Advent Calendar 2020: Day 3

Day 3 Offer

Today’s special treat is the VIII M48A2 Räumpanzer . You can get it for 7000 gold, or for 25€ in the cheapest offer:

Bundle content

  • VIII M48A2 Räumpanzer
  • Bonus 100% crew
  • Garage Slot
  • Bonus 25×Missions: x5 XP for a Victory

Day 3 Mission

Log in to accept today’s daily mission via the in-game Advent Calendar, and complete the challenge before 07:00 CET (UTC+1) tomorrow for a nice stash of credits!


  • 45,000


  • Damage at least 3 enemy vehicles in 1 battle


  • Only in Random Battles
  • Only in Tier IV–X vehicles
  • Once per account

12 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 2020: Day 3

  1. I think having the gold price mentioned alongside the money price (as it was for the TS5 yesterday) would be a lot nicer. Some people would rather check it here than log onto the client.

    …then again, I’ve been blasted multiple times for my feedback, so please, feel free to bash me as a ‘hater’ for this comment as well :3

    1. A good suggestion, I support it.

      IIRC the Raumpanzer costs 7000 gold (checked this morning), but yeah, having the gold price listed here as well would not be bad.

    1. Oh don’t ever say that man, any sort of bad comment about TAP is strictly forbidden – they’re gonna brand you an idiot and a hater and so on for it 😂

  2. Looks like slagging off Sebastianul has become the new national sport. Get a grip, people – it’s not like you are paying money to visit the site. If you don’t like it, go to another and make somebody else miserable.

  3. You never know who it is behind the mask of internet anonymity….once we were really struggling for money I had 2 babies and was working 6 days a week. We decided to sell our baby cot, a lady posted a comment about how dangerous our cot was and that it breached all kinds of regulations, then reported it.

    The cot was forcibly removed from advertising.

    I got hold of government regulation specs, measured and checked everything, FULLY WITHIN SPEC AND REGULATION APPROVED!!.
    Turns out the complaining lady made a living from selling cots herself.

  4. With how wordpress is set up I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still a few people using multiple aliases to shitpost at times. They can bypass checking the ip through a vpn of course. Always a good meme tho.

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