Mirny-13: Objekt 0010-M Pictures

Fixed, but very aggressive fighting vehicles, buried up to the height of the turrets. They instantly attack objects moving within their line of sight, dealing devastating damage with their incredibly accurate and powerful guns. It is recommended to attack them from the flank or drive up from behind, being extremely careful.

Source: wotclue

9 thoughts on “Mirny-13: Objekt 0010-M Pictures

  1. Would’ve made more sense to have all the pics in one article tbh…can’t be that hard to write down a few paragraph titles

    Thanks again, TAP. Gotta access 5 different articles to see pics with NPC vehicles from the same mode. Typical commercial strategy – more clicks = more ad revenue ๐Ÿ˜…

    1. They came in different days, so there would still be 2 articles instead of 4. Feedback noted (don’t worry, I don’t like the ads either, I will switch the service early next year)

      1. Cheers Seb, always nice to see people taking these comments as an opportunity to improve rather than as a reason to respond sharply. Keep up the good work ^^

        1. People need to speak their minds freely, and I need to satisfy the readers since I am one too.

  2. I loled hard. KV2 and accurate gun. thats incredibly funny, even if the derp has its moments for sure, snapshotting a full speed LT in 500 m distance while going full speed. Stalins hands sometimes guide the shell. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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