4 thoughts on “Update 1.11: πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ 122 TM – Changed Stats

  1. Now this tank is utter trash. Slow reload gun of over 13 seconds, Unreliable armor after the nerf (which most tanks with 220+ pen can shoot through), and very slow speed for a medium. At least with 135mm ftp it is good enough to compensate with the slow reload, but now I dont see any point of getting it over the T-34-3 which is getting buffs in 1.2.

  2. They should’ve nerfed only the lower plate, 2 gigantic weak spots in the turret, less dpm than a T34 and slow for a medium, mediocre to bad soft stats and has apcr as standards, that means alot of pen loss and less normalization.
    T-34-3 is better and has pref matchmaker.

  3. Well well well, not only the upperplate is nerfed, also the lowerplate is nerfed from 125mm to 105mm.

    Now you have a blind big very sluggish medium tank with useless firepower and useless hull armor…… Lets call this failure (if the armor doesn’t change back) the new Chinese piΓ±ata. It will be worse then the 59-patton

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