WoT: Holiday Ops 2020 starts December 8th/9th

Source: Japanese portal 4gamer

Wargaming Japan announced today (December 4, 2020) that actor Chuck Norris has been appointed as ambassador of World of Tanks PC.

The Christmas event “Holiday Ops 2020” will be held from December 8th/9th (depends on server) until January 10th.

As many as 32 missions will be available, and you will get a tank slot, which is an enhancement bonus for your own vehicle, and a unique commander, Chuck Norris. During the period, in addition to the Christmas ornaments that decorate the player’s garage, the Tier IV German tank destroyer “Pz.Sfl. IC” will be presented as a login bonus.

Wargaming is pleased to announce that Hollywood actor Chuck Norris will appear as an ambassador for World of Tanks for the Holiday Ops event from December 8th to January 10th in World of Tanks for PC.

Below is a comment from Chuck Norris:

“Players often say that if they were to rout in battle, they should have been elsewhere! That’s right. As we all know, I don’t try to escape from various challenges in the event of an emergency. I’m proud of you when you take on the challenge from me. ” – World of Tanks Ambassador Chuck Norris

Below are comments from the World of Tanks development team:

“2020 is coming to an end, but we want to make something memorable for the players who are enjoying the game, and this year we are planning one of the biggest events in the game, Holiday Ops. Let’s have fun together again this year! ” – World of Tanks Global Publishing Director Maxim Chuvalov

12 thoughts on “WoT: Holiday Ops 2020 starts December 8th/9th

  1. hope this will be good, I am semi-excited (probably only until getting goldspammed and steamrolled in the next battle). WG has thrown too many backfiring superlatives around for their preponed 10th anniversary this year, so I’m still cautious when looking forward to a somewhat interesting f2p WoT holiday.

          1. I grinded the French TD tech tree line and I have the Foch B researched though I don’t have the credits to buy it yet, however, the reason I grinded the line was so that I had a decent crew for when I eventually get the Foch 155. I like the tech tree line and all but I just enjoy the big alpha so much more.

      1. After equipment 2crap0, I am sitting on 45mil credits. It paid off to have almost 500 fully equipped tanks in my garage as some equipment pieces got more expensive, up-tiered and obsolete at the same time, but re-equipping will take some time and will be horrible.
        And with 45k gold left after xmas 2019, I feel ready for WG’s upcoming BM-BS.

        But I’m glad that the holiday ops seem to be starting a bit more early this year. I keep falling for the charme of the xmas garage. Just wondering how grindy the ornament collecting will get this time.

  2. The Pz.Sfl. IC (Germany, T-4, prem) will officially become the 2021 New Year gift at WOT.

    It can be obtained on absolutely any account simply by logging into the game starting from December 9, 2020 09:00 (Moscow time), during Holiday Ops 2021.

    Also, along with the Pz.Sfl. IC you will receive:
    • 1 slot in the hangar
    • 3 small Boxes
    • 500 shards
    • 1 anti-repeater

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