favorite game. But the debate about value is a different story.

    Is wg’s 3d goods have enough value of $200? Ten years ago, this is madness. But currently gaming market, this is industry standards. What a sad. Kid on my heart is crying in the corner 😢 Ah…. video games of good old days.

    1. With 30 boxes i got GSOR and Bisonte, and all 3d styles,duplicate burrasqe and other tier 6. 🤡🤣😂 guess i was lucky.

      1. Good news, at least you save quite money. Use that money on food or clothes like “real stuff”. I fully understand that there are lucky people like you because I enjoy Asian mobile games quite a lot.

        But someone invokes the pity timer.(like me this year) all this joy and anger is like a harmful gamble. a harm strategy that stimulates human nature

  3. Bought 20-odd boxes and got three premiums out of it (M4 FL10, Matilda BP and T78).
    I bought them in increments of three…mostly to make sure I had enough shards to complete a style.

  4. i also mede statistics this and last year (EU), where they lowered the wins 2021 but still you get much more than you invest!
    75 Loot boxes (100€):
    27500 gold +12300 gold for compensations
    32 Prem days
    4.5 billion credits
    GSOR, ISU, C45, Bourrasque and 6 low tier tanks
    2 3D styles

    If you want another 360days upgrade for your account, you get no better conversion rate! Overall (calculated with best conv. rate in game) i got a value back of about 450€+creds.
    Last year i also got all tier 8 tanks and an overall value of 500€
    So IT IS worth it.

    1. “You get much more than you invest” is such an ignorant statement.
      Here’s another example of getting more than invested. You really want an orange. Oranges can randomly be found only in “magic wonderful mystery boxes”. You buy 200 euro worth of said boxes but all you find inside are apples. LOTS of apples. You don’t want apples. In fact, you have apple garden and more apples than you can eat in 10 years. But what a great deal – you got more than you invested!

  5. I was umming and arring over buying one more lot of 75 boxes before it ended, and bought 75 new year boxes yesterday.
    I already have all the premium tanks and 3d camos, but was hoping to maximise the gold:

    not a single tier 8 dropped (would have been gold compo)
    lots and lots of the very small gold compo tanks dropped
    got 42k gold
    2.1m credits
    a load of prem days
    its still great value compared to just paying same money for straight gold.

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