Wargaming disbanded its R&D division

Wargaming disbanded its R&D division. The company is undergoing restructuring.

Developer and publisher Wargaming has closed its R&D division. Information about this in a letter to the App2Top website was confirmed by the company’s press service.

This week, several independent sources confirmed to us the termination of the division. It operated in five offices, including the Wargaming headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus. In total, it employed more than 100 people (according to an unofficial source)*.

Important: mass layoffs should not be expected. As the press service noted, ” employees were offered to find a place in the company in other positions.”

This is partly confirmed by one of the sources, but with an important addition. According to him, the developers of the former R&D really remained in the company. At the same time, management was reduced. He also says that the products that were run by the R&D Department remained in operation. Another source, however, says that all projects of the former division have already been closed.

According to Wargaming, the decision to abolish the Department was made during the company’s restructuring. R&D activity as such does not stop. In existing product groups, it is in full swing.

14 thoughts on “Wargaming disbanded its R&D division

  1. Aww shit, this means they will turn up the aggressive monetization another notch again. They’ve already ruined so many events with it and now it will be even worse…

  2. Does Wg complete give up developing other games? And Is this good news for us or bad news? I hope wg is more care about world of tank players opinion.

    1. Well they’ve had 8 failed/cancelled projects including WoWp. Their only successful projects have been WoT and WoWs. I still don’t know why or how they can afford to keep WoWp running especially on NA where there is so few players they had to put AI planes into the game to give them something to fight against.

      Going back to the cancelled projects they did at one point have a dev team working on WoT 2.0 aka modern world of tanks. It was meant to be a competitor to Armored Warfare but it was cancelled early in its development with only screenshots of finished tank models having been leaked.

      1. WoWP is the same on EU, most matches have 2 or 3 players per side, rest is filled with bots.

        The game has been dead since release. No content, No fun, No balance, No playerbase and outdated graphics.

  3. This is so karma for WG banning me for use of legit mods from their own site! GG, bots. You chose the wrong game! Lol

    1. You got banned for using mods that were sanctioned and provided by WG? And now you just follow & comment on the game?

  4. Typical first thing to do for a dying tech company:
    shut down or stop investing more in R&D and suck out the last drop using whatever they have at the moment. I guess for the first time, WG is shown to be a tech company (lame!). Still, good news: WG is one step closer to its grave.

    So they are not fired??? Either this is fake news or we might have 24/7 in game chat ban (russia espionage) ON at some point. Still, good news: the burden is still on WG to drag it down into grave faster!!! Perfect!!!

  5. So their game Calibre or whatever it was called is cancelled?.

    Masters of orion= failure

    WoWP=waste of money

    That rpg dungeons and dragons style game they developed=failure

    Steel whatever=maybe doing ok, but meh.

    The mmo gaming community is huge and competition is insane.

    1. Most of developed games fail in terms of financial success – thats why they disappear so fast / servers shut down. WoT / WoWs are among the exceptional games in terms of longevity. At least so far.

  6. Prepare for incoming “WoT is dying” comments from people who didn’t read through the whole article!

  7. Does anyone read the article before commenting? It said they are continuing with R&D, just not through that division. There is no evidence anything has happened that affects the game, monetization or anything else. This like a US bankruptcy. People think Chapter 11 bankruptcies mean the company has no money. They do it to reorganize and become more efficient after 10 years and spending money like crazy to grow the game, they looked around and said “Who are these dudes and why have they not made us more money?” They even said they are keeping the employees and not management. The leadership sucked, the workers were good, and the staff was relocated. If their skill set can be retained, that R&D division sounds like it was just a vanity thing.

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