WoT Reminder: Get Your Free Tank & Twitch Drops

Remember to log in WoT this holiday period in order to get the Tier IV premium TD Pz.Sfl.IC.

Keep in mind, if you haven’t already, that logging in WoT and opening the small crates already on the account can also award you some nice garage slots, and credits.

You can also receive several extra small crates each day and a chance to win a style by watching the official WoT stream.

See the guide on how to connect your WoT and Twitch accounts here:



Watch the stream linked above for 60 minutes/120 minutes (or put it in a separate window while doing something else), to get a chance to win these rewards:

The longer you watch, the higher your chance to receive the following*:

  • Regular Drops (guaranteed):
    • After 60 minutes: 1 Small Box
    • After 120 minutes: 1 Small Box
    • After 180 minutes: 1 Small Box
    • After 240 minutes: 1 Garage slot
  • Epic Drops (not guaranteed and limited to specific time periods):
    • 1 cool “Ice Shelf” 2D style (only active from December 9 to December 16)
    • 1 festive “Red Hat Battalion” 2D style (only active from December 16 to January 11)
    • The Advent Calendar offer of the day (only from December 8 through December 19, and only on the official World of Tanks Twitch channel)

Available from December 8 at 14:00 CET through January 11 at 23:00 CET (UTC+1).

Have a happy end of year, everyone.

7 thoughts on “WoT Reminder: Get Your Free Tank & Twitch Drops

  1. I think you get the drops only once, not every day. At least I (and some friends) got it only 1 time on the first day
    You may correct me, that way I can get more boxes 😉

    1. Nah, just let these boring streams run in a window (muted). The only rewards you can get are the confirmed ones, as the epic/chance drops have worse probability than winning the lottery… basically a theoretical possibility, but not an actual probability. They could have at least given more boxes per day. Stingy ass drops.

  2. +1 here
    Got the guaranteed by minutes on first day

    All week on twitch official channel and never got nothing. Not even yesterday, on “STREAM OF THE YEAR”

    It is a scam guys, dont waist time

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