Supertest: 4 Premium Medium Tanks Rebalanced

Along with adding new vehicles like the Italian Heavies to the game, we are also working on rebalancing the existing vehicles. You might have noticed changes to the E 50 Ausf. M branch, as well as too the E 100/IS-4/T110E5 branches of the tech tree so far. Up next are some Tier VIII Premium vehicles.

Today, the first part of the planned changes are rolling out to the Supertest. There are four vehicles that will receive a substantial update to a number of characteristics. And we want to reiterate that we don’t plan on decreasing any characteristics. Below you can see the list of the vehicles and their changes.

  • Reload time: from 14 to 13 s
  • Damage per minute from 1,670 to 1,800
  • Engine Power: from 400 to 450 h.p.
  • Specific Power: from 14.3 to 16.1 h.p./t
  • Dispersion during hull movement/traverse: from 0.22/0.22 to 0.2/0.2
T26E4 SuperPershing
  • Engine Power from 610 to 720 h.p.
  • Specific Power: 12.1 to 14.2 h.p./t
  • Dispersion during hull movement/traverse: from 0.22/0.22 to 0.18/0.18
  • Turret Traverse Speed: from 24 to 30 deg/s
  • Dispersion: from 0.37 to 0.35 m
  • Aiming Time: from 2.1 to 1.9 s
  • View Range: from 380 to 400 m
  • Durability: from 1,300 to 1,400 HP
  • Dispersion: from 0.44 to 0.42 m
  • Aiming Time: from 2.9 to 2.5 s

We will continue to work on updating the characteristics of Premium vehicles and will share our future plans with you soon. Stay tuned!

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42 thoughts on “Supertest: 4 Premium Medium Tanks Rebalanced

    1. Given how those are monetized in an indirect way they only occasionally do buffs to tech tree tanks at tier 8. You need to remember that tier 8 is generally the tier where you have the “free xp this tank” kind of vehicles most of the time with only a quarter of the tier 8s being good.

      As for the tier 8 tanks the 416, pershing, STA-1, and T-34-2 are all perfectly fine tanks with the 34-2 recently having gotten some long overdue love. That 34-2 is probably the one tank to have been the most underpowered garbage to have gone on the longest without buffs that players had been asking WG to do for over 5 years.

    2. Are you a hamster or goldfish? Both 121 and E-50M lines were buffed in 1.10.1. They even referred to these changes by name. How could you have forgotten in the 10 minutes since this was posted?

      T-34-3 was always better than T-34-2; ATM T-34-3 only holds an advantage in gun handling, gun depression, and armor; T-34-2 is much faster and stealthier. T-34-3 is actually somewhat slow to get around and T-34-2 holds an advantage in being fast enough to retreat or change flanks; T-34-3 just doesn’t need to retreat from as much.

      Super Pershing has no corresponding tech tree vehicle.

      S. Pershing needs the buff, still. ATM Chinese tanks are still a weak option overall.

      STG was explicitly designed to be worse than the T-44 for all intents and purposes

      STA-2 designed to be MUCH worse than STA-1 on release; it’s still worse–worse gun handling, worse DPM, bigger target, softer armor (HE isn’t a threat to STA-1 frontally like it is to STA-2)

      It should be of note that STA-2 is otherwise faster to get around and has the worse camo to go with its larger size

      These changes keep this intact, these two will still be worse than tech tree vehicles

      1. Super Pershing does have a tech tree counterpart called the M26 Pershing or just Pershing. STG’s tech tree counterpart is the Obj 416 and not the T44.

      1. The T34 could be easily fixed with some spaced armor on the upper plate of the hull. Its turret still holds up quite well given that its generally the same turret on the T29 and T30.

        Some might say to buff its shit gun handling but thats is its balancing factor.

