November Tank Rewards: „Good Morning, Vietnam” Style Pictures

This is the style that can be obtained in the November edition of Tank Rewards – “Good Morning, Vietnam” (available for 1,400 points):

– Commemorates Vietnam Veterans. The National Vietnam Veterans Day is celebrated on March 29 every year. On that day in 1975, the Military Assistance Command (MACV) was disbanded and the last US troops left the Republic of Vietnam, although a peace treaty was signed on January 27, 1973.

Source: wotclue

42 thoughts on “November Tank Rewards: „Good Morning, Vietnam” Style Pictures

  1. Looking good but they should really add that Korean War commemorative camo as a reward too

    1. This looks good. I’m surprised WG finally released something that looks somewhat historical. I hope to nab this skin.

  2. 55K yanks a drop in the bucket compared with the millions of Vietnamese they slaughtered. Perhaps a decal for them would be nice?

      1. They won so “much”, they have to retreat faster than the french in WW2. Lol! Vietcong won 10/10. Murica 0/0.

    1. Best commies are the dead commies. They wanted to suck Uncle Ho’s dick, they got what they deserved.

          1. FYI:

            J. B. works WITH commies.

            But Trump works FOR commies (CHINAAAA).

            What are you going to do about this then??? (please do still come out and vote. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!)

      1. How is a comment like this allowed? Hateful and ignorant individuals that do nothing but harm should not be tolerated.

              1. Ah yes, a blog author fueling the sperging in his own blog comments about politics. I rate 10/10

            1. Bet your sorry little ass haven’t lived under communism for one single day.

          1. True or not, hate speech should not be allowed.

            Also, for Viet Nam and Bác Hõ, communism was only a means to achieve self-determination, not a goal in and of itself. And if Truman had taken the opportunity to talk to Bác Hõ, then Viet Nam might not even have turned communist.

          2. People nowadays are so fucking brainwashed that they can talk “critical thinking” and “all communists should die” at the same time.

        1. i see you don’t like the freedom, you should go to rasha , i’m sure putin will welcome you with open arms 😀

        2. Yeah funk commis that’s what’s going on currently with Joe Biden you don’t support him your a bad guy.. Sounds awfully like Stalin.. Funking commie..

    2. You can thank Democrat LBJ for that fiasco. Soldiers don’t make the decision to start a war.

      1. Actually it was Eisenhower who got America involved fully in Vietnam – November 1, 1955 – deployed Military Assistance Advisory Group (although there was low scale involvement even earlier under Truman)

    3. Bác Đang Cùng Chúng Cháu Hành Quân!
      Việt Nam muôn năm!

      Also, may I remind people that the war could’ve been avoided if Truman had actually replied to Bác Hõ’s request for self-determination according to the Atlantic Charter of 1941.

    4. Your knowledge of history is preery pathetic, Vietnam war wasn’t American invasion of Vietnam it was a war between America backed south and Soviet backed north. And as far as I remember 1,3 million isn’t considered millions also both sides committed massacres of civilians.

      1. 2,700,000 Americans served in Vietnam vs 3,000 Soviets… America did more than just “back” the South.

    5. 4k don’t represent the vast majority of 4k, and 2k don’t represent the vast majority of 2k. They get grouped together because they have the same number of deaths. The same goes for TAs and Airs. 2k dying is a bad thing, but we don’t feel that it justifies the 50k the ASA are propping up. You can throw in 2k for each color. As for re-rolls, thats a lame

    6. It’s been over for a while now. Both sides vets respect each other. Don’t be a dick to those that died because of politicians.

    7. War is Hell. Can’t call the Vietnamese innocent either. Both sides slaughtered each other. It’s called war for a reason. Pick up a book and read and thou shall be informed.

  3. I forgot to add, nice job on the style WG. Exactly the sort of thing I want compared with the usual clown styles.

  4. Am I full retard looking on wrong calendar or we are almost in November for real?At least its not another LGBT themed clowncamo this time.

    I get it, Russia is so big that somwhere in the URSS is already March xD

    1. Exactly, this is pretty much just Soviet base colour kind of ugly green but a bit darker.

      No effort at all, just like Minry-13 rewards…

      Might have something to do with WG shutting down their R&D…

      Cause in retard Belarus mongolian logic, developing a “new” camo/style is R&D…

      After all, I think this will be the first monthly reward style with paints on the wheels???

      1. This style was added to the game back in patch 1.6 way before anything happened with R&D and is based on the real paint scheme of the US tanks used in Vietnam.

  5. tank rewards november – 25 days to complete….way shorter than october…so i wonder will top level stay at 3200 😀 …yes it will

    new top of the tree will be Badger and M48 patton

  6. Fascinating to see the halfwits on here who think being opposed to Communism, the most murderous ideology of the past 100 years is “bigotry.” These are the same clowns who would run shrieking to mommy if a Nazi was on here. Nazis and Communists are violent scum. As for Vietnam, as the poster above noted, the US did not invade Vietnam. And given what the Communists did AFTER the US left, the willful ignorance of the leftist trash commenting here is ridiculous. And yes moral equivalence players, the US was wrong too. And who does Vietnam love and want closer relationship with? Socialist countries or the US and EU? They’d rather deal with the US than Russia today as well you simpletons. What does that tell you? And that camo looks awesome. Give me something that looks real over another camo that looks like a unicorn was hit by an arty shell next to my tank anyday. Or better yet a camo with Che’s corpse on it and donate the proceeds to a victims of communism foundation.

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