4 thoughts on “WoT – Update 1.10.1 Review: Dog Tags, Medium Tanks Rebalance, and Tour of Duty

  1. I still hate the new communication system. Its even worse for arty players since I have to double tap T to state my reload if I’m aiming at the same target and it doesn’t work all the time due to the shit spam filter.

    Also I preferred the old layout and functionality of the previous system when holding Z. I never used the F row keys at all while playing because I always found those uncomfortable where as the Z radial menu is far more intuitive. The problem with the radial menu is they removed certain commands or made them more convoluted like having to actually look at someone to use them rather than simply selecting them from the radial menu.

      1. Simpler isn’t always better as the old system worked for nearly a decade and no one ever complained about it.

        This is just yet another case of WG trying to fix something that wasn’t broken.

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