WoT: In development features trailer (from yesterday’s stream)

You can spot these:

-Crew 2.0.
-New Platoon Search.
-Clash of Teams (RU).
-Battle Pass (three branches to choose from).
-Italian heavy tanks.
-Czechoslovak heavy tanks.

11 thoughts on “WoT: In development features trailer (from yesterday’s stream)

      1. The tank is actually based on a CIA report that the factory in Czechoslovakia called Pilsen. (Same name as the map in-game.)

        They built an unknown number of tanks that were very similar to the Tiger tank in appearance, but we’re wider and lower in profile. This tank was originally known as a medium tank known as the Skoda T 32 (It can be named CKD T 32 as well since the turret and overall design was handled by them. Skoda would build the rest of the tank.)


  1. I bet crew 2.0 will make the game more p2w. Aaaand it’s stupid on top of that. With ships it’s ok, but in tanks? Noooooo.

    1. Maybe the will copy the copy-cat and do it like in Armored Warfare
      => interchangable commanders with different skillsets while the rest of the crew permanent for each tank. This could be the least bad solution for an inevitable crew 2.0, but unfortunately, WG-fuckups are always filled with very unique kinds of fails and unnecessary hardships.

      Seeing WG’s plans to do future arty the way AW did it in the very beginning in 2015 (except for the siege mode), I can’t see any reason why not to copy them. Arty gamplay gets more exciting and demanding when there is a permanent counter arty threat.

        1. Province triple arty game was ace for counter battery fire. I used a crusader SP (crap eh?) but it could run away backwards from its firing spot like a charm

  2. about the Czech heavy tank, it is described as a Tier 7 premium with no drum and I notice a lot of German influence on the design
    » same welding construction as used late war by the Germans, the “jigsaw” assembly type
    » single convoy light in the middle of the hull
    » similar infrared/night-vision system
    » similar running gear arrangement (tracks + suspension + running wheels) as Porsche’s Vk 45.02 (P) Ausf A
    » similar drivers viewport/hatch as the early Panther variants
    » towing cables all along the side of the tank

    possible Czech submission for the Tiger II program?
    post-war study of the German designs like the the French did?

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