        1. i don’t care about armor, i want like 250 extra dpm, mobility buffs, and gun handling buffs. ESPECIALLY gun handling buffs . it has horrible dispersion during movement and hull rotation (0.28), it should be at least 0.22 and it will still be bad. and it has THE WORST dispersion during turret rotation from any tank in game (0.22), except grille 15 and death star. even kv2 has 0.16 dispersion and the funny part is that if you mount vert stabs on t34 you will get 0.17 😀

        1. i want better pen on regular ammo, i don’t want to spam gold. i will be happy if they will nerf the gold pen to 290 or something, as long as they will buff the standard pen. it will be nice if it would have at least 227, like the new obj 274a. or even more

  1. it would be nice if they buff the view range of the stg, from 370 to at least 380. or even maybe 390…

    1. Pershing is fine as is and they won’t buff it because that line needs a “shit” tank for WG to profit off of. Disagree with me all you want but that is part of the economics of how WG makes money off the game which is tier 8s that are balanced and not OP but likely something people will free XP to avoid playing them. They’re certainly not going to nerf the M46 or M48 and the tier 7 T20 is an amazing little machine.

      1. They should make a full change of the USA medium line in my opinion remove the M46 with 105 and make it the tier 8 with 90mm historical and full turret of m47 like it has now. In tier 9 put the M48A3 with 90mm and the good turret of the tier 10.
        In tier 7 put the T23/T25 with 90mm and remove the fake T20, put the T20 in the other line with historical autoloader system. So in short
        Tier 7: T23/T25, Tier 8: T26/M46E1(90mm max with M47 turret), Tier9: M48A3 (90mm max), Tier X no changes
        On the other side T20 with aoutoloader at tier 7 in the T57 line

        1. You need to understand the economics of the game because WG won’t do any of that. Tier 8 is where WG makes most of its money partially off premiums and some money off people free XP’ing tanks that aren’t noob friendly.

          Remember now without ways to monetize the game well game balance becomes irrelevant since the game would cease to exist. Currently the three biggest money makers are premiums, gold round usage(leads to purchase of prem time and such), and free xp’ing tanks.

        1. Yea mostly for sure it will be 0,4 with the buff.
          Normally effective count the commander bonus to the gunner, except the commander is the gunner too like in the case of Manticore (yea for this reason EBR is actually accuracy as the manticore, GG wg)

  2. Maybe there is hope for the now obsolete T34 (US Heavy). That thing has collected dust in my garage for years. Its completely useless even in Frontlines. It needs a mobility, DPM and gun soft stats buff at the very least to make it competitive. WG removed it from the store and forgot about it, yet its one of the most expensive premium T8s.

    1. You can’t give it all of that especially the DPM buff because against lower tiers the T34 is a beast. If anything just buff its acceleration and give it spaced armor on the upper hull. That allows it to duck in and out of cover faster while increasing its survivability with a bit of spaced armor.

        1. A key aspect of its balance is that its DPM is too shite to change a flank, yes. More armor still means it gets deleted as soon as its sides open up, so no real change, it’d just uptier better–tier 6’s and 7’s can’t pen your front hull generally anyway.

          1. and yet he wants more armor to the hull, that will be useless anyway, even if would be 200 mm, for example. he doesn’t want something REALLY useful , like a slight dpm buff

            1. Completely missed the point that was being made because you’re too stubborn to consider the points that others have made.

              The T34’s DPM is perfectly balanced as is because giving it better DPM hurts its balance against lower tiers. The tank’s real problem right now is its survivability in regards to hull armor. Giving it some spaced armor akin to what the Super Pershing has would go a long way into giving the T34 the ability to brawl again like it used to ages ago.

              1. and again i ask you, how can a little better dpm will hurt the balance against the lower tiers, but more armor doesn’t hurt them? how will the lower tier fight against a more armored tank? and t34 vas balanced for the year 2012, we are almost in 2021. +, you almost never see thier 6-7, you see full tier 8 most of the time.

  3. I hope this continues on I want to play my old tanks again, namely the STA and Jagd88, the latter would need far more pen that what it has now

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