Mirny-13 Update

UPDATE 29/10:

Our intelligence reports indicate that the threat level in Mirny-13 is far higher than initially assessed. HQ has dispatched reinforcements to assist with the further collection of Mirium. From October 30 to the end of the operation on November 9, you will be receiving 3 additional Stimulants upon daily login which you can use to restore your Commanders’ health. Prepare to be redeployed to active duty!

9 thoughts on “Mirny-13 Update

  1. If you can gather 5 unicorns to play the highest difficulty this mode would be just a piece of cake. If you can’t oof good luck in random and you will never get enough tokens for the skins.

    1. Actually, we don’t even need a unicorn. A player with high game intelligence can just give instructions to four people through voice conversation. But who’s gonna take orders? Games where team play is essential based on voice conversation always fail.

  2. The timing overlaps with the rank battle. 2. Extremely limited opportunity for challenge. Of course this is for the company to make money. 3. The rewards a player can barely get are 3D styles with bad design. Do you want a 3D style of Leopard? Give us 4,500 gold.

    Mode are fun. But there is so many problem without gameplay. Players play mode fewday, and they give up eventually. Gj wg. Another development resource loosing for Unpopular Game Mode.

  3. too many people abandoning mode battle before it is over…….or queue in and dont even move……with 1 tank inactive you are fcked even more

  4. This game mode is very well balanced. If a platoon of knowledgeable player plays, then it is fun. If 5 random player plays, then it is a pure frustration.

    1. I agree but it’s what makes WoT so frustrating. The developers think that the playerbase are, in general, coordinated and that the game encourages team play.

      Nothing could be further from the truth, random battles is a competition amongst 15 players to best the opposite 15 players, it promotes selfish behaviour that is not compatible with this new event mode.

  5. Is there a time limit on recruiting the Mirny 13 crew members? They dont seem to have dates attached to em.

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